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Woom Bikes Review – Pedal Your Way to Joy!

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Woom Bikes Review: When it comes to choosing the ideal bike for your child, there’s one standout name that consistently rises to the top….. Woom! Whether you’re searching for a 12-inch balance bike to introduce your child to cycling or a 26-inch mountain bike for thrilling trail adventures, Woom bikes unquestionably offer some of the best options available.

Woom’s key differentiator lies in their unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional bikes for kids. These bikes not only prioritize lightweight construction but also boast child-friendly geometry and top-tier components, making them perfect for learning, and progression, and fostering a genuine love for biking.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind our admiration for Woom bikes, exploring their diverse lineup, including options for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids. We’ll also touch upon their innovative, child-friendly design philosophy.

Additionally, in this Woom Bikes Review, we’ll provide links to our comprehensive Woom bike reviews, empowering you to make a perfect choice. Join us as we explore why Woom bikes consistently receive accolades and recognition. Also, how their popularity continues to spread beyond continental Europe to captivate young riders worldwide.

About Woom Bikes

Woom Bikes is a highly respected company that specializes in crafting top-notch bicycles designed specifically for children. It was founded in Austria by two fathers who were dissatisfied with the limited availability of premium bikes suitable for their kids. Their goal was to create bikes that would offer young riders an exceptional cycling experience, fostering confidence and a lifelong passion for biking. Woom Bikes has gained widespread popularity due to its emphasis on producing lightweight, durable, and ergonomically engineered bicycles that are easy for children to ride and handle. Their strong commitment to innovation, safety, and child-friendly features has earned the brand a solid reputation among both parents and cycling enthusiasts.

Woom Bikes History

In 2013, Woom Bikes came into being thanks to Marcus Ihlenfeld and Christian Bezdeka, two devoted fathers who shared a passion for cycling and were determined to craft the perfect bicycles for their own children. To achieve this goal, they embarked on extensive research into the anatomical considerations of children and their impact on bike riding. This led to the development of a revolutionary sizing system that takes into careful account the unique proportions of children’s bodies.

One of the hallmark features of Woom bikes lies in their unwavering commitment to lightweight design, with the average bike weighing a mere 2.3kg (5.1 lbs). This deliberate focus on reduced weight ensures that the bikes are exceptionally easy for children to handle and navigate, even from a young age. Moreover, Woom bikes boast a repertoire of high-quality components, including Shimano gears and Tektro brakes, further enhancing the overall riding experience for young cyclists.

Why Do We Prefer Woom Bikes?

Unmatched lightweight design and innovative features make them the ultimate pick for kids’ cycling adventures. Discover why Woom Bikes stand out as the preferred choice for young riders.

1) Easy To Ride

Woom Bikes Easy To Ride

Woom bikes are meticulously designed and crafted to the highest quality, ensuring an enjoyable and easy riding experience for kids. Unlike typical kids’ bikes that use adult-designed components, Woom bikes are custom-tailored to fit the unique measurements of children’s bodies, encompassing frame designs, pedals, brakes, handlebars, and all components that are specifically kid-friendly.

What Makes Woom Bikes Easy To Ride?

This thoughtful design approach allows woom bikes to offer ample space for kids to move and pedal efficiently, resulting in comfortable and fatigue-free rides. As kids grow, woom bikes adapt to their changing needs by providing a range of balance bikes and pedal bikes in various sizes, facilitating a seamless transition and teaching them early balance skills, negating the need for training wheels when they move on to larger pedal bikes. From small to large sizes, woom bikes cater to riders of all ages, featuring an upright position for beginners in smaller bikes and a leaned-in position preferred by older riders in larger bikes.

2) Lightweight

Woom Bikes lightweight

Woom bikes are renowned for being among the lightest bicycles available, thanks to their incredibly lightweight construction. Made with top-notch 6061 aluminum tubes for the frames, these bikes are easy for kids to handle. Children can effortlessly lift them, spin them around, and even hoist them over their heads. In contrast, many other kids’ bikes on the market weigh approximately 40 to 60% of a child’s weight, posing considerable challenges. However, Woom bikes are a true game-changer, typically weighing just 30% of a child’s weight, making them significantly more manageable and maneuverable.

