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TurboAnt X7 Pro Review – Set Out Anytime, Your Way

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Electric bikes are now more popular than ever, they are eco-friendly, saves up fuel cost, and are easy to maintain. While e-bikes become a great way to transport from one place to another without getting stuck in traffic jams. There is one more cost-effective way to travel electrically, “E-Scooter”. That’s right. Electric Scooter is a very affordable way to commute around the town daily. You don’t get stuck in traffic, don’t make any pollution, and can travel at a low cost.

Today we are gonna discuss an electric scooter that has much more features and is very affordable. We are going to do TurboAnt X7 Pro Review. A very affordable folding e-scooter from TurboAnt, best suited for a long-range daily commute. Keep reading the review to know more about the specifications and all other features of the TurboAnt X7 Pro.

TurboAnt X7 Pro

About TurboAnt X7 Pro

TurboAnt X7 Pro is an electric scooter best suited for long commutes. It comes with a professional design, prolonged battery capacity, and rugged tires. The scooter itself has many amazing features according to its price range. It is also foldable which makes it very portable and easy to store or carry around. Made from good-quality material and powerful motor equipped, it’s one of the best electrical scooter you can get under $600.

TurboAnt X7 Pro Review

There’s no doubt that TurboAnt X7 Pro is a great electric scooter. The scooter has many different features and is very reliable for daily commute. First of all the X7 is foldable which makes it easy to store and lightweight so you can easily handle it and take it anywhere. One more amazing feature is its detachable battery design. You can easily take out the battery from the scooter and charge it in your home. The 10 AH high-capacity battery runs longer and can take you 30 miles away in a single charge. The battery can be charged in a maximum of 6 hours and ready to ride again.

TurboAnt X7 Pro is equipped with a 350 W power drive that can top the speed of 20 mph. And a solid build body that can hold up the weight of 275 lb. The e-scooter is equipped with a Digital LED Screen which indicates the scooter’s working status. It also has 3 different riding modes that can be adjusted on the fly to conquer various road conditions. The Beginner mode locks the speed at 6 mph and the Eco mode at 10 mph. It also has a Sports mode that maxes its speed at 20 mph. The X7 Pro also supports conversion between mph and km/h for easy understanding.

TurboAnt X7 Pro features an Energy Saving Mode which automatically shuts down the scooter thru smart software after 10 minutes of not operating. This not only saves your battery but if you forget to turn it off, it will shut down automatically. The 10-inch tubed thickened tires increase shock absorption from bumpy city sidewalks, letting you conquer any road conditions. Larger tires also allow for a heavier load. Also, a tubed pneumatic structure prolongs the lifetime of tires.

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TurboAnt X7 Pro Specifications

36 V, 350 W

TIRE (Front & Rear)
10-inch, tubed pneumatic tires

20 mph (32 km/h)

20-30 miles (30-48 km)


44-275 lb (20-125 kg)


Electric brake, disc brake and foot brake

LED headlight + taillight (3 W)

4.5 in (115 mm)

Approx. 6 hours

10 Ah, 360 Wh

TurboAnt X7 Pro Features

Detachable battery design allows for a fast battery change and convenient charge.

10 Ah battery makes 30-mile journeys possible.

2 charging methods: detached battery charging or scooter unit charging.

detachable battery
Digital led screen scooter turboant

Digital LED Screen Indicates The Scooter’s Working Status

3-speed modes that can be adjusted on the fly to conquer various road conditions.

Energy savings and safety assurance: After 10 minutes without operation or riding, the smart software will automatically shut down the scooter.

3 steps to easily fold the electric scooter to a compact size, enabling storage in your car or home.

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small scooter tires

The 10-inch tires increase shock absorption from bumpy city sidewalks, letting you conquer any road conditions. Larger tires also allow for a heavier load.

A tubed pneumatic structure prolongs the lifetime of tires.

A triple braking mechanism of EBS (Electronic Braking System), rear disc brake, and foot brake ensure an efficient braking distance as short as 16.4 ft (5 m).

EBS (Electronic Braking System)

 3W LED headlight

3 W LED headlight makes the road more visible at night.

Unfolded size of 42.6 × 16.5 × 46.7 inches, suitable for adult daily use.

Turboant scooter

Turboant scooter

With a weight of 33 lb. and a small folded size, you can easily handle it and take it anywhere.


TurboAnt offers extended warranty of 1 year on their X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter. TurboAnt believe their products to be free from any material defects or workmanship. If you face any problem with your electric scooter in warranty period, you can claim the warranty and get your scooter fixed or they will replace you defected part.

Shipping & Delivery

You can get Free Shipping at TurboAnt X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter. TurboAnt offers free shipping to the US, Canada, Europe, and the UK. The expected delivery time for U.S and Europe is 5 – 10 business days and 7 – 10 business days for Canada and U.K.

You can also track your order through the tracking link you will get in the confirmation email.

Payment Options

TurboAnt accepts various payment options, from Visa / MasterCard to PayPal you can pay them thru any payment method you’d like. They also have other options like American Express, GPay, and Discover so you can pay with any method that suits you best.

Pay in Installments

If you wish to pay for your e-scooter later, you can just do that thanks to Klarna. TurboAnt uses Klarna app services which allow you to pay in a total of 4 Installments without any interest. You can select the payment option thru Klarna when checking out and schedule your payments.

Return & Refund

If you’re unsatisfied with your X7 Pro you can return it within 30 days of receipt. Also, if the scooter has any defect or damaged part, you can contact TurboAnt within 14 days for a return and refund. Once your return the order the refund will be processed to your account using the same method you used at the time of payment.

Save Money at TurboAnt X7 Pro

If spending $600 on a scooter looks much to you, then you should look for ways to save money. While the TurboAnt X7 justifies its price with all the features it has, you can still save a couple of bucks using coupon codes. TurboAnt offers various exclusive coupons and deals for their customer. You can find the latest discount for TurboAnt X7 Pro in this review.

TurboAnt X7 Pro Reviews

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TurboAnt X7 Pro is a great electric scooter in its price range as you can see in the review above. It’s Foldable so saves up lots of space, very portable, and easy to carry around. The scooter has many different features and is overall a great fit for you. If you have any confusion about TurboAnt X7 Pro you can read this review and make your mind. And don’t forget to use the discount code to save yourself money.