LONGER RAY5 10W – Best Budget 10W Laser Engraver with Touch Screen for Beginners

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LONGER RAY5 10W Review: It can be overwhelming to purchase a laser engraver for your woodworking project. That is especially true given the wide variety of equipment with different price ranges available.

A good laser engraving machine can affect your work and a low-quality device can result in incorrect engraving but with the LONGER RAY5 10W, you don’t need to worry about that at all. It is affordable and will get you the best results. Read this review further to acknowledge LONGER RAY5 10W greatness.

1) Strong And Outstanding Engraving Ability

LONGER RAY5 10W Review
  • 10W Light Power Module with 50mm Longest Focal:

Its continuous 10W pulse output power, dual beam technology cut 20mm thick solid wood board, and 30mm Acrylic.

  • 0.06*0.06mm Ultra-fine Compression Spot:

Precise Engraving Capability adopts the latest spot-compressed laser technology, the laser spot is as fine as 0.0036mm² and 2 times thinner than ordinary lasers, making the engraving more precise, with fewer burn marks.

  • Faster and Powerful Chipset:

RAY5 10W is built with an ESP32 chipset running at 240MHz. Faster and more powerful than comparably equipped machines with 8-bit chipset,10000mm/min engraving speed.

  • Anti-Shake Engraving:

A stable structure design could engrave well when run at max speed. The lines are smooth and clear and produce less sawtooth.

2) Multiple Security Guarantees

  • Flame Detector & Buzzer Alarm:

When the laser engraver detects the flame, it will automatically stop and beep.

  • Tilt Shift Protection:

There is a G-sensor on the motherboard, When the engraving machine is displaced or tilted, it will automatically shut down for personal safety.

  • Motionless Protection:

The laser will turn off automatically when the laser module is frozen for over 15 seconds.

  • Fireproof Acrylic Cover:

Adopts newly laser protective cover, which can quickly prevent burning.

3. Excellent And Convenient Engraving Experience

LONGER RAY5 10W Review
  • 3.5″ Touch Screen for Offline Operation:

3.5″ smart color screen, making it easier for you to meet various DIY needs. You can transfer data via Wi-Fi, USB cable, and a large capacity TF card (Offline Use), use RAY5 10W anytime and anywhere.

  • Wide Software Compatibility:

This machine is compatible with various mature carving software, such as LaserGRBL, and LightBurn, and supports Windows 7+, macOS, and Linux; carving file formats Support JPG, PNG, BMP, G- code, GIF, SVG, NC, GC, and so on.

  • Large Engraving Area:

The working area of 400*400mm engraving area is a large 10W engraving machine area on the market, making it easy to make large-sized home decoration works.

  • Air-Assisted Accessories:

Simply connect an external air pump, and air can be used to assist the cutting equipment in reducing the adhesion of smoke particles generated during the engraving process, resulting in cleaner incisions and engraving lines.

4. Quality After-Sales Experience

LONGER RAY5 10W Review
  • Hassle-Free Returns:

If you receive a defective machine, LONGER offers a 7-day return and 30-day exchange service. There is no other cost in the whole service and the postage is borne by LONGER.

  • 7×24 Support:

LONGER has professional after-sales staff to provide 7X24 online service. When you encounter problems with the use of the machine, you can always e-mail inquiries to.support@longer3d.com

  • Open Tutorial for Beginners:

LONGER offers a large number of video tutorials on its YouTube channel for new users of the RAY5 10W, where you can learn how to use the engraver.

Final Verdict

So by now you probably understood why LONGER RAY5 10W is the Best Budget laser engraver and why do we prefer it. All these amazing features make it worth buying as it is easy to use and excellent for engraving. Get one for yourself and make your work much more accurate and easier.

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