An Ultimate Guide for a Budget Travelling

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Human beings have a lot of things they love to do. Some like eating food some like spending time at home and some like new experiences and adventures. If you love traveling you’ve come to the right place.

A couple of hundred years ago traveling would need a lot of commitment and time. Nowadays it’s much more simple you grab a flight to your desired destination and voilà there you are? Your dream adventure awaits you. It’s all nice and perfect and even though travelling isn’t as hard as it used to be, you don’t need a lot of good green Benjamin Franklin’s to make the trip happen.

So for the sake of your precious hard earned cash let us provide you an ultimate guide to travel in a budget.

The Decision

First thing you need to decide is which place you want to go. That decision will make a big impact on how much you spend. The flights the local market and transportation all need to be within your budget. If you really love traveling on a budget one thing you got to do is stay away from the slots. Plan ahead of time, book all the accommodations and flights using flight discounts to save the maximum on your traveling.

The Destinations

Las Vegas

You know what our first recommended destination is. Las Vegas. It is considered by many to be the home for people who love gambling though LasVegas has a lot of other stuff to offer. The fountains and conservatory of the Bellagio and the outdoor movies are a magnificent way to spend time. The place also has one of the best examples of human architecture. The place offers amazing British and Japanese cuisine and you get a respectable place to stay in for around100 dollars a night. Just remember to stay away from the casinos.


Like most people if you love traveling to Europe the destination you should consider is Greece. Due to the struggling economy, you can find affordable pricing on almost everything from hotels to food. In Athens, you can book a 4-star hotel for less than $100. The place has a rich culture and if you’re into historical places and culture Greece is the place for you. The country has wonderful beaches and you can have a time of your life without letting too much dollar bills jump out of your pocket.


If you want an exotic yet cheap destination Bali is the one for you. You can stay at a private villa with your own pool looking over the great scenery for just $50 a night. The place offers very high-quality experiences for a great value and it’s extremely peaceful if relaxation is the main reason you want to travel. If you love islands and beautiful waters Indonesia provides you a choice of up to 17000 thousand islands for you perfect dream location. The choices are immense and many will fit your budget. The place provides world-class snorkeling and scuba diving and fantastic Unesco world heritage sites dating back to almost the tenth century. The place also has one of the friendliest locals and you get room to stay at a very reputed hotel for around 80 dollars a night.


If you’re looking to visit a cheap and amazing work of nature Vietnam is one country you should definitely consider. Vietnam has very healthy and cheap food. The place is full of natural beauty and the beaches are considered one of the best in the world. The country has some of the safest and cheap accommodation almost 70 dollars a night. The accommodations are clean and will not break your bank and top it all off you can kayak in the beautiful emerald waters.

South Africa

Now if you’re not a fan of Vietnam you can always choose South Africa. The country has a good exchange rate and transportation within the country is fairly cheap. Cape Town, for example, has a solid infrastructure blended beautifully with scenic beauty, it’s a perfect mix if you don’t want to go far from the modern world and still appreciate nature and its beauty. You can get a room in a 4-star hotel for around 120 dollars and for 80 dollars you can stay at a respectable 3star hotel.


Now how can an ultimate travel guide not have American country to it, right? Well, our last choice for an ultimate budget trip is actually located in South America. The chaotic yet beautiful country named Chile. The place is known for its vibrant food and offers almost everything for a great value. You can visit the beautiful city of Santiago without hurting your wallet and have one of the most memorable trips with your friends and family. You can stay at an amazing 5-star hotel such as the Park Plaza for almost $110 a night. The place is bound to provide great sights and immense culture. In our books it is the top destination for you to visit In 2020 within a budget.


Thailand is always and will be the best option if you are looking for the best place to budget in travel. You can read our complete guide about spending 2 weeks in Thailand under $1k.

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