ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station Review

ALLPOWERS R600 Portable Power Station Review

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Keeping your devices powered up and ready is crucial in our fast-paced, tech-driven world. Imagine, it’s hard to keep up when our cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets run out of juice, isn’t it? Sure, we can easily get a pocket-sized power bank for our mobiles, but what about the rest of our electronic companions? The answer is surprisingly simple and affordable – a Portable Power Station.

Now, you might be quite familiar with portable power stations, as there are numerous brands available in the market. Today, however, let’s focus on a fresh face on the block – the R600 power station from ALLPOWERS. This new kid on the block brings with it some truly remarkable features and the brand boasts of a solid performance. So, shall we dive in and discover how good it really is?

If you’re unfamiliar with ALLPOWERS Power Stations, we recommend reading our complete review.

ALLPOWERS R600 Portable Power Station Review

  • 600W Pure Sine Power Surge
  • Effortless Wireless Charging
  • Durable LiFePO4 3500+ Cycle Battery
  • Reliable UPS Battery Backup

Meet the ALLPOWERS R600 – your compact powerhouse boasting a 600W capacity. What sets it apart from the crowd, you ask? Well, it’s packed with standout features designed for today’s power-hungry world. This mini dynamo hosts a 600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter, capable of surging up to 1,200W, and a 299Wh capacity. And, it’s no one-trick pony – it allows you to juice up to 10 devices simultaneously. Talk about a party!

One of its shining stars is the LiFePO4 Battery, a true marathon runner with 3500+ life cycles. Plus, the UPS support is a real game-changer, ensuring an unbroken power supply even when your local grid lets you down. And did we mention the built-in wireless charger for your phones? That’s right, no more cable spaghetti to untangle. Now, how many power stations can boast that?

But it’s not just about power. The R600 scores big on design, too. It boasts a sturdy build, crafted from hard plastic, and a vibrant display that keeps you informed about battery percentage, power input/output, and charging status. It’s flexible as well – you can power it up via an AC input, your car, or even harness the power of the sun with solar charging. Ready to explore the full range of features the R600 has to offer? Let’s dive right in!


Battery typeLiFePO4 (3500+ Cycles up to 80%)
AC Input400W max.
Solar Input300W max.
Cigarette lighter Input    200W max.
2 * AC-Output600W / 230V, Spitze 1200W
2 * USB-C Output100W max.
2 * USB-A Output18W max.
2 * DC-Output120W max.
1 * Cigarette Output Port120W max.
1 * Wireless Charging15W max.
LED lightingLight mode / SOS mode
UPS Power SupplyWithin 10ms
Weight16.13 pounds
Size7.6 x 7.5 x 11.2inches


Power Capacity

The R600 is equipped with a Pure AC Sine Wave Inverter of 600W with a surge power of 1200W which is enough to power any electronic device. You can plug Fan, Refrigerator, Juicer, Television and so much more and it will handle them with ease. And thanks to 299Wh capacity you have nothing to worry about.

Long Lasting Battery

The ALLPOWERS R600 is powered by a cutting-edge LiFePO4 battery, capable of a whopping 3500+ recharges before it drops to just 80% health. This means almost a decade of regular use — a lifespan six times longer than average batteries. What’s more? The R600 backs a punch with 400W Max. Fast Charging, juicing up from empty to full in a mere hour!

But that’s not all. The R600 is not just about power, but it’s about intelligent power. An in-built advanced BMS safeguards your power station, meticulously monitoring voltage, current, and temperature to ensure your LFP battery powers on for years to come. To top it off, the cherry on the cake is the 5-Year Warranty that accompanies the R600. How cool is that? Enjoy peace of mind knowing your power needs are taken care of for the long haul.

Allpowers R600 battery

Multiple Charging Output

If you’re out camping or living in RV you need to power a lot of equipment. The R600 has multiple power outputs and can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. The power station features 2* AC outlets, 2 * USB-C ports, 2* USB-A ports and 2* DC outports, 1* car cigarette lighter and a 15W wireless charger. So blend some juice, charge your laptop and camera or power the refrigerator to keep the beverages cool. And charge your phone with a 15W wireless charger, all at once.