A Game-Changing Difference In Weight

Take, for instance, our 5-year-old tester, weighing 34 pounds, who absolutely adores riding the woom 3 16″ bike. This bike weighs a mere 13.1 lbs., accounting for only 34% of her weight, providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. In comparison, the highly popular Specialized Riprock 16″ bike weighs 20.25 lbs., nearly double the weight of the woom and representing a substantial 60% of her weight. Clearly, Woom bikes’ exceptional lightweight design sets them apart, ensuring young riders have a delightful and easily accessible biking adventure.

3) Variety Of Colors

Woom Bikes Colors

Everyone is aware that color is important, especially for children! And you’re sure to discover one that your youngster adores among Woom’s assortment of cheerful, brilliant hues. There are 5 vibrant, joyful colors available for the woom 1 through woom 4 (balancing bike to 20′′ bikes)!
The woom 5 and 6 are still available in red, but they also come in navy blue, mint green, and grey for older children who prefer a more adult appearance.

4) Innovating & Improving

For more than 5 years, we have been thoroughly testing and reviewing woom bikes. Throughout this period, we have been genuinely amazed by their commitment to innovation. Continuously seeking opportunities for enhancement, they never cease to amaze us with their already outstanding designs.

Despite consistently dominating our list of best kids’ bikes, woom bikes persist in refining their features, shedding weight from their bicycles, and introducing new premium components. Their latest update sets them apart even further, as woom has incorporated two exclusive features not commonly found in other children’s bike brands – ergonomic grips and a narrow-wide chainring on their geared bikes.

Ergonomic Locking Grips

Woom bikes Ergonomic Locking Grips

Experience the Woom Ergonomic Locking Grips, crafted from a soft and pleasant material that ensures a secure grip. Equipped with a reliable locking mechanism, these grips stay firmly in place, even during wet conditions. Choose from the stylish black and red options available. Elevate the comfort and handling of your Woom bike with the user-friendly Woom Ergonomic Locking Grip. Effortlessly install and remove them, and enjoy the added benefit of a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Narrow-wide Chainring

Woom Bikes Narrow-wide Chainring

Woom incorporates narrow-wide chainrings in their 20-inch and 24-inch bikes, featuring alternating narrow and wide teeth that perfectly engage with the inner and outer links. This innovative design ensures a secure connection between the chain and chainring, reducing the risk of chain derailment significantly. The implementation of a narrow-wide chainring holds special importance for children’s bikes, considering that kids may make gear-shifting errors more frequently. A chain falling off the chainring can pose safety hazards and prove challenging to reposition.

5) Safety Features

Woom bikes are equipped with various safety features to ensure a secure and enjoyable riding experience for young cyclists. Some of the notable safety features include.

Woom Bikes Safety Features

Low Center Of Gravity:

Woom bikes have a low center of gravity, which aids in maintaining their stability even when kids are making rapid turns or traveling over unlevel ground. This may aid in avoiding mishaps. A Woom bike often has its center of gravity right below the seat, which aids in maintaining the stability of the bike.

Sturdy Frame:

Woom bicycles have sturdy frames comprised of materials like steel and aluminum. They are strong and damage-resistant as a result. A high-tensile steel frame, which is both lightweight and sturdy, is used to construct Woom bicycles.


Woom bicycles come with sturdy brakes that are simple for kids to use. This aids in ensuring the security of kids in case of emergency. Tektro brakes, which are renowned for their dependability and performance, are used on Woom bicycles.

Reflective Tyres:

Woom bikes include luminous stripes on the tyres that assist make kids more apparent to drivers at night. This may aid in avoiding mishaps. Woom bikes include luminous stripes on the tyres that assist make kids more apparent to drivers at night.

Closed chain guard:

Woom bikes include a chain guard that keeps kids’ fingers and clothes from becoming tangled in the chain. This might aid in avoiding accidents. A Woom bike’s chain guard is constructed of sturdy plastic and is intended to shield kids’ fingers and garments from the chain.

Knee-friendly stem:

Woom bicycles include a knee-friendly stem, which reduces the risk of injuries in crashes. In the case of a collision, the stem of a Woom bike is tilted to assist shield kids’ knees from the handlebars.

