Reliked Teacher Discount


10% OFF Teacher Discount

Teachers can score a special discount of 10% at Reliked.

How To Avail a Teacher Discount at Reliked?

Currently, Reliked is offering a discount of 10% for all verified teachers through VerifyPass. To redeem the teacher’s discount, you’ll only have to provide your teacher number, school/district name, picture of your Identity card, and school to verify your teacher status. After the verification, they’ll provide you a teacher discount at Reliked.

Terms and Conditions:

Verified teachers can avail a special discount of 10% at Reliked through VerifyPass. To avail a teacher discount you’ll have to verify your teacher’s identity through VerifyPass.

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Q. Does Reliked offer discounts for teachers?

Yes, Reliked offers a discount for all verified teachers.

Q. Can I combine the teacher discount at Reliked with any other offer?

No, you cannot combine the teacher discount at Reliked with any other offer.

Q. Who is eligible for a teacher discount?

Only those students who verify their teacher status through VerifyPass.

Q. How much discount does Reliked offer for teachers?

Reliked offers an exclusive discount of 10% for all verified teachers through VerifyPass.

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