TRak racer tr80 MK5 Review

Trak Racer TR80 MK5 Review

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Trak Racer TR80 MK5 Review: Gaming simulators are very popular in today’s generation and building a simulator racing rig needs a lot of time. If you are looking for a racing or flight simulator you will find various options with different features, build quality, and prices. Also, if you are finding a budget simulator so you are at the right place. Here you can find the budget gaming simulator + how you can save money on a simulator rig.

About Trak Racer

Trak Racer has been designing and pioneering the best value, high-end gaming platforms, and accessories, since 2008. Their products are made from the highest quality materials that offer unmatched durability. Trak Racer offers a warranty that gives customers peace of mind over the long term.

Trak Racer is aware of the value of design, cutting-edge engineering, and knowing what it takes to offer you an edge over your competitors according to extensive study in both real-world motorsports racing and game simulation.

They only focus on bringing the best value, high-end gaming experience that won’t look like a homemade DIY product. Trak Racer is not built cheapest, lightest, and simplest gaming platform. All their products live up to the highest competitive standards on user demand.

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About Trak Racer TR80 MK5

With a small footprint, the TR80 offers the most features in the range. The TR80 was the first rig in this industry to offer a Formula/GT Hybrid Pedal Plate as standard and included expected accessories such as a seat slider and a rigid shifter mount. Since 2008 they have changed a lot in their sim rig space to give beginner and professional sim racers precisely what they need, for the right price.

Trak Racer cockpits use thicker aluminum profile walls than the competition and include heavier-duty brackets and a better-designed chassis for extra rigidity in the wheel mount uprights. It is strong, Adjustable, and has a huge list of available accessories. In the usual Trak Racer way, they gathered customer feedback from thousands of customers to develop the TR80.

Trak Racer TR80 LITE

Trak Racer TR 80 also comes up with its lite version. If you have a low budget and want a gaming simulator, you can go for TR 80 Lite. The lite version of the TR 80 has all those features, but it doesn’t support the alternate wheel mount options that TR 80 supports. Otherwise, the machine is the same only a few things are different.

Trak Racer TR80 Features


Trak Racer TR80 Review

The TR80 MK5 has been improved to withstand hundreds of kilograms in braking force without any flex. In a standard issue, TR80 is equipped with a quick-change hybrid pedal plate, allowing you to race with your feet up (in the formula position) or down in the GT position. You have an option, and the cost is already included!


The TR One Wheel System is a Future Proof Wheel Mounting System that allows upgrading by replacing only a part of the mount depending on what wheelbase you mount. It is Fully Adjustable and ready for anything you want to add to it.


Select the Trak Racer Wheel Plate to match the most belt-drive and direct-drive wheels on the market. It’s fully adjustable and won’t cause any flexing issues; no matter how much torque you want to punish it with!


The TR Gen 2 shifter mount has been reinforced by completely overhauling the design and increasing the thickness of the mount. It also has a fine-tuned slide adjustment!

TR has even created a new mount for other peripherals including handbrakes and flight sim mounts that will be added directly onto the side of the plate, or of course to any other 8mm aluminum profile.


The TR Premium seat slider runner kit will give a quick adjustment of the seat position and lock you in the least amount of play.


Trak Racer offers free-standing options, and an integrated display stands for One, Two, Three, and Four monitors. Get that immersive experience with the highest quality monitor stands available that have a huge adjustment range and will stand the test of time.

Trak Racer TR80 Review

What’s Included In TR 80?

  • Wheel Mount – TR One Front Mounting Wheel Mount for Simucube, VRS, Accuforce, OSW, Mige, Fanatec Direct Drive Wheels (Podium, CSL, and Pro), and more
  • Pre-Drilled Hybrid Adjustable Pedal Mount
  • BONUS Rubber Feet to protect floors
  • Set of 10 Cable Ties
  • Red Coloured Strips
  • 80mmm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Chassis
  • 80mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Wheel Supports
  • All Mounting Screws, Brackets, and Fixtures included
  • Assembly Tool Kit Included

TR 80 Mount Compatibility

1) Wheel Deck Compatibility with TR One Wheel Deck OR Standard Wheel Deck Option

2) Pedal Deck Compatibility with Pre-Drilled and Hybrid Formula/GT/Inverted Kit

3) Shifter Mount Compatibility

4) Optional HandBrake Mount Compatibility

5) With TR One Direct Drive Front Option

6) Optional Oversized Shifter Mount

Trak Racer TR80 Dimensions

Trak Racer TR80 Review

Width: 580mm/22.83″

Length: 1200mm/47.24″

Height: 780mm/30.7″

Trak Racer Purchasing Key Benefits

  • Heavy duty brackets – important especially for wheel uprights to increase rigidity
  • Thicker-walled aluminum profile compared to the competition
  • Experience gained in simulator racing since 2008
  • The leading sim cockpit innovators in the industry
  • Better value for a money
  • Accessible products from over 11 country warehouses
  • The constant development of accessories

Return & Refund

If you are not satisfied with your order you can contact Trak Racer and they will resolve your issue. But still, if you’re not happy with the product you can return the item within 14 days of purchase. Items should not be damaged or used. Otherwise, it would be entitled to a restocking fee.

Once the order is complete it is returned to their warehouse after that, it will be inspected. Your refund would be issued to your original payment method within 4 business days.

Product Warranty

Trak Racer products are designed and made from a high-quality material that gives unmatched durability and competing edge. This helps to give Trak Racer the confidence to offer an extended warranty of 5 Years on their product. If you get any fault in your purchased product you can claim the limited warranty.

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Ending Note

At the end of this TR80 Review, It is easy to see why this is one of Trak Racer’s best and most popular simulator setups. TR80 MK5 has been improved to withstand hundreds of kilograms in braking force without any flex it is gonna cost you about $647.00 USD or the price may vary according to the design you choose. The best part of its free-standing options and integrated display stands for up to Four monitors. Also, don’t forget to check out Trak Racer coupon codes from Savingsays to get TR80 and other products from Trak Racer at discounted prices.


Q. What are the new upgrades in the TR80?

Ans: The TR8 wheel mount, pedal plate, and shifter mount have all been strengthened and upgraded to handle robust Direct Drive wheels and pedal sets.

Q. Can I save money or get discounts on TR80?

Ans: Yes, you can save money on the TR80 by using Trak Racer coupons from Savingsays.

Q. Where can I find Trak Racer coupons & promo codes?

Ans: You can find 10+ active offers of Trak Racer at You can use them while shopping at Trak Racer at checkout.

Q. How much does the Trak Racer TR80 Cost?

Ans: Trak Racer TR80 is gonna cost you about $647.00 USD and the price may vary according to the design you choose.

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