MorphRover Review

MorphRover Review | World’s 1st Allroad 2-in-1 Fat Tire eBike

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What is MorphRover?

You probably would have already read the title. ‘MorphRover Review | World’s 1st Allroad 2-in-1 Fat Tire eBike’. So yes, MorphRover is an electric bike model that is manufactured by world’s renowned brand “Freebeat”. When talking about 2-in-1 it means that, it can be used for both, indoor and outdoor cycling. So if you are a fitness enthusiast, who is looking for a both indoor and outdoor fitness solutions, than look no further than MorphRover.

MorphRover Review

About Freebeat

Freebeatfit is a fitness brand that deals in smart exercise bikes, ebikes, and indoor stationary bikes. They also provide a wide range of fitness crosstraining courses including indoor cycling, HIIT, and more. They also offer other fitness accessories, including; dumbell sets, resistance loop sets, and other cycle parts. Their aim is to provide a better experience for their customers, while working out.

Freebeat creates an innovative alternative to replace the traditional boring fitness routine. They have developed a fun way by bringing the experience of studio cycling and strength training to your home. Freebeat has created distinctive animations and special effects that flows perfectly throughout the training classes, so members could have a unique and unforgettable experience.

Performance & Features
Top Speed
28 MPH
4″ Fat Tires
Up To 60 Miles
Application Support
iOS | Android
Aluminum Alloy,
Brake Level
Hydraulic Disc Brake
Weight Limit
Max Load 400lbs
All Terrains
With Purchase Of MorphRover eBike You’ll Get
Fender Set
Bike Mount

MorphRover eBike Colors
Midnight Black
Sage Green
Sahara Sand

  • Energy efficient
  • Smart pedal assist system
  • Multiple power modes
  • 2 types of frames
  • Lower Top Speed
  • It’s unique design, so may not be everyone’s taste

Review On Cyclist Love For Riding MorphRover?

Before this question arises, consider “Why Cyclists Wouldn’t Love Riding The MorphRover?”

  • It’s a 2-in-1 ft tire eBike.
  • Suitable for all terrains.
  • Comes with 2 frame types (High-Step, Step-Thru).
  • Goes Up To 60 Miles in 1 charge.
  • Tires are puncture-resistant.
  • Best for indoor exercise.

MorphRover has everything you need to stay fit, whether you’re looking for an indoor cycling machine or an outdoor eBike. Look no further than the Freebeat MorphRover. The price is good, the quality is amazing, and there are no hassles for indoor use.

The best part about the MorphRover is that it can also be charged while being used indoors. You don’t always need to plug it in to charge the battery. Once it’s charged enough, you can take it out for a ride wherever you desire.

MorphRover Frames

MorphRover Review

MorphRover comes in two different frames (High-Step and Step-Thru). Both can be used indoor and outdoor. It just depends up on the cyclist height and the type of frame you’d like to ride on.

  • Rider Heights: 5’6″ – 6’4″
  • Best for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Ideal for tall cyclists
  • Max seat height: 1038.2
  • Rider Heights: 5’1″ – 6′
  • Best for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Best for cyclists of shorter height
  • Max seat height: 898.2

Energy Saving eBike

Features that makes MorphRover energy-efficient:

  • It consists of a dual-function motor that also generates power while riding, that helps to extend the range of the ebike.
  • The lightweight and aerodynamic design helps to reduce drag.
  • The smart pedal system automatically adjusts the amount of power provided by the motor based on your pedaling effort.
MorphRover Review

With just 30 minutes of indoor cycling, the MorphRover can extend your outdoor riding range by up to 10 miles. You can simply pedal at home, and generate the electricity you needed to power your ride.

Range & Terrains

The MorphRover consists of a 720Wh removable battery. The range of the MorphRover is up to 60 miles on a single charge. However, you can increase the range of the battery by assisting it with the pedal system. If you are planning for a long ride, it would be a good idea to carry a spare battery with you. This will ensure that you do not run out of power before you are back home.

Whether you ride MorphRover on roads, trails, or hills. The performance will always be different on each terrain. But, because of its 4″ puncture-resistant tires and 80mm hydraulic suspensions, you can enjoy a smooth ride with MorphRover on all fields.

