TomboyX Teacher Discount

10% OFF Teacher Discount

TomboyX is offering a discount of 10% for all verified teachers through VerifyPass.

How to Avail Teacher Discount at TomboyX?

TomboyX is currently offering a premium Teacher discount of 10%. To get a discount, you’ll need to verify your teacher’s identity. You’ll only have to provide your teacher number, school/district name, picture of your Identity card, and school to verify your teacher status. Once, you complete the verification process you can avail teacher Discount at TomboyX.

Terms & Conditions:

TomboyX offers a discount for those teachers who verifies their teacher Identity or educational email address through Verifypass.

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About TomboyX

TomboyX was founded in 2012 by Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez. This brand sells comfortable and high-quality apparel and essentials. They’ve got colorful tops, trunks, pajamas, undergarments, bras, and many other accessories for ladies. They also have new collections in apparel you can visit and check out their new clothes in trendy and eye-catching colors and designs and in customizable sizes.

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Q. Does TomboyX offer Discounts for Teachers?

Yes, TomboyX offers Discounts for all verified Teachers.

Q. Who is eligible for a Teacher discount?

Only those Students who verified their Teacher Identity through Verifypass are eligible for Student Discounts.

Q. How much Discount does TomboyX offer for Teachers?

TomboyX offers a 10% discount for all verified Teachers for all standards.

Q. Can I combine my Teacher discount at TomboyX with any other offer?

No, you cannot combine Teacher Discount with any other offer at TomboyX.

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