RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike Review

RADCity 4 Review – Classic Electric Commuter Bike

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RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike Review – Electric bikes have been in trend for a long time now and are preferred over regular bikes. Riding an E-bike for the first time would feel like a major change as they’re more convenient, comfortable, and require less energy while pedaling.

As the demand for E-bikes has grown and they come in various categories these days. Classic Electric Commuter Bikes are the most loved among all types of E-bikes as they are simple and convenient. Looking for a Classic Electric Commuter? The RadCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike is the ideal choice for that. Read this RADCity 4 Review further and you’ll understand why!

About Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is among the Top brands for E-bikes and is loved by E-bike enthusiasts. They have a wide range of E-bikes in almost every category. Not only do They sell e-bikes but also sell complete accessories for those bikes so you could either modify them or replace them with the old ones. Their store was initially founded in California US but they are also available in Canada or Europe as well. You can order according to your region.

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Review On RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike

The RadCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike is an award-winning E-bike and is one of the top picks for Rad Riders (Rad Power Bike Users) for an “all-around” e-bike. You can get a traditional ride experience with its high-step frame design.

The motor attached to this bike is 750w and goes up to 45+ miles per charge. You can either commute to work or go for a casual ride without sweating merely. RadCity 4 was rewarded as the best electric bike in 2021 and was the most affordable bike among the rad power bikes. You can easily carry your basic necessities as It can carry up to 275lb. It’s designed in a very smart way and it’s perfect to handle your everyday commuting.

RADCity 4 Review


  • Up to 45+ miles per charge
  • 275 lb
  • 750W
  • high-step frame

Why Do We Prefer RadCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike?

In our opinion and according to reviews from Rad Riders, The RadCity 4 is outstanding for Commuting. This bike has an integrated rear rack for attaching your accessories or carrying anything. While riding on pavement and smooth surfaces, the Kenda K-Rad tires will give you an amazing grip.

RadCity 4

The RadCity 4 also has rear lights feature that illuminates the track behind your back so you can ride at night carefree. The front headlight has a unique +LED design to increase one’s visibility. The tail light has an option for switching between three modes, solid, flashing, and extra bright. In addition, you’ll be protected from water and mud on the road with its smartly equipped Fenders.

The Best part About the RadCity 4 and all Rad Power Bikes is that they go through 50- point inspection. Each bike goes through a 50-point inspection. If you’re wondering how thorough it is, even the screws are double-checked.

RadPower Bikes RadCity 4 Specifications

Electronic Specs

Battery – 672 Wh

Hub Motor 750W drive hub motor

Controller – 48V, 750W

Display – Backlit LCD with charge indicator

USB PortsDisplay: 5V, 1 Amp

Fenders – front and rear

Pedal Assist – 5-level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor

Range – 25-45 miles per charge (estimate)


Throttle – Half twist throttle


Wiring – Water resistant connectors and wiring harness


Charger48V, 2 Amp Rad Power Bikes smart charger


Lights – Front: Standard LED headlight
Rear: Integrated tail light with brake light


Fork – spring fork, 100 mm travel

Chain – KMC Z7

Break pads – Sintered metal

Brake Rotors – Tektro 180 mm front and rear

Break leversComfort grip levers with motor grip cutoff switch

Crank Set – 46T, 170 mm forged alloy

Derailleur – 7-Speed Shimano Acera

Fenders – black plastic front and rear, full coverage

Brake CalipersTektro Aries (MD-M300)

Frame – 6061 aluminum

Gearing – 1 x 7-speed

Grips – Velo comfort rubber ergo

RadPower Bikes RadCity 4 Features

Here are some features of the RadCity 4 that you should know about before buying one.


An amazing feature of RadCity 4 is the 7-Speed gearing. A wider range of gearing features in a bike means more torque for hazardous uphill commuting. In this way, you can maintain pedal authority while pedaling at top speed.

RADCity 4 Review

Integrated Brake Light

RADCity 4 Review

While cycling on roads with cars and other vehicles around, integrated brake lights are a necessity. The break lights attached to RadCity 4 are Powered using the main battery pack. The brake lights start functioning and are activated as soon as the brakes are applied.

