Woom Bike 2 Review

Woom 2 Bike Review: The Perfect Ride for Young Cyclists

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Woom 2 Bike Review: Step into the exciting world of cycling where innovation meets passion! “Woom Bikes”, a true pioneer in the cycling industry, has embraced the power of cutting-edge technology to revolutionize young riders’ adventures. With an uncompromising dedication to quality and fiery confidence in kids’ cycling, Woom Bikes is setting new benchmarks.

Embark on a cycling adventure like never before with Woom Bike! Their passion for young riders has led them to create a masterpiece that’s not just a bike, but a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Introducing the Woom 2, the 14-inch groundbreaking pedal bike that’s designed to perfection, packed with futuristic features, and tailored to the needs of children aged 3 to 4.5 years.

This bike is more than just a ride; it’s a partner in every journey. Its kid-friendly design confirms that your little one feels safe and secure. Watch as their smiles light up while they ride freely, mastering the art of cycling with every joyful moment. Get ready for a ride filled with giggles, exploration, and unforgettable memories!

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About Woom Bikes

Woom Bikes is a renowned brand that specializes and passionately designs high-quality, lightweight, and user-friendly bicycles for children. With a strong commitment to safety and comfort, Woom Bikes are crafted using premium materials and cutting-edge technology, providing a smooth and enjoyable riding experience for young cyclists.

Woom 2 Bike Review


  • Frame material: light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminum with butted tubes.
  • Wheels: Ultralight SOOPA DOOPA HOOPS aluminum rims.
  • Tires: Lightweight tires.
  • Steering limiter: A detachable rubber ring attached to the fork
  • Weight: 5 kg / 11.02 lbs.

The Woom 2 Bike is an extra special bicycle designed just for young riders who want to get better at biking and feel confident riding by themselves. This bike offers a really comfortable ride and is super light, which means it’s easy for kids to steer and control.

Its high-quality tires are filled with air and give a great grip on the ground. What’s even cooler is that the Woom 2 Bike is made with really good parts, designed to fit nicely, and can be adjusted as you grow. This makes it a strong bike that will last a long time and be with you as you keep learning to ride.

All in all, the Woom 2 Bike is a fantastic choice for young riders because it thinks a lot about safety, how easy it is to use, and how much fun you can have. It’s a great way for your kid to have fun and stay healthy. You can choose the size you want, either 12 inches or 14 inches – whichever you like! Now you can take it with you easily Woom 2 Bike bag. This bag is quite handy when you’re going on trips or adventures. You can use it to carry your Woom 2 Bike to places like the beach, a park, or even on vacations. It helps protect your bike from getting scratched or dirty during transportation.

Woom 2 Bike Features

Woom Bike 2 Frame Design

Innovative Frame Design

Woom 2 Bike superlight aluminum frame, which is the key to providing an enjoyable and safe riding experience for kids. This means that the lightweight nature of this frame contributes to the bike’s turn into a fun factor, making it easy for young riders to handle and enjoy their cycling adventures.

Child-specific hand brakes

Children can easily identify the actual rear brake on the Woom 2 Bike cause of its eye-catching green brake lever. This lever color code system helps control any confusion between the brakes, ultimately improving their safety.

Woom Bike 2 hand brakes
Woom Bike 2 Knee-friendly Stem

Honed Stem and Handlebar

The stem on the Woom 2 Bike is a secure and lightweight connection between the handlebars and the headset. With its sleek, rounded design, integrated handlebar clamp, and recessed clamp bolts, it is a reliable “knee saver” during rides.

Flexible steering limiter

The Woom steering limiter, an important safety feature developed by the company, controls the handlebars from overturning, allowing children to ride straight and significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Woom Bike 2 Flexible steering limiter
Woom Bike 2 Cranks with a narrow Q-factor

Cranks with a narrow Q-factor

The crank length and pedal distance on the Woom 2 Bike are specially designed to fit children’s bodies perfectly. This provides an excellent posture and natural movements while pedaling, making it a piece of cake for young riders!

Compact chainguard

The closed chain guard on the Woom 2 Bike combines eye-catching style with a compact and strong design, providing excellent guard against injuries and dirt. Say goodbye to oil stains.

Woom Bike 2 Compact Chainguard
Woom Bike 2 Ergonomically formed saddle

Ergonomically formed saddle

The saddle on the Woom 2 Bike is an important point of contact between the child and the bike, important for an enjoyable riding experience. Woom Bikes carefully designed it to perfectly fit the pelvis of children in this age group and optimized for an upright riding position.

Smartly engineered wheels

They’ve equipped their bikes with exceptional wheels to ensure a smooth and fast ride. The Woom wheels stand out for their unique components, including smooth-rolling hubs, high-quality stainless spokes, and their exclusive SOOPA DOOPA HOOPS rims, all coming together to deliver excellent performance.

Woom Bike 2 Smartly engineered wheels
  • Lightweight and child-appropriate geometry
  • Color-coded dual hand brakes and freewheel kit option
  • Quality components (adult-bike quality in a child’s size)
  • Woom trade-up program / high resale value
  • Expensive

More Products to Buy With Woom 2 Bike

Image Accessories Details Shop Now
KIDS' Helmet

KIDS’ Helmet

Kids and adults have distinct head shapes and sizes. Therefore, Woom tailored the KIDS’ Helmet to meet the specific needs of children.



