15 Best Accessories for Your Aventon Bike

15 Best Accessories for Your Aventon Bike

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Looking for the Best Aventon Bike Accessories for your Aventon Bike? We have got you covered. Here you can find almost all the best Accessories for your Aventon Bike. Aventon bike is an e-bike store that sells electric bikes. They are committed to make the best comfortable electric bikes that are easy, fun and affordable for everyone to ride. Our goal is to provide you with the top best accessories which you can buy with ease. Let’s look at those reviews for the top best Accessories of the Aventon Bike.

About Aventon’s Accessories

Accessories play an important role in making your ride more fun and enjoyable. Accessories will maintain your bike well and assist you while riding your bike both on-road and off-road. It makes your bike look cool and beautiful and will save you from accidents and will help you to carry anything. Now we are going to see the following top best Accessories of Aventon Bike.

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1) Aventon Bike Battery

Aventon Battery is one of the best batteries for e-bikes. The batteries on their electric bikes can handle up to 800 charges or as many as 32,000 miles. Each battery is built with premium cells for long-lasting service life. This battery is only for use with the Aventon e-bike, select this battery for twice the fun.


  1. For use with Aventon e-bikes
  2. The battery is made with Lithium-Ion cells.
  3. Does not come with a charger.

2) Aventon Bike Battery Charger

Best Aventon Bike Accessories

Aventon’s Battery Charger supports fast charging and can fully charge the battery in almost 8 hours. This is the original charger from Aventon Bikes that is not going to damage your bike’s battery. You can keep it as a spare one in your office or as a replacement for your lost or old battery charger.


  1. USA Plug
  2. Not universal; Please select your Aventon ebike model.

3) Aventon Bike Lights

Aventon Headlight offers an incredibly bright beam to see in low light. A headlight is necessary to use while riding in low-light conditions. This light can be up to 500 Lumens so you can see in the dark clearly. It is compatible with every Aventon ebike and traditional bike, as well.

Features of Aventon Light

  1. USB Rechargeable, built-in 2000mAh battery
  2. High, Medium, and Low modes; plus daytime flash and SOS functions
  3. Charges easily via USB
  4. Includes handlebar mount Runtime and Lumen Output
  5. High: 500 lumens, 1:30hr runtime
  6. Medium: 250 lumens, 2:40hr runtime
  7. Low: 100 lumens, 6:30hr runtime
  8. Daytime Flash: 500 lumens, 21 hours runtime
  9. SOS: 250 lumens, 3:30hr runtime
  10. Strobe: 500 lumens, 3:00hr runtime


  1. IPX6 waterproof rating
  2. Weight: 108g

4) Aventon Bike Helmets

Aventon Urban Helmets are the coolest helmets to wear at night because it has a venting system to keep riders cool and a bright light. It has a rechargeable battery and it also protects your head from accidents. Whether it’s tracking the daily commute or enjoying the city nightlife by bike. Wearing a helmet is important.


  1. Plentiful venting to keep riders cool.
  2. An integrated low-profile visor to help with visibility.
  3. A micro USB rechargeable flashing rear light. Does not come with a charging cable; Uses a standard micro-USB charging cable.
  4. Available in Matte Finishes. 


  1. Weight: 346 g / 12.2 oz

5) Aventon Bike Mirror

Safety and Visibility are necessary when biking. Featuring a wide field of view, the Aventon Handlebar Grip Mirror is easy to install and easily adjustable to your preferred viewing angle. Stay safe and see everything you need when riding. Compatible only with Aventure, Level, and Sinch models. 

6) Aventon Bike Racks

Haul any type of essential items on your Aventon’s Real Rack next trip, these racks are vital because they provide a space to keep things and take them with you, whether it is to the office or to the jungles. Aventon Real Rack is specially designed for Aventon’s Aventure fat tire e-bike. It is very comfortable to sit and carry more load than the other Racks. The Rack is available in two colors, black and green finish.