Direct Drive Motor

A good drive motor plays a major role in commuting better. The 750W direct-drive motor attached to the RadCity 4 delivers a smooth cycling session and is powerful enough to climb up any hill in your way.

RADCity 4 Review


RADCity 4 Review

The Frames equipped in the RadCity 4 are designed to meet international standards. the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission and European Committee for Standardization have set the guidelines.


LED headlight and an integrated taillight will help you in having clear vision while commuting. especially at night, Reflective striping is integrated on tire sidewalls that will keep you visible on road at all times.

RADCity 4 Review


RadCity4 Breaks

A good set of breaks play a major role in your safety while commuting. especially on steep roads and busy streets. The breaks equipped in the RadCity4 have an all-weather stopping ability. Whether it’s raining outside or on a sunny day, these breaks will give you the same performance at all times.


The Display system in the RadCity 4 shows the following features and displays details mentioned below.

  • Battery Life
  • Pedal Assist Level
  • Odometer
  • Speedometer
  • Wattmeter
RadCity4 display

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Sizing Guide For RadCity 4

Rad Power Bikes are well aware of the fact that every rider is different and their comfort level should be set according to them. For that, They facilitate Rad Riders to tailor the size of their own RadCity 4 so there won’t be any compromises in comfort. For some reason, if you’re not worried about sizing and are comfortable with the basic-sized e-bikes, Rad Power bikes have an option for that too.

RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike Review
RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike Review
RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike Review

Complete Size Guide

RADCity 4 Review
RadCity4 Size Guide

Return Policy

It’s obvious and possible in all circumstances that a customer may not be satisfied after purchase or finds anything wrong. For that, Rad Power Bikes offers a Free returns policy which can be done within fourteen (14) days of delivery. The ebike must be used less than ten (10) miles. It should not have any kind of wear and tear, dirt, dust, fragrance, or any other signs of use.

Warranty Policy

Rad Power Bikes is currently offering a 1-year warranty after it is received by the customer. The limited warranty does not apply for purchases in the US but does apply to purchases in Canada and Europe. Also, the original owner should show the bike receipt which was given from the online purchase and the physical store.

Shipping Policy For Rad Power Bikes

Shipping is free for all orders within the US and Canada. The replacement parts aren’t part of the warranty policy and will be charged $10 (USD and CAD) for shipping for orders under $150. Accessory orders above $150 will be shipped for free. But the warranty policy doesn’t apply to orders of bike components and accessories.

RadCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike Customer Reviews

RadCity4 Customer Reviews
RadCity4 Customer Review

Socialize With Rad Power Bikes


We hope that this RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike Review was helpful for you. it’s clear by now why it’s considered among the best E-bikes. The RadCity 4 is available for $1399 at the store but you can save money by using coupons and promo codes from SavingSays. If this review on RadCity 4 made up your mind to buy one then Get your Classic Commuter now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What’s the maximum Battery life of the RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike?

Ans: You can ride up to 45+ miles per charge on a RadCity 4.

2) What’s the max weight that a RADCity 4 can carry?

Ans: Although it has the word mini in it, a RadCity 4 carries about 275 lb.

3) How powerful is the motor of the RADCity 4?

Ans: The powerful motor of the RADCity 4 is 750 W.

4) How much does the RADCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike gonna cost?

Ans: The RADCity 4 is gonna cost you $1399 (US Or Canadian). Also, you can get it at a discounted price by using coupons & promo codes.

5) Is there any way to save money on this Classic Commuter?

Ans: You can save money on the RadCity 4 by using coupons & Promo codes from SavingSays. Currently, there are 7+ Rad Power Bikes Coupons & promo codes available and which can be used on all products on the store online.

6) Dose Rad Power Bikes offer free shipping?

Ans: Yes, Rad Power Bikes offers free shipping on all US and Canada orders. Although the warranty policy doesn’t apply to bike components and accessories.

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