6) High Resale Value

Woom bikes are known for their high resale value. This is due to a number of factors, including:

The Quality Of The Bikes: Woom bikes are made with high-quality materials and components, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

The Design Of The Bikes: Woom bikes are designed to be lightweight and easy to ride, which makes them appealing to children.

7) The UpCycle Program

Woom offers an UpCycle Program that allows you to trade in your old Woom bike for a credit towards the purchase of a new Woom bike. This program helps to keep the resale value of Woom bikes high.

Get a new Woom bike at a fantastic price with the UpCycle Program. Simply trade in your used Woom bike in good condition to be eligible for the program. After that, you will get a credit that may be used to buy a new Woom bike. The condition of your used bike will determine how much credit you receive.

As your child grows, the UpCycle Program is a fantastic way to keep them riding a Woom bike. As it keeps bikes in use longer, it also lessens the environmental effect of cycling.

Best Woom Bikes

Although Woom bikes are not inexpensive, they are seen to be a wise investment. The cycles are made to last and maintain a high resale value. Many parents discover that when they sell their bike to a new owner, they may repay their investment. Here are some of the best Woom bikes:

Woom 1

Woom 1


  • SEAT HEIGHT – 10.1″ to 14.37″
  • WEIGHT: 6.6 lb
  • BRAKES: Hand Brake
  • TIRES: Air
  • FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
  • FOOTREST: Optional
  • BOLTS: Recessed, flat
  • TURNING LIMITER: Yes (removable)

Woom 1 Review

For children between the ages of two and three, there is the Woom 1. Given its little weight of 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs), children may easily learn to balance and ride on it. Because of its large wheelbase and low center of gravity, the Woom 1 is stable and simple to steer. The bike also comes with a kickstand and has a comfy seat and grips.

Woom 2

Woom 2


  • SEAT HEIGHT: 16″ – 19.1″
  • WEIGHT: 12.3 lb.
  • BRAKES: Coaster with Dual Hand Brake (freewheel kit available)
  • FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
  • GAIN RATIO: 3.71
  • WHEELBASE: 638

Woom 2 Review

The Woom 2 is a 14-inch bike for kids between the ages of 3 and 4. Given its light weight of 3.3kg (7.3 lbs), youngsters may easily operate and move it. The Woom 2 sports a single-speed transmission, coaster brakes, and a lightweight aluminum frame. The bike also comes with a kickstand and has a comfy seat and grips.

Woom 3

Woom 3


  • SEAT HEIGHT: 19.1″ – 25.2″
  • WEIGHT: 13.1 lb.
  • BRAKE Type: Dual Hand
  • FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
  • WHEEL SIZE: 16
  • GAIN RATIO: 3.88 (woom 3), 3.2, and 4.4
  • WHEELBASE: 711 mm

Woom 3 Review

The 16-inch Woom 3 bike is designed for kids between the ages of 4-5. For kids who are prepared to graduate from a balancing bike, it weighs just 4.3 kg (9.5 lbs). The Woom 3 sports a 2-speed transmission, a lightweight aluminum frame, and hand brakes. The bike also comes with a kickstand and has a comfy seat and grips.

Woom 4

Woom 4


  • SEAT HEIGHT: 22.1″ – 28″
  • WHEEL SIZE: 20″
  • WEIGHT: 17.9 lb. (with included kickstand and pedals)
  • GEARS/SHIFTERS: 7-speed/Microshift Grip
  • GAIN RATIO: 2.3/5.9
  • WHEELBASE: 825mm

Woom 4 Review

The 20-inch bike for kids aged 5 to 6 is the Woom 4. It is a fantastic choice for kids who are ready to tackle longer rides and more difficult terrain because it weighs just 5.7kg (12.5 lbs). The Woom 4 sports a 7-speed gearbox, hand brakes, and a lightweight aluminum frame. The bike also comes with a kickstand and has a comfy seat and grips.