UPS Battery Backup

Having a UPS battery backup in your solar generator means you don’t have to worry about grid failures. ALLPOWERS R600 works as a UPS, ensuring continuous power in case of a power outage. Providing instant power backup to your computer and other devices to protect from any data loss or damage. It is perfect for your home and office.

Allpowers power station

Smart App Control

This portable generator seamlessly links with your phone via the ALLPOWERS APP, providing fast and convenient access to your R600 right at your fingertips. You can connect via Bluetooth to monitor all the activities and stats of your power station. The app displays both the remaining battery and the remaining time. It also lets you control the power outlets, toggle the LED light on or off, and switch between different modes.

Allpowers app

Easy and Convenient Recharging

The R600 offers three versatile ways to recharge its battery. You can either plug it into an AC outlet, recharge it on the move with your car, or harness the power of the sun with solar panels if you’re camping or living off-grid in your RV. How convenient! With such flexible options, you’ll always be at ease.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to consider that charging times may vary due to different power inputs. The AC outlet allows a maximum input of 400W, while the solar panel delivers up to 300W. Car charging, on the other hand, supports up to 200W. But fear not, they all support rapid charging up to 400W, ensuring you won’t be left waiting around – it can power from 0% to 100% in just an hour!

R600 Features

The ALLPOWERS R600 also boasts a variety of additional features, including a vibrant, colourful LCD display that delivers all the crucial information right on the power station itself. This includes battery percentage, power usage, Bluetooth connectivity, charging status, and more.

Adding to its convenience is a bright LED light at the front, proving to be exceptionally useful in darker conditions. The power generator also has a hidden folding handle which makes it very convenient to carry around. Plus all sockets are protected with dust covers to avoid any damage caused by dust or water splash. So all in all it’s a good option to have under $300.

Allpowers R600 specifications

Save Money on ALLPOWERS R600

The ALLPOWERS R600 is already very affordable, coming under the price of just $300. But when you are with Saving Says you always get the perks of saving even more. If you’re reading this ALLPOWERS R600 review you get to save a little extra. Use coupon codes mentioned below to slice some money off your total bill. Or visit our store page to find even more related discounts and offers on ALLPOWERS Power Stations.

R600 comparison


ALLPOWERS ships locally to US and EU regions. They offer free shipping on all power stations and the delivery time is estimated to be 2 – 7 business days. They also ship to Canada, Australia, and Japan outside Europe. Once your order is processed you will receive the tracking number in your email.


ALLPOWERS R600 comes with a 5 Year limited warranty. If you find your product to be defective you can claim your warranty anytime and have your power generator replaced or repaired.

They also offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee which means if your product is delivered damaged or you want to return it. You can contact them within 30 days of delivery and get your money back.

ALLPOWERS R600 Customer Reviews

The power supply has arrived, the first impression is that the workmanship is fine, very beautiful and I like it very much, the power is turned on and there is still 75% of electricity, looking forward to the convenience brought by outdoor play.Annabella
Everything as advertised. As noted elsewhere – loud fan and requires login on app.Denis Malcolm
The workmanship is good, there are no objections. Nothing rattles or feels very inferior in any way. My wife is delighted with the high-quality bag, which can be used wonderfully as a cooler bag.
The rapid charging performance on AC is excellent, so it is quickly up and running again. The connection via app works well via Bluetooth. I also find the display sufficiently accurate. I also like the fact that the display switches itself off to save power.Niklas
Impressed with it. Only issue I have is the noise when the fan is running. No other issues. Great small power station.William Sander

We found some customers complaining about loud fan noise. This happens because the battery heats up while charging and the fan starts spinning faster. We recommend charging the power station in quiet mode as it will reduce fan noise.


Phone No.+020-2899-1311
Address(United States)23555 GOLDEN SPRINGS DR 4, DIAMOND BAR, CA 91765, US
You can also contact them via the contact form on their site.


Overall the R600 portable power station from ALLPOWERS is a good option to have for RV living and camping. It comes with a lot of features and can compete with many big power stations, all under just $300. The LiFePO4 battery is long-lasting and can handle up to 10 years of regular use. You get a fast wireless charger for your phones and 10 output ports that can be plugged in simultaneously. And even with all these, it’s still a 12″ compact power station.

NOT to forget! You get both EU and US plug sockets. And you don’t have to select any, they will allocate according to the region where the local buyer is located.

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