Aventon Soltera Review

Aventon Soltera Review

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AVENTON SOLTERA REVIEW: Last Updated (August 2023)

Explore your city with the sleek and minimalist designed commuter E-bike. Although the bike is both pedal and throttle assist. But you can always challenge to ride Soltera with your own force and will. It is more comfortable to ride or to thrill, with its geometric design which puts the rider’s weight forward offering them maximum control and stability. Easy to ride, easy to hike.

If you are looking forward to reading the detailed review about AVENTON SOLTERA, here is all you need to know.

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About Aventon Soltera

AVENTON SOLTERA is a Class-2 single-speed commuter e-bike, top speed 20 mph, pedal and throttle-assist, that weaves through the jungle in the city and on top of mountains. It is lightweight yet enough to take a flight of steps after a day’s work. It is super comfortable for both urbanites and suburbanites alike with an athletic design and lightweight frame. The minimalist design is impartial to Aventon’s performance, but with an electric charge. The performance is further inspired by the geometric frame that promotes aggressive riding and gives room to enjoy a relaxing ride.


Aventon Soletra has an aggressive riding style with the help of a geometric frame that puts the weight of the rider towards the front handlebars, offering greater speed, stability and staying in control on steep hills and bumpy paths. It is the newest edition of Aventon E-bikes, which has multiple options from e-bike variation to single or 7-speed options, more than 2 colors and different sizes for different age groups so that riders can choose Soltera E-bike according to their own comfort and style.

At 20mph top speed, Soltera classifies as a Class-II E-bike (and qualifies as a Class-I E-bike if you remove the throttle). It covers an average of 46 miles with the help of a 10Ah battery. While the light frame of Soltera makes it easy to uphill. Also, these light-weighted E-bikes are helpful in riding on bumpy hills, weaving through the jungles, on flat terrains and mountainous pieces of land and especially, Soltera does not become a barrier when riding it at 20mph top speed. Its geometric frame is built to enjoy a thrill and have fun with a more aggressive riding style. While you can still get a room for riding with relaxation. With Aventon Soltera, you can get to ride on throttle, or challenge to pedal-assist on your own force. It’s free will.


Why choose Aventon Soltera E-Bike?

Aventon E-bikes has introduced its newest edition in 2023 with Aventon Soltera. In its geometric-frame single-speed E-bike, which also offers seven-speed and step-through options, this bike is sleek and very stealthy. It is pedal and throttle that assist at a top speed of 20 mph provided by a brushless rear hub motor paired with a battery snuggled in the aluminum frame. The battery and hub motor are so well protected that if you don’t look for them, you don’t even see them. It means you do not have to worry about the dust or grime disrupting your bike’s performance. The Soltera is refreshingly lightweight to quickly uphill and speed up with the 7-speed and 5-pedal assist options, efficiently.

Although the bike does not carry a large 500W or 750W hub motor, also it doesn’t really need to have any. With the 36V and 10Ah battery, it is performing numerous times better than many of its previous generation bikes making the bike appealing to a far wide audience. There is still much to know about the Aventon Aventions, such as the inset rear taillights and the full-color LCD display center-mounted. And the rest is below.

Why Do People Of All Ages Love Aventon Soltera

Why Do People Of All Ages Love Aventon Soltera

1) This bike, is the newest Aventon Avention. That offers step-through and step-over bikes, available in a variety of colors, speeds & sizes.

2) It is just 41 lb, light-weighted. That means, it is quick to uphill and rides at top speed on bumpy hills. Unlike heavy e-bikes that become a barrier to high speeding and require more force.

3) It comes in different sizes for different age groups and different physique persons. Even in different alluring colors. Aventon is a safe ride for kids to adults, and as long as anyone remembers how to ride.

4) Aventon Soltera is built on a new geometric frame that supports fast speed, even with the Class-II E-bike.

5) The powerful 350W makes your cycling an inspired-Ebike because of how fast you speed past by the others.

Specifications of Aventon Soltera

350W (Nominal), Brushless Rear Hub Motor.

Up To 20 mph (32 km/h)


Art Backlit Display, Sync to the Aventon app

20 – 46 Average Miles

Removable Lithium-Ion 36V, 10Ah with LG cells

5 PAS Levels

6061 Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery

Soltera Single Speed: 41 lbs, Soltera 7 Speed: 43 lbs

300 lb


36V, 2 amp fast charger

700c*35c Kenda K193

Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes, 160mm Rotors


Ergonomic Comfort

Aventon Soltera Features

Backlit LCD Display

The state of Art Backlit LCD Display provides all the metrics needed. Just right under your fingertips. It puts on view, speed, distance traveled, pedal assist level, and more. Helps activate integrated lights and sync the Aventon app with your device to share rides with your friends and riding mates.

Geometrical Frame

This Soltera ride is to give a thrill to riders. With its geometric frame, the ride becomes more aggressive, how? Well, the geometric frame puts the rider’s weight slightly at the front, the handlebars which provide greater control and stability to navigate their commutes.

Integrated Lights

The integrated lights make your ride more visible, especially in dark. The streamlined tail-lights apparently operate like a brake light. While, the bike’s headlights are both, low profile and illuminated.

Hub Motor & Battery

With the powerful 350W, nominal, brushless rear hub motor with the 10Ah seaming less integrated battery, the bike will ride you from the pavement routes to the hilltops. Every else will know you are riding an inspired E-bike, by how you passed by them at the fastest speed.