Woom 5

Woom 5


  • SEAT HEIGHT: 26.4″ – 32.3″
  • WEIGHT: 20.3 lb, 19.5 lb.
  • GEARS: 8-speed
  • FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
  • TIRE SIZE: 24″
  • GEARS/SHIFTER: 8/SRAM X4 grip shift
  • GAIN RATIO: 2.1 – 6.0
  • BRAKES: Dual Hand

Woom 5 Review

The Woom 5 is a 24-inch bike for kids between the ages of 6 and 8. It is a fantastic alternative for kids who are prepared to see the world on two wheels because it weighs only 6.7kg (14.8 lbs). The Woom 5 includes a 9-speed gearbox, hand brakes, and a lightweight aluminum frame. The bike also comes with a kickstand and has a comfy seat and grips.

Woom Bikes Top Accessories

The Woom Bikes accessories are all made to be of excellent quality and durability. You can be confident that they will function properly and look fantastic because they are also engineered to suit Woom bikes exactly.

There are many alternatives available if you want to add accessories to your Woom bike to make it more useful or fashionable. You’re sure to discover the ideal accessories for your child’s bike with all the fantastic options available.

Woom Helmets

Woom Helmets:

With a dial fit mechanism that makes it simple to modify the fit as kids grow, Woom helmets are made to be lightweight and comfortable. Also, they come in a range of hues and patterns to go with the Woom bikes.

Woom Lights:

Woom lights have a number of settings and are made to be noticeable and bright. Also, they include a battery that can be recharged and last up to 10 hours.

Woom Baskets

Woom Baskets:

Woom baskets are constructed from a strong material that is weatherproof. Also, they offer a secured closing to protect your possessions.

Woom Pump

Woom Pump:

Woom pumps are portable and simple to use, and the long line makes it simple to access the tyres. They also have a pressure gauge to assist you in maintaining the correct air pressure in your tyres.

Woom Kickstands

Woom Kickstands:

Woom kickstands are portable and simple to operate. Moreover, they may be folded when not in use to avoid obstruction.

Woom Mudguards

Woom Mudguards:

Woom mudguards aid in keeping your child’s clothing dry and spotless. Also, they are constructed from a strong material that can survive the weather.

Woom Bikes Apparel

Woom Apparel focuses on usefulness while yet being fashionable and cozy. The clothing is composed of high-quality, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics so that youngsters may keep cool and dry even on the warmest days.

Woom Jerseys

Woom Jerseys:

The fabric used to create Woom Jerseys is thin, breathable, and capable of wicking away perspiration. They fit well and contain several features, including reflective accents and a rear pocket for keeping necessities.

Woom Shorts

Woom Shorts:

The comfy, flexible fabric used to create Woom Shorts allows users a broad range of motion. They have chamois built into them for comfort, and they include a rear pocket for holding necessities.

Woom Protective Gear

Woom Protective Gear:

Woom protective gear consists of a wrist guard, elbow pads, and knee pads. The equipment is built of a sturdy material that can endure even the most difficult crashes, and it is created to exactly suit Woom bikes.

Woom Hats

Woom Hats:

Woom hats are made with an emphasis on sun protection while yet being fashionable and cosy. They are composed of a thin, breathable material that will keep your youngster dry and comfortable even on warm days. Wide brims are another feature of Woom hats that assist shield your child’s face from the sun.

Woom Bikes Spear Parts

Woom bicycles are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and durability. Even the greatest bikes, though, occasionally require upkeep or repairs. Here’s where the spare components from Woom Bikes come in. You can locate the ideal item to keep your child’s bike in great shape thanks to Woom’s extensive selection of replacement parts for their bikes.

Woom provides the component you want, whether you require a new tyre, a pair of brake pads or a new chain. Also, you can be confident that they will fit and function properly since Woom spare parts are created to the same high standards as the original components. Hence, Woom Bikes spare parts are your best bet if you’re seeking for a trustworthy source of replacement components for your Woom bike.

With a wide range of parts to choose from and a commitment to quality, Woom has the part you need to keep your child’s bike in top condition. Following are the spare parts you can find at Woom Bikes.

  1. LEGGIE Kickstand
  2. Spare Tube (Schwalbe)
  3. Tire Lever
  5. ORIGINAL Tire (Schwalbe)
  6. Woom ORIGINAL Steering Limiter
  7. Woom ORIGINAL Pedals
  9. Woom ORIGINAL Ergo grips
  10. OFF AIR Suspension Fork
  11. woom OFF Tire
  12. woom OFF / OFF AIR / UP Pedals
  13. OFF Grips

The Woom Inseam Chart & Tips For Measuring

You might wish to check our inseam chart to validate the suggested size after using the woom bike finder. Being too certain never hurts! And as we previously indicated, this is especially beneficial if your child is in the middle of two sizes.