  1. For Aventon Aventure ebike
  2. Load capacity: 55lbs
  3. Black Matte or Green Finish 

7) Aventon Bike Fenders

Fenders are very helpful in maintaining the cleanliness of your Aventon ebike. It is inevitable for you to ride through different kinds of surfaces. Fenders protect you and your bike from the dirt and mud. Every ebike has different fenders, you cannot compare one fender to another. This Fender is only for use with a first-generation pace ebike.


  1. Stay dry on wet rides and add a touch of visual class to your ride.
  2. The set includes front and rear fenders, plus mounting hardware.
  3. Order the model and size that matches the frame size of your Aventon ebike.

8) Aventon Bike Kickstand

Aventon Kickstand is strong and made with stainless steel. The main benefit of an Aventon Kickstand is that it holds your bike upright on its own. When you park your bike upright, you don’t have to bend down to pick it up when you are ready to ride. The bike will take up less ground space when parked.

9) Aventon Bike Handlebars

Best Aventon Bike Accessories

The Aventon Phone Holder grips your phone on all 4 corners and is attached to your handlebar, and securely holds your smartphone while offering a minimalist profile and design. Never worry about misplacing your phone on a bike ride. Compatible with all Aventon electric bike models.


  1. Proprietary stretch materials grip your phone on all 4 corners.

10) Aventon Bike Saddles

Best Aventon Bike Accessories

There is nothing more important in a bike than a comfortable saddle. The saddle is the main seat on which you sit on your bike. If the seat is uncomfortable, then you cannot enjoy your ride. Aventon saddles are more comfortable than the other saddles. This saddle is compatible with Aventon Pace 500.

11) Aventon Bike Basket

Carry any small item in the classic hand-woven natural willow front basket to make your journey easy and comfortable. Compatible with all Aventon electric bike models.

12) Aventon Bike Cover

Best Aventon Bike Accessories

A bike cover is necessary to use because it protects your bike from the elements. If a heavy-duty waterproof bicycle cover will ensure that, no matter how heavy the rainfall is, the water will not get through and reduce your bike’s life expectancy. Protect your bike with this nylon cover made by Sunlite.


  1. 190T water-resistant coated polyester
  2. Elastic and velcro closure system
  3. Integrated mesh storage pocket

13) Aventon Bike Bells

Best Aventon Bike Accessories

Aventon Incredibell is a bike bell with a beautiful resonant ring of solid brass with a traditional “Ding-Dong” sound. Notify everyone that you are coming, with pleasant. Compatible with all Aventon electric bike models.

14) Aventon Bike Locks

Best Aventon Bike Accessories

Keep your bike safe and secure with this Kryptonite lock. No matter where you go with your bike, this lock will keep your bike safe from thieves. Compatible with all Aventon electric bike models.


  1. Patented Anti-Rotation Double Deadbolt shackle helps fight against twist and cut attacks.
  2. Includes Transit Flexframe transportation bracket.
  3. Includes Kryptonite KeySafe Program.
  4. The Transit Flex Frame Bracket system fits on the adjustable spline and allows for multiple, off-set fitments to better align the lock for transportation.
  5. Hardened, 13mm Performance Steel shackle and reinforced hardened crossbar design give more protection for the lock internals than ever before.
  6. The high-security disc cylinder now includes a new anti-float feature to keep the discs from moving and readjusting when in transit.

15) Aventon Bike Trailers

Best Aventon Bike Accessories

Wanna go outside on your e-bike with your children, and don’t know how to carry them? Aventon Burley Bee Child Trailer has comfortable seating for one or two children. Never sacrifice safety or durability on your family adventures. Compatible with all Aventon electric bike models.


  1. Compact fold flattens the trailer for easy storage and transportation
  2. Tinted side and rear windows
  3. Rear window ventilation
  4. 20″ push button wheels
  5. Five-point harness system
  6. Full internal aluminum roll cage for protection in an accident


Bike accessories provide a good look and improve ride performance and extra safety and security. Ebike accessories are no doubt essential for every rider, these accessories make riding more fun and easier. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Hope you find Best Aventon Bike Accessories as like you want.

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