Pedal Assist & Throttle

Aventon Soltera provides both riding functions, pedal-assist and throttle-on- on nd. The throttle allows the rider to enjoy the bicycle by twisting the handlebar and simply let go off the throttle to stop. Whereas, the 5 PAS levels help to manage your energy output. It kickoffs the motor while one is pedaling.

Torque Sensor

The torque sensor on the Soltera 2 is located in the bottom bracket of the bike. It measures the amount of force you are applying to the pedals and sends this information to the motor. The motor then adjusts its power output accordingly.

Sizing Guide for Aventon Soltera Riders

Sizing Guide for Aventon Soltera Riders

Difference Between Aventon Soltera 1 & 2

FeatureSoltera 1Soltera 2
Battery36V, 10 Ah36 V, 13 Ah
DrivetrainShimano Tourney 7-speedShimano Altus 9-speed
BrakesMechanical disc brakesHydraulic disc brakes
DisplayBlack and white LCD displayColor LCD display
  • Motor: The 500W motor in the Soltera 2 is more potent than the 350W motor in the Soltera 1. As a result, the Soltera 2 can accelerate more quickly and climb hills with ease.
  • Battery: The 36V, 13 Ah battery in the Soltera 2 is a little bit bigger than the 36V, 10 Ah battery in the Soltera 1. The Soltera 2’s range is somewhat increased as a result.
  • Drivetrain: The drivetrain on the Soltera 1 is a 7-speed Shimano Tourney, whereas the drivetrain on the Soltera 2 is a 9-speed Shimano Altus. As a result, the Soltera 2 has additional gear options for various riding terrains.
  • Brakes: The disc brakes on the Soltera 2 are hydraulic, while those on the Soltera 1 are mechanical. Hydraulic disc brakes are more effective at stopping and have greater power
  • Display: Whereas the Soltera 1 has a black and white LCD display, the Soltera 2 features a color LCD display. The color LCD display offers additional information, such as speed, battery life, and pedal assist level, and is also simpler to read.
  • Price: The price difference between the Soltera 1 and Soltera 2 is $200.

The best option for you will ultimately depend on your needs and budget. The Soltera 2 is a fantastic alternative if you want a potent e-bike with a long range, more sophisticated brakes, and a powertrain. The Soltera 1 is a terrific deal, nevertheless, if you’re on a tight budget or don’t want as much power.

Warranty & Return Policy

1-year warranty with a secure checkout on purchasing Aventon Soltera is offered to every Aventon customer. All the components, including frame fixtures and finishes (paint and decals), are warranted. They facilitate any technical faults or manufacturing defects if happen. In case the item isn’t in a condition to be repaired, they’ll replace it with a new one.

14-Day Return Policy

For some reason, if you don’t like your Aventon Bike or would like to exchange it, you can return it to Aventon Headquarters. Aventon allows you to return any New or Unused item within 14 days for a Refund or Exchange. But you have to cover the return/shipping charges.

Shipping & Delivery for Aventon E-Bikes

The estimated shipping & delivery time for in-stock Aventon Soltera e-bikes are within 3 to 5 business days. And if accessories are added, the delivery might take up to 30 days.

Aventon provides free shipping on all orders above $100. Once your order is confirmed you will get a confirmation email and tracking number on the email address you attached at the time of purchasing.

Aventon Soltera Customer’s Review


How to Assemble the Aventon Soltera?

Socialize with Aventon Bikes


Aventon Soltera is a new model from Aventon Bikes with different and more features. This is quite an affordable bike at $1199. This bike features the best handling and stability with its latest geometrical design. It’s snappy, nimble and feels refreshingly light compared to the other e-bikes that came to existence. It has a fully rigid frame and 700c*35c Kenda K193 tires that make the ride comfortable, smooth and feels much connected to the path.

This Soltera is surprisingly the least expensive model at just under $1200. You can choose from two frame designs, two different sizes, and six different colors. The Aventon Soltera has an average-range battery and a powerful hub motor. However, it is a reasonable, reliable commuter bike, and is definitely worth considering.


1) Can I use the throttle the entire ride?

Yes, you can use the throttle all the way on your ride. However, using the throttle the entire time impacts the battery power. It gets you 20-30 miles on a full charge.

2) Where are Aventon Bikes made?

Aventon bikes are reviewed and manufactured in China in their own factory. Further assembly and inspections are conducted at the Aventon bikes headquarters in California.

3) How much does an Aventon Soltera cost?

As mentioned in the review above, Aventon Soltera costs $1199 only. The other models price differently due to the different specs each model has. You can also save money by using coupon codes.

4) How fast the Aventon Soltera is?

20 mph. Aventon Soltera rides fastest at 20mph on the throttle and has 5 PAS levels on the pedal assist.

5) What is the weight limit of Aventon Soltera?

The weight limit on Soltera is 300 lb (136 kg) and below.

6) Can you ride a bike when the battery runs out?

Yes, like all other e-bikes, Soltera functions normally when the motor is off or their e-bike runs out of battery. Simply switch the pedal-assist function to zero and ride the bike normally.

7) What size of Aventon Soltera is suitable for me?

If your height is 5’-1” to 5’7″ you must go with the regular-sized e-bike but if your height is 5’7″ to taller, you must opt for the large-sized e-bike. You can look into the Aventon Soltera size chart in the review above to get more help.

8) Is Aventon Soltera waterproof?

Yes, Aventon Soltera is waterproof. They are built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard which means it is absolutely fine to ride or park your bike in the rain.