How long is the inseam? The distance from the inner thigh to the floor, in other words. This information is crucial since it determines how your child’s legs will fit from the saddle to the ground.

The best way to determine your child’s inseam is as follows:

  • Have your youngster wear the shoes and clothes they would often use for biking while standing up straight against a wall.
  • The spine of a hardback book should be facing up, and it should be placed at your child’s crotch with a mild pressure similar to that of a bike saddle.
  • Make a pencil mark on the wall at the edge of the book’s spine.
  • Now use a measuring stick (or tape measure, if that’s all you can find!) to take a vertical measurement of the distance between the floor and the marker. This is the inseam of your child in inches.

Measurement should be compared to the minimum inseam lengths shown in the table below:

The Woom Inseam Chart & Tips For Measuring

Woom Bikes Customer Reviews

Woom Bikes Customer Reviews

How To Save Money At Woom Bikes?

Woom Bikes Discount Codes

Coupons & Promo codes are one of the best ways for saving money while shopping online. Woom Bikes offers exclusive coupons and promo codes for its customers. Currently, there are 10+ active offers of Woom Bikes at Savingsays ready to use. You can use them while shopping at Woom Bikes and get a discount on your next purchase.

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Newsletter Subscription

Join the Woom Bikes newsletter list to get the latest happenings, deals, and drops.

Gift Cards

Want to give someone a useful gift? If they have an interest in electric bikes you can give them a Woom Gift Card. You can decide the price range as well. From $10 to $1999 you can buy any amount of gift voucher you desire.

Woom Bundles

Woom offers a variety of bundles that include a Woom bike, accessories, and sometimes even clothing. These bundles can save you money, especially if you were planning on buying all of the items separately.

The contents of a Woom bundle vary depending on the bundle, but they typically include a Woom bike, a helmet, a pump, and a kickstand. Some bundles also include lights, baskets, and other accessories.

Best Buy

You can now buy your favorite Woom bike at your nearest Best Buy. All electric bikes from Woom are being sold at Best Buy at the best price so you might find a good deal there.

Consider financing

Woom offers financing through Affirm. This allows you to pay for your bike over time with interest-free payments.

upCYCLE program

You may trade in your old Woom Bike for a 40% return when you buy a new one through the upCYCLE Program. This is a fantastic method to get a better deal on your next bike.

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is almost here and the discounts have already started to come our way. Woom Bikes has released their early Black Friday sale, offering you a Free Extra Battery on the purchase of Woom Aventure. But this exclusive offer won’t last long so be very very quick to grab the offer. 

Meanwhile, the Black Friday sale which will be coming this November will bring a lot of exclusive deals. To be updated with Woom Bike Black Friday deals and discounts you can visit our website or join our newsletter to be the first to know about them.

Refer a Friend

Give a buddy $50 off their first Woom bike, and you’ll get $50 off your second Woom bike!

Comparison Woom Bikes, Aventon, and Rad Power

Woom, Aventon, and Rad Power are all popular brands of e-bikes. They offer a variety of models to choose from, each with its own unique features and price point.

FeatureWoom BikesAventon BikesRad Power Bikes
Featureswoom bikes logoAventon Bikes LogoRad Power Bikes Healthcare Discount
Target audienceChildren and youngstersAdultsAdults
WeightLightweightLightweight to moderately heavyModerately heavy to heavy
FeaturesThrottle limiter, low-speed cutoffVaries by modelVaries by model
PriceAffordableAffordable to mid-rangeMid-range to high-end
Construction qualityGoodGood to excellentExcellent
Motor powerVaries by modelVaries by modelPowerful
Battery rangeVaries by modelVaries by modelLong range

Woom Bikes

Woom bikes are designed for children and young adults. They are lightweight and easy to ride, making them a great choice for first-time e-bike riders. Woom bikes also have a number of features that make them safe for children, such as a throttle limiter and a low-speed cutoff.

