Hilton Hotels Review

Hilton Hotels Review

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Hilton Hotels is one of the most recognized names in the industry. They’ve got 18 brands with 7000+ properties widespread in 122 countries. The first Hilton Hotel was opened in 1925, in Texas, with an aim to serve their guests with great hospitality.







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Hilton Hotels Review

Hilton Hotels History

Hilton Hotels was founded by Conrad N. Hilton in 1925, with its first Hotel in Dallas, Texas. It was The Mobley Hotel which was taken by Conrad and after that he named it Hilton Hotel. In 1946 Hilton became the first hotel company to be listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Also. the were the first hotel in the world to install televisions in guest rooms.

From the day one, Hilton’s aim has remained the same. (To serve guests with great hospitality).

About Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels is an international brand that offers the best resort getaways, beach vacations, hotel stays, events, formal meetings all around the globe. Hilton owns around 7000+ properties offering the best hospitality 24/7 to their guests.

They were the first hotel to provide televisions in the guest room. Also, they were the first hotel in the industry to get listed in New York Stock Exchange. In 1954 Conrad Hilton buys Statler Hotel for $111 million, which at that time was the largest real estate deal ever.

Why Hilton Hotels?

Before booking from Hilton Hotels, a question pops-up in mind. Why you should go for Hilton Hotels? There are some points that makes Hilton Hotels different from others.

  • Hilton is one of the most oldest names in the industry.
  • They are best known for their premium hospitality.
  • Their rates are more reasonable than other hotel brands.
  • No cancellation charges if done within the time frame.
  • No resort fees on reward stays.
  • Special discount for Seniors & Military Members.

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Hilton Hotels Brands

Hilton Brands

Hilton owns 18 brands operating in 123 countries. Every Hilton brand has its own specialty and attribute. Also, being a member of Hilton gives you many choices to experience different hotel stays. The most luxurious brand among the Hilton family is Waldorf Astoria. It consists of 34 hotels & resorts in major cities with popular beaches.

If you are looking for the most cheapest brand of Hilton Hotels, you should go for Tru that offers a variety of Hotels stays at economical price.

 Book after 8 pm, you’ll find prices probably reduce by 5-10%. 
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Amenities of Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels offers some amazing amenities to their customers. Amenities vary by location and room type. Also, it’s 100% up to you what amenities you’d like to be assist with. Check them out.

1) Free WiFi

How much data you could use? Whether you are in a hotel for a formal meeting or on a vacation. WiFi makes you memories more enjoyable. And if it’s for free, the trip becomes more pleasurable.

2) Spa Services

Rich and inviting spa services are available at Hilton Hotels & Resorts. They’ll help you get relaxed and reduce your stress through deep tissue massages. You can always reserve your place for a spa treatment at your hotel stay.

3) Outdoor Pools

Pools are the best part when it comes enjoy at the fullest. Swimming pools are available mostly at all Hilton Hotels and there aren’t any additional charges for the pool.

4) Gymnasium

If you are a fitness freak, you wouldn’t miss a chance if there’s a fitness center at your hotel stay. At most Hilton Hotels you can find luxury fitness centers for free with the best equipment.

5) Room Service

Room service isn’t an option. Obviously it’s available in every hotel. At Hilton Hotels you can experience the best room service on just a single call.

6) Free Parking

Isn’t it unfair? Even though you’ve got a reservation in a hotel but still you have to pay for the parking. At most Hilton Hotels, parking is free of cost. And if you are an Honors member, you always get free parking on every Hilton Hotel you stay.

7) Pet-Friendly Rooms

How are you going to spend the time of you are alone? Of course, you’ll need a pet to entertain yourself. Some Hilton Hotels have got pet-friendly accommodation. You can select the option of pets while making a reservation to make the most of your stay.

8) Jacuzzi in Room

Hilton Hotels have got the best suites with hot tubs inside. Especially, if you are on a honeymoon vacation, you must reserve a hotel room with jacuzzi to make your moments more enjoyable.

Hilton Hotels Review

Hilton also offers other amenities as well. If you are looking for something extra, you can always request for it while booking.

Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors is a loyalty program by Hilton Honors, by which you can earn points on your bookings. The Honors points can be used to save money on your next bookings. Also, with Honors Honors, you’ll receive exclusive perks when you stay at any of the Hilton Hotels.

Benefits of Becoming Hilton Honors Member:

1) It’s Free to join.
2) 1,500 Bonus Points on your first stay.
3) 3,000 Bonus Points after two stays.
4) 2% discount on every Hilton stay.
5) 25% OFF, if found a lower price on another travel site.
6) They more nights you spend at Hilton Hotels as a member, the more points and perks you earns on every stay.

Member Perks

 10 Points on every $1 stay 

No resort fees on reward stays

Access to Exclusive Hilton Honors Experiences

Points toward free nights, travel partners and more

Free WiFi

2% Discount on every stay

 12 Points on every $1 stay 

20% Points earning Bonus on stays

Fifth night free

All-Inclusive Spa Discount

Elite Rollover Nights

Free bottles of water when you arrive (at selected hotels).

