OONI Teacher Discount

OONI Student Discount

15% OFF Teacher Discount

OONI is currently offering an exclusive Teacher Discount of 15%.

How Do I Claim OONI Discount For Teachers?

OONI is currently offering an exclusive discount of 15% OFF for teachers. You have to verify and register your status as a teacher with ID.me to get your 15% discount. After registration in ID.me, you can quickly get your discount.

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About OONI

OONI (Open Observatory of Network Interference) is a project that focuses on collecting and analyzing data on internet censorship and network interference from around the world. It was developed by the Tor Project, an organization that advocates for online privacy and anonymity.

The primary goal of OONI is to uncover and document cases of internet censorship and surveillance. It achieves this by providing tools and software that individuals and organizations can use to measure and examine various aspects of internet connectivity, such as website blocking, throttling, and the presence of censorship technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does OONI offer a discount for teachers?

Yes, OONI does offer a discount for teachers.

Q) How much discount is OONI offering?

OONI is offering a 15% exclusive discount for teachers.

Q) How can I claim my teacher discount at OONI?

You can simply sign up for ID.me to claim your teacher discount at OONI.

Q) Can I combine my teacher discount with any other deal at OONI?

No, the teacher discount cannot be combined with any other deal or offer at OONI.

Q) Does OONI provide Free Shipping?

Yes, OONI provides you with free shipping on orders above $50.

Q) Is teacher discount available in-store as well as online?

No, you can only claim a teacher discount only online. Not be applicable in-store.

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