  • Up To 60 Miles
  • Roads
  • Trails
  • Hills

MorphRover Indoor Setup (Review)

What sets the MorphRover apart is its versatility to serve as an indoor stationary exercise bike, which is a unique aspect in the realm of e-bikes as far as we are aware. Upon purchase, Freebeat includes a stand that serves to stabilize the MorphRover, effectively transforming it into an exercise bike.

Setup Stand

Although termed a “stand,” it essentially functions as an indoor bike trainer. These trainers are specialized stands designed to convert regular road bikes into stationary exercise bikes, connecting the rear tire to a stand that allows for resistance adjustment. While e-bikes paired with indoor trainers aren’t a common sight, in theory, most e-bikes could be adapted for such use.

Specialized Instructors

However, the MorphRover offers more than just this innovative dual functionality. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with Freebeat’s streaming fitness app, granting users access to a wide array of instructor-led workouts. Freebeat’s workouts combine expert guidance with gamification elements, where users earn points based on their synchronization with the instructor’s cues. These scores can be used for personal challenges, competing with friends, or climbing the leaderboard.


One of the standout features is the auto-resistance function, enabling instructors to automatically adjust the resistance level during workouts, akin to iFit’s auto-resistance feature. This simplifies the user experience, as individuals only need to follow the instructor’s guidance without needing to manually adjust resistance unless they choose to do so.

Recharge Technology

The most fascinating aspect of the indoor mode is the ability to recharge the battery while exercising. The MorphRover incorporates a regenerative feature that harnesses the energy expended during pedalling to recharge the battery. This not only maximizes the utility of your efforts but also potentially eliminates the need to pay for electric bike charging. The charging rate varies based on the intensity of your workout, but according to Freebeat, approximately 10 miles of e-bike riding can be gained for every 30 minutes of indoor exercise.

Freebeat App

An important note is that access to Freebeat’s app is required to utilize the MorphRover in indoor mode, and this subscription-based service comes at a cost of approximately $39 per month. As of the time of this writing, a free 45-day trial may be available, but


The MorphRover is available in two frames: High-Step and Step-Thru. The price of both frames is the same. Some additional accessories for the MorphRover, such as a Bike Mount, Fender Set, and Kickstand, are provided free of charge with the purchase of a MorphRover.

If you choose to purchase an indoor cycle or a fitness bike separately, it will cost you around $2000. On the other hand, any premium-quality all-terrain eBike is also priced at no less than $2000. Additionally, consider the amount of electricity the battery will consume during the charging process.

With the MorphRover, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor experiences without incurring electricity costs. Its battery automatically charges when used indoors. You might be assuming that this 2-in-1 creature is going to cost around $4000. No, it doesn’t. You can get the MorphRover for only $1,499. And that’s not all; you can get an extra $200 off on the MorphRover by using the exclusive discount code from Saving Says.

Shipping & Warranty

Shipping & Warranty
Free on All Bikes
Installment Plan
2 Years


The shipping charges for MorphRover are free in the USA. You’ll just have to add it to your cart and the free shipping will be applied to your order.


You can pay for MorphRover in easy instalments, for as low as $41.64/month. You can set a maximum plan of 36 months, with a 0% down payment and any extra charges.


If you encounter any problem with your purchase from Freebeat. You may contact FreeBeat at customerservice(at)freebeatfit(dot)com and provide your order number. Their sales team will provide assistance to help you solve the problem!


The MorphRover stands as a genuinely groundbreaking electric bike, providing a harmonious blend of capabilities encompassing all-terrain performance and the convenience of indoor exercise. Featuring a robust motor, substantial fat tires, and an ingenious indoor/outdoor design, the MorphRover represents an ideal selection for riders of all proficiency levels who seek to embark on exploratory journeys while simultaneously engaging in a fulfilling workout regimen

In conclusion of this MorphRover Review, the bike presents an outstanding choice for individuals seeking an electric bike that seamlessly blends versatility and high performance. It particularly appeals to those with an appetite for exploration and a desire to maintain an active lifestyle.


If you are in pursuit of an electric bike that can truly do it all, the MorphRover stands out as a superb option. Its adaptability extends across a wide spectrum of terrains, from urban streets to challenging mountain trails. Furthermore, it offers the convenience of engaging in rewarding indoor workouts.

However, it is worth noting that the MorphRover commands a premium price point commensurate with its top-tier features. For budget-conscious consumers, there are alternative options available. Nonetheless, for those who demand the pinnacle of performance and versatility, the MorphRover unquestionably merits serious consideration.