Aventon Bikes

Aventon bikes are designed for adults. They offer a wider range of models than Woom bikes, including city bikes, commuter bikes, and mountain bikes. Aventon bikes are known for their quality construction and affordable prices.

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes are also designed for adults. They offer a wider range of models than Aventon bikes, including cargo bikes, fat tire bikes, and cruiser bikes. Rad Power Bikes are known for their powerful motors and long-range batteries.

Ultimately, the best brand of e-bike for you will depend on your needs and budget. If you are looking for an e-bike for a child or young adult, Woom bikes are a great option. If you are looking for an e-bike for an adult, Aventon bikes or Rad Power Bikes are great options.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

At Woom Bikes, shipping expenses are charged per bike, with both ground and expedited shipping options available. The shipping rates may vary depending on the bike’s size and the destination.

Additional shipping rate information:

  • Shipping expenses are calculated per bike, therefore purchases containing multiple bikes will incur numerous shipping charges.
  • Orders containing only accessories, clothes, or replacement parts will be charged a regular shipping price of $5.
  • There are no expedited shipping options for accessories, apparel, or replacement parts at this time.
  • Orders that include a bike and other accessories will not be charged an extra $5.

Return Policy

If for some reason a product purchased directly from Woom Bikes doesn’t meet your expectations, you have 30 days to return it hassle-free. No questions asked! They will gladly refund the full cost of the product and cover the return shipping expenses. You can expect the refund to be processed within 5-10 business days after receiving the shipment


Enjoy peace of mind with Woom’s 10-year warranty. Register now for worry-free adventures. Exceptional craftsmanship, guaranteed satisfaction.


Are Woom Bikes Worth It?

Addressing the topic of price, it’s true that Woom bikes represent an investment, but their value goes beyond measure. Based on extensive testing and experience in helping kids learn to ride, we firmly believe that the quality and enjoyment they offer make them well worth the investment. As dedicated bike enthusiasts and affiliates of numerous brands, we wholeheartedly endorse Woom as one of the premier kids’ bike brands in the market.

In conclusion with this Woom Bikes Review, you’ve probably understood why they stand out as a top-tier brand for children’s bicycles. Woom Bikes are exceptional as they offer advanced designs and safety features that ensure a secure and enjoyable riding experience. With a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, Woom delivers quality and reliability in every model.

In final words, woom bikes are the ideal choice for children who love cycling. Woom bikes can be expensive and to save money on your Woom bike purchase, make sure to check out coupons from savingsays.com. Embark on cycling adventures with confidence and savings. Happy riding!

Socialize With Woom Bikes

Contact Woom Bikes

Email – USA(at)woombikes(dot)com

Contact No – 855-966-6872

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Woom Bikes, and what makes them special?

Woom Bikes, a well-known bicycle brand, produces top-notch bicycles tailored specifically for children.

Q. What age range are Woom Bikes suitable for?

Woom Bikes cater to a wide range of children’s ages, typically spanning from 1.5 to 14 years old.

Q. How do Woom Bikes differ from regular children’s bikes?

Woom Bikes are intentionally designed with children in mind, incorporating features like lightweight frames, kid-friendly brake levers, and appropriately positioned saddles for easy reach and comfort.

Q. Are Woom Bikes durable?

Yes, these bikes are highly regarded for their durability, as they construct them using premium materials, ensuring they can withstand active play and outdoor adventures.

Q. Are Woom Bikes easy to assemble?

Yes, ease of use is a priority for Woom Bikes as they design them to be user-friendly and come partially assembled for convenience.

Q. How do I choose the right size Woom Bike for my child?

Choosing the right bike size for your child is made easier with Woom Bikes’ sizing chart, available on their website, providing guidance based on your child’s height and age.

Q. Can I purchase Woom Bikes online?

Yes, Woom Bikes can be conveniently purchased online through their official website. Additionally, selected retailers and authorized dealers may carry them.

Q. What safety features do Woom Bikes have?

Woom Bikes prioritize safety, equipping their bicycles with child-friendly brake levers, responsive brakes, and reflectors to enhance visibility and ensure a safe riding experience.

Q. How can I save money at Woom Bikes?

You can save money at Woom Bikes by using coupons & promo codes from savingsays.com. Currently, there are 10+ coupons and deals ready to use.

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