Simple Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Your Netflix Account

Simple Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Your Netflix Account

Almost all of Wi-Fi connected homes use at least one streaming service, the majority of those are Netflix users. Therefore putting it into perspective, the average Netflix subscriber streams at most one and a half hours of content a day, according to calculations based on the company. According to comScore Netflix has become the undisputed champion among the majority of streaming services, easily surpassing even YouTube,

However, paying a monthly subscription fee even with the low price tag isn’t something we can take lightly. With that in mind, let me suggest you some simple tips and tricks to save money on your Netflix account.

Sharing an account.

To lower the cost of a Netflix subscription, you can always split an account with a friend or member of your family and still get access to the service fully. You can watch Netflix at the same time even if you have the standard or premium package,

Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, has publicly stated that “I saw no problems with sharing accounts”. So this way you can split a package and save $5 or $6 a month.

Keep up with new upcoming contents.

It can be hard to keep up with the content on Netflix as it is always changing time by time. This can lead to the scene where you rent a show or movie on any service, and realize that it had already been added to Netflix.

So a better way to keep up with new and upcoming content updates is that always subscribe to the newsletters or mailing lists out there that send updates right to your inbox. This way you won’t have to waste time searching for the updates to watch a movie.

Cancel subscription during periods of inactivity.

If you don’t feel like you are getting your money’s worth or are not using Netflix regularly then you can always cancel your subscription on a temporary basis. Just go right into your account settings and click cancel the subscription. Since there is no contract, you won’t be charged with any penalty. Remember you will still be having access to the service until the end of your billing month and you can rejoin with no reactivation fee at any time.

The new download feature on the road.

You can now download a movie or a show to watch it any time. This means that you won’t have to pay rental or other fees when you are away from home in airports or hotels.

To save cellphone’s data, adjust your data settings.

 If you want to resort to streaming Netflix on your phone data, make sure to do it intelligently. Streaming standard definition video on Netflix for an hour will use up a 1 GB of data and HD streaming will use up 3 GB per hour. You could run through your allotted data quickly, depending on your cell data plan.

Thankfully, Netflix has made it easy to tackle with your playback settings and reduce the amount of data Netflix is using. This results in a much lower bill at the end of the month.

Netflix’s original DVD service.

The original version of Netflix allows you to pay a monthly fee to get DVDs in the mail. You can add this up to the service of your existing streaming subscription. Netflix’s standard DVD plan is about $7.99-15.98 per month, and you can get as many DVDs as you want, at a time.

This will easily save you money if you buy or rent just two newly released movies each month. Rental on Google, Amazon or your cable’s on-demand service is usually higher and this will definitely cost you cheaper. As Netflix’s DVD library is huge, so you’ll gain more to choose as compared to the streaming library on any other services.

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