Back Market Review

Back Market Review

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Buying new tech products is already very expensive and if you’re a tech geek or tech lover, the rising prices surely scare you. As newer and newer technology is coming up they are becoming expensive. Expensive to buy, Expensive to afford a collection. But in between all that a heaven for tech lovers took the challenge to deliver the best product at affordable and cheap prices. The place is called Back Market, a one-stop solution for all refurbished tech products. Let’s discover more about the Back Market in this review and understand how are they able to run such a huge platform.


Back Market History

Back Market is a Paris-based company founded in 2014 by Quentin Le Brouster. It started as a refurbished electronic devices retailer connecting many repair shops and factories around the world with consumers. Targeting the right consumer who is looking to spend less on their phone or laptop. They are able to grow in a huge refurbished tech platform that is known around the world today.

About Back Market

Back Market has now become one of the biggest platform people trust for their affordable purchases. The devices that are not exactly ‘NEW’ or ‘USED’ but ‘RENEWED’. They have set strict guidelines and protocols to deliver you the best gadget. Gadgets that are like new in Secondhand prices. Their methods are industry standard which insures you get the best product at the best price. They are on a mission to build trust and desire for renewed devices. It is the best place for buyers and sellers both. They help reducing the ton of e-waste we produce every year. Back Market is challenging people to rethink their tech consumption.

Why choose Back Market

Buying a secondhand or used device is always a sketchy decision because of the quality you will be getting. You can’t be sure if the device is up to mark or if it’s damaged. But when you buy from a trusted brand like Back Market, you don’t need to worry about anything. Back Market makes sure you’re always getting the best product that you pay for. And they are able to do this successfully with their Back Label quality program and the transparent grading system. Every product you see on their platform goes through different tests, assuring the technical and physical quality of products.

How Back Market works

Back Market sell refurbished iPhones, Macbooks, Smartwatches, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Home Appliances, and other Tech Gadgets. They have thousands of products listed on their platform for you to choose from. And every single one of them is in working condition, tested by their experts. They promise you the best quality you can get in the used market. Keeping transparency with their grading system, so you know what you are getting for your money.

Every device goes through a quality grading process to determine its condition. And then get labeled as Fair, Good and Excellent. And no matter what grade a device is, it is guaranteed to totally function.


They are very selective with the sellers they allow on their platform. Every seller also goes through a screening process and is asked to give proof of their quality practices. On average only 1 out of 3 sellers are approved to join Back Market. They keep an eye on sellers in real-time with the help of customer feedback. In addition, their in-house experts do anonymous orders every week to personally verify the quality of our refurbishers’ items. If a refurbisher’s quality score goes down they are immediately placed on probation.

Back Market Grades

Back Market grades help you select the quality of the device you are purchasing. Each of their devices are tested, verified, cleaned, and guaranteed a 100% functionality.

I phone 8 Back Market Grades
  • Very good: Screen in excellent condition. No scratches. Body in excellent condition. May have light micro-scratches that are invisible from a distance of 8 inches (a bit longer than a standard sized pencil).
  • Good: Body in very good condition. May have light scratches that are invisible from a distance of 20 inches. The screen is in excellent condition. No scratches.
  • Fair: The body in good condition. May have light but plainly visible scratches. Screen is in very good condition. May have light micro-scratches that are invisible when the screen is on.
  • Stallone: Body in fair condition. May have visible scratches and/or dents Screen in good condition. May have scratches that are invisible when the screen is on.

Quality Assurance

Having quality assurance in used devices is the difficult part. Back Market monitors each refurbisher’s performance in real-time. It goes thru the expert testing process and multiple component checklist to make sure the device is 100% working.

Back Market Review

Back Market Products

Started with iPhones and Laptops, Back Market has now grown into a huge platform. Where you can find all kinds of refurbished electronic devices and gadgets. Their list of products includes; smartphones, laptops & cameras, headsets, smart watches, gaming consoles, home appliances, cameras, TV and theatres. Even the Electric Scooters and Hoverboards. There’s literally no tech gadget that you can’t find at Back Market. Thousands of products in different grades are listed on their stores for every budget buyer. And each item is carefully selected by their experts.

Refurbished iPhones

iPhones are very expensive devices and many can only dream to buy them. Buying a refurbished iPhone can save you a lot of money. Back Market gives you the opportunity to buy new iPhones at a very reasonable cost. Their quality checkers do check devices with their latest technologies to sell perfect products for its customers. You can own your dream iPhone with closed eyes at Back Market. You can find all generations of iPhones in Mint, Very Good and Fair condition at Back Market.

