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Lit Bike Review | Premium Home Gym With Gamified Techs

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What is Lit Bike?

The Lit Bike is another successful creation of Freebeat. It’s an indoor cycling bike that combines high-quality hardware with innovative software to create a fun and immersive workout experience. The Lit Bike of Freebeat features gamified classes that allows you to compete with friends, earn points | rewards, and challenge yourself to reach new levels.

If you are looking for a fun and effective way to get in shape, this Lit Bike is an ideal option without braking the bank. In this article, we’ve reviewed Freebeat Lit Bike, to help you make a smarter choice.

freebeatfit Review

About Freebeat

Freebeatfit is a fitness brand that deals in smart exercise bikes, ebikes, and indoor stationary bikes. They also provide a wide range of fitness crosstraining courses including indoor cycling, HIIT, and more. They also offer other fitness accessories, including; dumbell sets, resistance loop sets, and other cycle parts. Their aim is to provide a better experience for their customers, while working out.

Freebeat creates an innovative alternative to replace the traditional boring fitness routine. They have developed a fun way by bringing the experience of studio cycling and strength training to your home. Freebeat has created distinctive animations and special effects that flows perfectly throughout the training classes, so members could have a unique and unforgettable experience.

Lit Bike Features
21.5″ HD Touchscreen
Auto Resistance System (Based on the instructor’s recommendation)
Smart Saddle Detection (Tracks your in- and out-of-saddle riding)
Gamification system (To challenge yourself to reach new heights)
Features a modern design
Adjustable seat and handlebar
Bluetooth connectivity
Heart rate monitoring
Multiple workout modes
On-demand and live workouts
With purchase of Lit Bike, you’ll get a FREE Dumbbell Set

Lit Bike Colors
Moonbow Beige
Snowpeak White
Space Black
Aurora Pink

  • Fits within the size of a Yoga Mat
  • Tailored Workouts with Personal Trainer Algorithm
  • Effective for burning calories
  • Sync with Heart Rate Monitor for comprehensive tracking
  • Gamification can be a little bit challenging
  • It’s unique design, so may not be everyone’s taste

Comparison Lit Bike VS Peloton Bike+

Lit Bike
Peloton Bike+
Lit Bike Peloton Bike
21.5″ HD Rotating Touchscreen
23.8″ HD Rotating Touchscreen
Bike Size
49″ L x 59″ H x 23″ W
59″ L x 59″ H x 22″ W
Auto Resistance System
Manually and automatically adjusts to match the instructor’s cue
Manually and automatically adjusts to match the instructor’s cue
Auto Resistance Algorithm
Personal Trainer Algorithm Applies the perfect level of difficulty or Adapts to each individual performance level
Not available
Smart Saddle Detection
Detects in and out of saddle riding
Not available
113 lbs
140 lbs
Input: 100V to 240V, 50Hz to 60Hz, 1.5A Max
Input: 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz to 60 Hz, 3.25 A Max
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n – 2.4GHz & 5GHz
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac – 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Welded steel, ED & powder coated
Welded steel, ED & powder coated
Overall Ratings

Why Is The Lit Bike in So Much Demand?

Lit Bike Review

Although this Freebeat model has been recently launched, it is in high demand these days. Let’s explore why?

The Lit Bike indoor cycling bike that offer a variety of benefits, which make people fall head over heels for it. The benefits the Lit Bike offer are:

Fun and Engaging Workout Experience

The fun and engaging workouts on Lit Bike are designed to be interactive. They feature a variety of different rides, from scenic tours to challenging climbs. The workouts are also led by experienced instructors who motivates you to for challenging drills.

GIF Lit Bike

Space-Saving Design

The Lit Bike can fit on a surface the size of a single yoga mat. You won’t need an extra room for your Freebeat Lit Bike. Additionally, the total weight of the Lit Bike is just 113 lbs, making it easy to move when necessary.

Personal Trainer Algorithm

The trainer algorithm on the Lit Bike evaluates your performance and applies an ideal balance of challenging yet enjoyable intensity, pushing your workout limits to the right speed, level, and duration.

Smart Saddle Detection+

The Smart Saddle Detection+ in Lit Bike uses sensors to track your in- and out-of-saddle riding. This creates more accurate feedback about your workouts and to help you get the most out of your rides.

It is also used to empower the gamification system. When you ride out of the saddle, you earn more points than when you ride in the saddle. This will help to motivate you to ride out of the saddle more often, which can lead to a more effective workout.

GIF Lit Bike

More than a Bike…!

The Lit Bike is more than just an exercise bike. Other than cycling, you can do exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, or yoga. If you want a break from cycling but still want to stay active, the Lit Bike’s screen has got you covered. You can easily switch to stretching, strength training, and join various workout classes, all on 21.5″ HD screen.

GIF Lit Bike

Pay-in Installments

If you are tight on a budget, you can pay for the Lit Bike in easy installments of 36-month plan. You’ll just have to pay $36.08/month with 0% APR.


The Freebeat Lit Bike is a high-end indoor cycling bike with a price tag to match. It is currently priced at $1,299, which is less than some other indoor cycling bikes, such as the Peloton Bike+ ($2,495) and the NordicTrack S22i ($1,999).

However, you can get Lit Bike for just $1,199 by using a discount code from Saving Says. Also, the Lit Bike ships for free in all contiguous 48 states of the USA.

Lit Bike Customer Reviews

Recently I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, eating right and exercising is a must. My Lit Bike had been a life saver. I’m riding everyday and it’s keeping my glucose levels in check! The classes are so fun and the point system keeps my competitive side wanting more! Highly recommend!​Ryan Mills
We have enjoyed using the Lit Bike so far! We are enjoying the exercise classes!
Lit Bike Snowpeak White​Carla C.
Route package protection was amazing! They were professional, prompt, friendly, and so quick to resolve the issue I had with my damaged bike. I recommend you guys to everyone now! Thanks so much!
Lit Bike Moonbow Beige
Ashley W.
Always a great ride! I love the instructors, the playlist is always on point, and I always walk away sweating. 10/10!
Lit Bike Space BlackPhoebe H.


Have you ever dreamed of riding your bike through the Alps, or racing through the streets of Paris? With the Lit Bike, you can do all of that without ever leaving your home.

The Lit Bike is a state-of-the-art indoor cycling bike offering a truly immersive workout experience. With its 21.5″ HD touchscreen display, you can ride through stunning scenery or follow along with live workouts led by world-class instructors.

The Lit Bike also features a number of innovative features that make it the most advanced indoor cycling bike on the market. Its Auto Resistance System automatically adjusts the resistance based on the instructor’s recommendation, so you can focus on your workout without having to worry about anything else. And its Smart Saddle Detection system tracks your in- and out-of-saddle riding, ensuring that you get the most out of every workout.