Maika Goods Review

Maika Goods Review

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Maika Goods Review: Making Everyday Goods Delightful!






Founding of Maika Goods

Maika Goods was founded in 2014 by Viola Sutanto. She started Maika Goods with an inspiration to assist busy moms who are dealing with chaotic and stressful situations in their daily lives. Whether it’s going to hangouts, parties, or grocery shopping, Maika bags are multi-functional.

The reason behind creating these multi-functional bags is not something extra-ordinary. But a multi-tasking mom and an athlete, figured out a way to make things easy for other moms too. Her family was already into the business of making luxury bags, that’s how she was convinced to take her first step and designed the first Maika bag. It was delightful, hand drawn patterns, and sustainably made.

About Maika Goods

Viola started Maika Goods by creating a handbag. Later, Maika Goods continued to grow, and today they offer totes, crossbody bags, backpacks, pouches, mini cubes, scarves, canvas buckets, and much more. Whether it’s a handbag or a pouch, everything at Maika is made with sustainable materials.

Every design at Maika is hand-painted. One thing that Maika Goods strongly follows is keeping the prices of their products friendly for every budget. If you are on a tight budget and would like to get your hands on a bag that you can carry anywhere, look no further than Maika Goods.

Why Choose Maika?

  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Hand-painted sketches & designs
  • New collection every season
  • Fit’s all occasions
  • Women Owned certified
  • Maika Goods Best Sellers

    Carryall Tote – Tangerine Echo

    Maika Goods Review

    • 3 interior pockets
    • Interior strap that hooks to all MAIKA pouches or your set of keys
    • Waterproof lining that wipes down easily
    • Made with sturdy RecycledCanvas
    • Vegan Leather Trim
    • Eco-friendly pigment inks
    • Hand-drawn, Hand-printed.

    No. 1


    Market Tote – Hana

    Maika Goods Review

    • Nifty strap with hook to attach our pouches or keys
    • Made with Recycled Canvas and Vegan Leather Trim
    • Eco-friendly pigment inks
    • Hand-drawn, Hand-printed

    No. 2


    Commuter Tote – Tansy

    Maika Goods Review

    • Padded tablet compartment, fits up to a 13-inch laptop
    • 1 exterior pocket, great for your smart phone
    • 1 expandable side pocket, handy for your water bottle
    • 3 side interior pockets (1 zippered), perfect for phone and sunglasses
    • Strap + hook for your keys or hook onto our pouches
    • Waterproof lining that wipes down easily
    • Eco-friendly pigment inks
    • Hand-drawn, Hand-printed
    • Made with sturdy Recycled Canvas

    No. 3


    Maika Goods Bags Collection

  • Totes
  • Commuter Totes
  • Crossbody Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Maika has all types of bags on board, whether you are looking for totes, backpacks, commuter totes, or crossbody bags. Maika Goods has a variety of different colors in each category. Be sure to go through all the bags to find the perfect one for you.

    1) Totes

    Totes are large bags, typically unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. They are often used as reusable shopping bags, usually made of sturdy materials such as canvas, cotton, or polyester. At Maika, you’ll find “Eco-friendly Canvas Totes” that features a vegan leather, sturdy recycled canvas, and eco-friendly pigment inks.

    2) Commuter Totes

    Commuter totes are designed specifically for individuals who commute to work or school. They are typically larger and more durable than regular tote bags. Commuter totes at Maika Goods consists of multiple features such as padded straps and multiple compartments to comfortably carry and organize your belongings for longer commutes.

    3) Crossbody Bags

    A crossbody bag is a long strap that is worn diagonally across the body. It’s an ideal choice for people who are always on the go because they are hands-free and easy to carry. Also, with a Crossbody bag you’ll be able to keep your belongings close and secure. At Maika, you can find variety of crossbody bags with elegant designs and colors.

    4) Backpacks

    We all obviously know what a backpack is! After all we’ve spend ages in schools. Maika Goods not offer offer backpacks for schools, but you can find backpacks that are also fit for office stuff, including your laptops. In Maika backpack, you can get, 2 interior pockets, 2 pen inserts, 1 exterior zippered pocket and 1 expandable pocket for your oversized water bottle! Make sure to check them out before getting your next backpack.

    What Else Could You Find at Maika Goods?