Refurbished Macbooks

MacBooks are very expensive and people want to work with MacBooks but after knowing their price they refuse to buy them. Macbooks are usually used for professional working criteria. At Back Market, you can own your dream laptop for a very reasonable amount. They offer refurbished products which include Macbooks, so you can avail them at the price you want to buy them, only at Back Market.

Refurbished Smart Watches

Smart Watches are one of the best creations for fast and smart work. You can Pick your calls up on your wrist, you can count your walking steps, and check your medical condition through its sensor feature. This is not only about smart work, smart watches come in the most attractive hand accessories. Also, their prices are exactly like them, but you can get your smartwatch for a very low amount at Back Market. They offer refurbished products which also include Smart Watches. You can easily avail your Smart Watch in suitable amount you have, at Back Market.

Back Market Features


Sit back and relax. Your order will be delivered within 6 business days with free standard shipping. Black Market offers free shipping on all devices. The expected delivery time will be displayed when placing the order. Once the order is confirmed you will receive a tracking number in an email.


Back Market accepts different payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Affirm. They also offer PayPal as a payment method.

Pay in Installments

You can of course split your bill in installments to pay over time. Back Market is partnered with Affirm which allows you to split your bill into equal payments. Just choose Affirm as the payment method at the checkout and you’ll be able to see if you qualify to pay in installments.

Return & Refunds

Want to return your order for an exchange or refund? Back Market allows you to return any undamaged device within 30 days of purchase. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on some devices. To return your order, contact their customer support and ask for help. Complete the return process and wait for them to respond in 24 hours.


Despite selling refurbished devices, Black Market offers you a 1-year limited warranty. This gives you peace of mind that your refurbished devices are still going to work. Or as they say renewed devices.
Please Note: This Limited Warranty is not provided by Back Market, but by the Seller. In case of a warranty claim, you will be redirected to the original seller.

Save Money at Back Market

While these renewed devices are not very expensive you can still save more. You can always save more if you stick with Saving Says. Use Back Market coupons to save 10% on your order mentioned in this review.

Student Discount

Saving as a student is crucial but buying the latest tech devices is also important. So to fulfill both needs Back Market offers a 5% OFF Student discount to all the university and college graduates. Get good as new devices and save money on everything.

Military Discount

All Military members, veterans, and their families get an exclusive 10% OFF discount on everything at Black Market. Just create an account, verify your ID, and get the one time code to save on your entire order.

Back Market BuyBack

Are you updating to a new device? don’t throw away the old one. You can trade-in your old devices for instant cash at Back Market. Back Market allows you to sell your tech to refurbishers and get money in return. You can sell Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, headphones, earphones, speakers and more. After listing an item you will be given an offer based on the device’s condition and market value.

Compare Smartphones

Confused to choose your next smartphone? Use the Back Market free tool to compare iPhones and Smartphones available on their site. Select the best device base on your need and budget. And find the best deal from Back Market.

Compare Smartphones

Back Market Reviews

From the time of purchase to when I received it was a maximum of four days. The product was covered in finger prints, but after a sterile wipe down, it was good as new. The MacBook looks and operates like it’s brand new. For the price, this is worth it, especially being my first MacBook purchase, I’m glad I went the refurbished route.Delicia Brewer
(United States)
Nice website to shop on, good filter function. Fair prices, quick shipping, accurate descriptions. I also had to return a couple phones (I bought the wrong size at first), and while it was a bit of a chore (taking pictures and printing a few docs), the return shipping was paid and the service representatives were friendly and helpful. I also received my refund promptly. I am very happy with our new phones and accessories!Isaac Andrew
(United States)
Laptop arrived a day earlier than the initial delivery date, and was in excellent condition. Works perfectly, and haven’t had any issues beyond updating graphics drivers. Very excited to get back into pc gaming! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cheaper, trustworthy alternative to a new computerFrank Chen
(United States)
The macbook pro arrived in excellent condition and worked perfectly out of the box. It came covered with a protective case and an extremely padded box to protect the shipment.Nick
(United States)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Back Market trusted and legit?

Back Market is a 100% trusted and legit website. All their refurbished items go through testing and checks to assure their quality. Their in-house experts make sure you get the best that you pay for.

Where can I get refurbished Back Market devices delivered?

Back Market operates in 16 different countries and delivers around the world. You can get the best refurbished devices delivered in most parts of the world.

Does Back Market offer free shipping?

Back Market offers free standard shipping on all devices. The estimated delivery time varies on your address and will be shown at checkout.

Does Back Market accept returns?

Yes, they do. You can return any order within 30 days of purchase. You can request for full refund or exchange with a similar device.

How do I save at Back Market?

Buying refurbished devices save you a lot of money but you can even maximize your saving by using coupon codes from