Get Paid to Write

SavingSays is proud to announce that we are now paying Students and Travel Bloggers to share their travel journeys in a written form with SavingSays. Your blog will be featured at SavingSays and you’ll be paid an amount between $50 to $100 depends upon the quality.

For Students

If you are writing as a Student you need to share any of your Frugal Experiences or any other information that must be related to saving money, for example,

1) My Trip to Abu Dhabi under $500.
2) How I spend a month in the UK under £150.
3) How to Live a Frugal Life Being a Student.
4) The Secrets of Living a Frugal Life.
5) How to Save More & Spend Less as being a Student.

All of your focus should be on “Saving money”

For Travel Bloggers

If you are contributing as a Travel Blogger you should share your journey with the original pictures or short video clip captured by you. Also, include the ways by which you were able to save even a small amount of money. Either it could be through Early Booking or Spending the Night in Camp.

Terms & Conditions

Your article should not be more than 2000 words. Share your own experience. Any Blog containing plagiarism will immediately be rejected. Every blog will be specifically reviewed by the team at SavingSays. Once your article is selected we will let you know and it will be published at You will receive the payment within 1 week after your blog will be published.


Send your Blog in a Word File at with the following credentials;

  • Your Name
  • Your Headshot (8″ X 10″)
  • About you (Max 250 Words)
  • Link to your Facebook