 18 Points on every $1 stay 

80% Points earning Bonus on Stays

Space-available room upgrades

Milestone Bonuses

Daily Food & Beverage Credit

Continental Breakfast

 20 Points on every $1 stay 

100% Points earning Bonus on stays

Space-available room upgrades

Premium WiFi

Elite status gifting

Diamond status extension

 Join membership program of your desired hotel to earn points on your bookings. 
Tip 3!
Tip 3!

Hilton Honors Credit Card

With Hilton Honors Credit Card you can earn bonus points on everyday purchases from groceries to phone bills. Later, you can your Points for reward nights and more. 4 types of Hilton credit cards are available. You can redeem any of the card as per your requirements.

Hilton Honors Credit Card
Hilton Honors Card
  • 80,000
    Bonus Points
  • Silver Status
  • 7X Bonus Points at
    Hilton Hotels
  • Spend $20,000 to
    Earn Gold Status
Honors Surpass
Per Year
  • 130,000
    Bonus Points
  • Gold Status
  • 12X Bonus Points at
    Hilton Hotels
  • Spend $40,000 to
    Earn Diamond Status
  • Free Night Reward on
    spending $15,000/year
Honors Aspire
Per Year
  • 150,000
    Bonus Points
  • Diamond Status
  • 14X Bonus Points at
    Hilton Hotels
  • Free Night Reward
    on spending $60,000
  • $250 Airline
    Fee Credit
Honors Business
Per Year
  • 130,000 Points +
    Free Night Reward
  • Gold Status
  • 12X Bonus Points at
    Hilton Hotels
  • Free Night Reward
    on spending $15,000
  • 10 complimentary lounge visits/year

Available 120+ Countries

Hilton Hotels Reviews

Hilton is available in 122 countries with an average 7000 properties. It doesn’t matter whether you are in USA, UK, or Canada. Whether you are craving for a beach day or an evening at a resort. Hilton has got you all covered. From Los Angeles to London and Qatar to Azerbaijan, you can experience the best beaches and resorts through Hilton Hotels.

Special Offers at Hilton Hotels

Honors Discount Advance Purchase

All Hilton Honors members can redeem discounts up to 20% OFF on advanced booking. No code is needed while making a purchase. You just need to select Honors while booking. And the discount will be applied to your reservation.

2X Points Package

Earn double points on every night of your stay. You’ll need to use Plan Code: HPDPT1/DP1 while booking. The offers is exclusively available for Hilton Honor members only.

Senior Members Discount

Seniors ages 50 years or above are eligible for a discount of up to 10%. While booking select the option of Seniors and show your valid ID card at the check-in. Once your age is verified, you’ll be gifted with a special discount.

Hilton Military Discount

Hilton Hotels offers an exclusive discount for Military Members. You can redeem the discount by selecting military/veterans option while doing reservation. At the check-in, you’ll need to show your valid military ID card. After the verification is successful, you’ll be gifted with a special discount.

 Sign up for the newsletters of the hotels to stay updated with their latest offers. 
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Tip 4!

Earn Points with Lyft

You can earn exclusive points by linking your Lyft account with Hilton Honors. You’ll get 3 Points on every $1 spent on Lyft rides and 2 Points on 1 spent on shared Lyft rides.

3-Night Stays for $149

Earn 50,000 Hilton Honors Points and up to 2 Free Nights at 500+ Hilton hotels. You could go for a theme park adventures, world-class shows, or enjoy a sunny beach retreat. Wherever you go, you’ll get free bonus points where for another trip.

Hilton Hotels Reviews

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort is located in Honolulu. If you are looking to spend a night or some days at this resort. You’ve made a perfect plan for your adventure. At Waikiki Beach, there are a lot of things you can add to your adventure.

Snorkeling & Swimming

If you are visiting Waikiki Beach Resort, 3 things you must add to your list. (Snorkeling, Surfing & Swimming). You could also dive into the pool or have fun on the adventurous slides with amazing views.

Saltwater Lagoon

You can have fun-filled family activities at Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. It is a an eye-catching five-acre salt-water lagoon featuring a state-of-the-art water circulation system. It’s the perfect place to relax on a beach chair or experience swimming as a mermaid.

Duke Kahanamoku Beach

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is located just beside Duke Kahanamoku Beach. You can enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in hand and your legs-straight on a beach blanket.

Waikiki Starlight Luau

At Starlight Luau, you can experience fire dance and live music. This is a friendly event, where you can spend some time with your loved ones, experiencing the true Hawaiian experience under the stars.

Atlantis Submarines

Don’t miss experiencing Hawaii’s undersea world aboard a high-tech submarine. Atlantis Submarines at Hawaii allow you to explore reefs teeming with fish and the wreckage of coastal freighters. Even if you’ve experienced scuba, spending time in a submarine would be totally different.