CYCLOPE Bike Lights

CYCLOPE Bike Lights

Bike lights are like safety superheroes for young riders. They’re trustworthy, easy to use, and work well in situations like when it’s dark or foggy. These lights help others on the road see the young riders better, keeping them safe.


TENS Bike Gloves

TENS Bike Gloves

The TENS bike gloves are like a superhero shield for kids’ hands when they’re riding. They give lots of control over the handlebars and help prevent falls.

AIRFLO Bike Pump

AIRFLO Bike Pump

Require additional air? Woom revolutionary AIRFLO pump ensures tire inflation is now easier than it has ever been.



Woom 2 Bike Geometry

Woom Bike 2 Geometry

Other Bikes Comparision with Woom 2 Bike

Wheel Size: 14″ 14″ 14″
Seat Height: 16″ – 19.1″ 15.6″ – 17.5″ 15.6″ – 16″
Weight: 12.3lb 14.4 lb.22 lb.
Brakes: Dual Hand, Coaster Dual Hand, CoasterFront Hand/Rear Coaster.
Free Wheel Kit: Yes. Yes.No.

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Woom Bikes Shipping & Return Policy


At Woom Bikes, they offer shipping to many places, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, military APOs/FPOs, and other US territories. So, no matter where you live, you can get your bike delivered right to your door. You can choose the delivery time that works best for you.

Now, let’s talk about the shipping rates of Woom bikes.

Example OrderDestinationStandard Shipping
Woom 1Michigan$29
Woom 5, AIRFLO Bike Pump, GLUG Stainless Steel BottleCalifornia$39
BING BellOhio$59
Woom 6, LOKKI Bike Lock, VIENNA BellHawaii$5
Woom 1, Woom 2Florida$58
Woom 2Alaska$59

Shipping Times

  • Standard Delivery (3-5 Business Days)
  • 2-Day Express (2 Business Days)
  • 1-Day Expedited (Next Business Day)

Return Policy

If you purchase any product from Woom Bike’s official website and it doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t worry! You have 30 days from the date of your order to freely return it. They’ll give you a full refund for the product’s cost and even cover the return shipping back to Woom. Once they receive the returned item, they’ll process your refund within 5-10 business days. So, you can shop with confidence knowing they’ve got you covered if something doesn’t work out.


Woom Bike 2 is committed to providing peace of mind to young cyclists and their parents no matter the challenges you may face with your bicycles. Now, you have an incredible 10-year warranty on aluminum frames, rigid forks, bars, and stems. Getting this warranty is easy – just register on their website, verify your identity, and you’ll be eligible to claim it. Plus, as a member, you’ll enjoy additional perks like receiving monthly gifts and special offers. Woom truly stands by the young rider’s side and makes sure they are having the best cycling experience.

Woom 2 Bikes Customer Reviews at trust pilot logo

We have bough our child Woom bike 3 and he learned to cycle with joy (no tears, no bruises) some months before his 4 year birthday. …Read More Roberta
I placed an order for two bikes for my granddaughters and ordered the wrong color for one. …Read More Wilson Dinsmore
Basically, we are totally convinced of the woom bikes. They are super light, look great and my son rode them all (now 3) really well. …Read More T S


The Woom 2 Bike is overall a good bike for kids as we read in this Woom 2 review. It can cost you a bit more than other bikes but it is highly reliable and made with the best quality equipment. Woom 2 Bike is undeniably an excellent choice for young riders. With its brilliant design, lightweight build, and safety features, it provides the perfect experience for kids to develop confidence and skills on two wheels.

On the other hand, the safety features of this bike like hand brakes and a steering limiter allow kids to have fun while staying secure. The Woom 2 Bike strikes an excellent balance between innovation, safety, and durability, making it a great choice for children taking their first steps into the world of cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the Woom 2 weigh?

The Woom 2 weighs approximately 12.3lb.

Q. What is the maximum weight limit of the Woom 2 Bike?

The maximum weight limit of the Woom 2 Bike is 130 lbs (60 kg).

Q. Does Woom Bike offer a free kit with Woom 2?

Yes, Woom Bike offers a free kit with Woom 2.

Q. How can I save money at Woom 2 Bike?

You can always save money & score some massive discounts by using coupons & promo codes from Saving Says. There are all the codes are active and ready to use.

Q. Does Woom Bike offer free shipping?

No, Woom Bike does not offer any type of free shipping.

Q. What is the return policy of Woom Bike?

If you are not satisfied with your order you can easily return your order within 30 days of your delivery.

Q. Does Woom Bike offer any kind of warranty on Woom 2 Bike?

Yes, Woom Bike does offer an appreciatable warranty of 10 years on Woom 2.

Socialize with Woom Bike

Contact with Woom Bike

Phone: 855-966-6872

Address: 8301 Springdale Rd #800, Austin, TX 78724

Send a message via their contact form.

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