    In addition to their amazing range of bags. Maika Goods also offer a variety of different accessories that are ideal for daily commute. Within their accessory collection, you’ll discover an array of items such as pouches, mini cubes, mini totes, canvas buckets, fanny packs, and even masks. These accessories complement their bags and offers additional options to suit various preferences. Whether you’re looking for a convenient pouch to keep your essentials organized, or a trendy fanny pack for hands-free convenience, Maika Goods has got you all covered.

    Maika’s Make-A-Wish

    MAIKA x Make-A-Wish

    Maika’s Make-A-Wish collection was inspired by her daughter. There’s a short, heart-touching story behind it. We’d personally recommend you to read it. It will only take 2 minutes. Make-A-Wish Collection.

    Want to hear what the customers have to say about Maika Goods?
    We’ve arranged it for you here.

    The Commuter Tote is exactly what I wanted for a new travel bag and the Waxed Ash color is just to my taste. I have found a place for everything with plenty of room for a passport case, book, notepad, map and other travel essentials. The hook that holds my keychain is a bit flimsy and I am hoping that won’t be a problem. The material used for straps meant to look like leather doesn’t look particularly leathery but it looks fine, quite satisfactory. Really very happy with the purchase–and it was an excellent value.Ellen Cutler
    This new bag is scrumptious! The fabric is substantial, the print is adorable and the practical use is outstanding!NotPlainJayne
    This bag is just the right size purse! Everything fits perfectly.
    The quality is outstanding, I am very happy with my purchaseJill
    Everything I have purchased has been great. Love lunch and pie totes have 3 now.Terry De Jarlais

    Where To Buy Maika?

    The perfect place to shop for Maika Goods is their website ( Other than that, you can also check out other retailers websites to shop for your desired Maika product.


    Container Store
    Detox Market
    Metropolitan Market
    NBC Stationery

    Shop According To The Trends

    Every season, Maika introduces new designs and colors for their bags. If you’re still using your old totes or pouches, it’s time to make the switch to the latest ones. This is a great way to accessorize and express your personal style. Want to see what’s currently trending at Maika Goods? Visit their ‘New Arrivals‘ page for their latest releases.

    Maika’s Shipping Policy

    Shipping & Returns
    Free Shipping
    Minimum Orders $75
    International Shipping
    Return Policy
    30 Days
    1 Year

    Free Shipping

    You can get free shipping at Maika when your cart is worth minimum $75. Once you’ve completed the minimum required order for free shipping, you’ll have to apply a promo code: SHIPME at checkout. And the free shipping will be applied to your order.

    Return Policy

    If the product delivered to you is defective. You can file a return within 30 days after the product is delivered to you. After returning, you’ll receive a 100% refund from Maika Goods.


    If, even after normal use of the product, it somehow proves defective within one year of the date of purchase due to improper materials or workmanship, you’ll receive a free replacement or Maika will repair the item for you.

    Save Money at Maika Goods

    Saving money has always been the yummiest part while shopping at any brand. At Maika, there are some ways by which you can save money on your next orders.

    Clearance Sale

    Mostly during the seasons, Maika offer clearance sale on most of their products. That’s how customers gets to make the most of their shopping. While shopping at Maika, make sure to visit their sale’s page and shop for bags and other accessories discounted up to 50%.

    Coupons & Deals

    At Maika, you can always use discount codes and coupons while shopping. You can find several coupon codes for Maika Goods at Saving Says. We keep the coupons and deals for all brands, including Maika Goods, so you always get to save money on your purchases.


    Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75

    Enjoy Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75 at Maika.

    Maika logo

    Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75

    Enjoy Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75 at Maika.

    Maika Greater Good Pledge

    Maika Goods Review

    Maika believes that every thoughtful deed counts. When it comes to giving back, they not only think about it but also act on it. Every year, Maika selects an organization and dedicates a portion of their proceeds to the cause. Till now, they’ve contributed to a lot of charity organizations, Black Lives Matter, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals Foundation, The Loveland Foundation, The Conscious Kid, Hively, and City of Berkeley.


    In a world where convenience meets sustainability. Maika Goods shines as a beacon of thoughtful design and accessibility. The founder of Maika: Viola Sutanto was inspired by multi-tasking moms who desires to simplify the chaos of their daily lives. Her journey began with a delightful hand-drawn pattern on her first Maika bag, a testament to her commitment to both aesthetics and sustainability.

    Over the years, Maika has evolved to offer an impressive range of products. From totes and backpacks to pouches, scarves, and much more. What sets Maika apart is their dedication to sustainable materials and hand-painted designs, ensuring that every piece is not only functional but also a work of art.

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