Tour of Pearl Harbor

If you are curious about American History, you should visit Pearl Harbor. It will be worth visiting, as you’ll be able to gain some knowledge and experience facts from the past.

Saving Money at Hilton Hotels

Who doesn’t like to save money? Even though Hilton offers the best rates as compared to others. But still there are some ways by which you save extra few bucks. You can always, use points if you are a Hiton Honors member. Other than that, Hilton also offers group and corporate discounts. Government Employees, Travel Agents, Seniors and AAA members can also avail special discounts at Hilton Hotels.

 Avoid booking in the month of October. The rates are at their peak. 
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Tip 5!

Hilton Promo Codes


2x Point Packages On All Hotels

Get 2x Point Packages at All Hilton Honors Portfolio Hotels at Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels logo

2x Point Packages On All Hotels

Get 2x Point Packages at All Hilton Honors Portfolio Hotels at Hilton Hotels


Up to 50% Off Sundays With All 3 Night Stays

Up to 50% Off Sundays With All 3 Night Stays at Hilton.

Hilton Hotels logo

Up to 50% Off Sundays With All 3 Night Stays

Up to 50% Off Sundays With All 3 Night Stays at Hilton.


Military Family Rate

They’re offering exclusive savings for active & retired military, veterans and their families on leisure stays at participating hotels.

Hilton Hotels logo

Military Family Rate

They’re offering exclusive savings for active & retired military, veterans and their families on leisure stays at participating hotels.


Up To 20% Off Stay Longer In Paradise

Save up to 20% Off when you book the Stay Longer in Paradise package at select hotels across the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and more.

Hilton Hotels logo

Up To 20% Off Stay Longer In Paradise

Save up to 20% Off when you book the Stay Longer in Paradise package at select hotels across the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and more.

Hilton’s Price Match Guarantee

Hilton offers a price match guarantee for everyone. If you found a lower price of the same accommodation on any other website. Hilton will give you a 25% discount on you reservation for that place.

How it Works?

1) Find a lower qualified price for the same accommodation and terms either before you book or within 24 hours after you make a reservation through an official Hilton booking channel.

2) Submit a Price Match Guarantee claim.

3) If your claim meets all the criteria, Hilton honor you the lower price and take an additional 25% off the room rate for each night of your stay.

Visit Whichever Discount Suits You

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Hilton Hotel Alternatives

(Marriott vs Hilton)


  • Customer Service (4.5/5)
  • 4,500 Bonus Points on joining
  • Special offers for everyone
  • 80,000 Bonus Points on Hilton Credit Card
  • Best Rates Guarantee
  • Best for holidays & vacations

  • Customer Service (4.1/5)
  • 10% More Points
  • Special offers for member only
  • 30,000 Bonus Points on Marriott Credit Card
  • A little bit expensive
  • Best for business travel

(Best Western vs Hilton)

 Best Western 

  • 4700+ Properties Worldwide
  • Up To 30% OFF advance purchase
  • Points never expire
  • Will give you $100 if found a better price
  • Only offers a master card
  • Worldwide Free Night Redemption

  • 7000+ Properties Worldwide
  • Up To 20% OFF advance purchase
  • Points expire after 12 months of inactivity
  • Will give you 25% OFF if found a lower price
  • Offers 4 types of Credit Cards
  • No resort fees on reward stays

Hilton Hotel Customer Reviews

Hilton Hotels Reviews

Hilton Hotels Reviews (Final Words)

Hilton Hotels is one of the oldest names in the industry. If you travel for business purpose frequently or you are planning for a hotel night for the first time. Hilton always makes sure that you are served with great hospitality. Not only hotels, but if you are looking for a resort or a beach to relax your mind. Hilton has got you covered in that as well. You can book luxury resorts through Hilton Hotels in more than 120 countries.

Also, the best part in booking from Hilton Hotels is that, you get exclusive discounts on your reservations. Especially if you are a Hilton Honors Member, Military Member, First Responder or a Senior. Students can too get a discount at Hilton, but they’ll need to use a promo code while booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I read Hilton Hotels Legit Review?

Ans: You can read legit reviews for Hilton Hotels at SavingSays.com.

Q. How can I save money at Hilton Hotels?

Ans: You can save money at Hilton Hotels by using Coupons & Deals from SavingSays.com.

Q. Does Hilton Hotels charges for cancelling a reservation?

Ans: No, Hilton Hotels doesn’t charge for cancelling a reservation if done with in the time frame.

Q. What is the minimum discount for Honors Member at Hilton?

Ans: The minimum discount for Honors member at Hilton Hotels is 2% OFF. As soon as your membership level increases you get maximum discounts on your bookings.

Q. What will happen if I found a lower price of the same hotel on any other website?

Ans: Hilton will give a 25% discount if you found a lower price of the same hotel any other website.

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