Best Gifts For A New Born Baby Under $20

Best Gifts For A New Born Baby Under $20

To buy a holiday gift for a baby might sound easy, but it’s actually difficult when it comes to making a purchase, things can be a bit tricky. After all, we cannot gift a blanket to every other baby.

Whether if you are buying a gift for your own child or a friend’s child, you can make your shopping a baby breeze this holiday season with these following gift ideas, which are timeless, classy, affordable yet cheap and completely innovative, there is a little something here for everyone.

4-Piece Fleece Jacket, Pant, and Bodysuit Set

Baby will look cute as a button in this adorable Suits ($17.99, The only downside for the baby is? He literally will not stop getting cuddled all day. 

Waldorf-Inspired Wooden Baby Rattle

Perfect for infants up to 3 months. Waldorf-Inspired Wooden Baby Rattle ($9, is surely a hit with your growing yet teething baby and will help moms rest easy knowing that each rattle is wooden and hand-coated with a wax that is non-toxic and is made with olive oil and beeswax.

Photo Finger Puppets

With these sweet Photo Finger Puppets ($16.99, help baby learns who’s who. Each of this photo finger set comes with nine puppets and can be customized with pictures of baby’s friends and family. She’ll delight to see her friends and family walking around her nursery.

Handmade Baby Booties

Well, it is getting colder outside, so of course, your little one needs a funky pair Handmade Baby Booties($18, Cosy, warm and yet affordable.

 Art Cards

These cards will help stimulate baby’s visual development. So buy these pretty Sea Art Cards ($15.95, Each card features an animal in high-contrasting black and white, which is guaranteed to hold your baby’s attention.

Aimeio Baby Teething Blanket Soft Plush Animal


Soothe and comfort little ones while enhancing their senses with this cute and colourful Kids Preferred Amazing Baby Blanket Teether ($12.99  This soft and cosy toy will help make teething easier for your baby. This blankie is great for soothing teething gums and offers different textures for promoting your baby’s tactile development.

Wooden ‘Phone’ Teether

Your baby may really want to chomp your phone up, but this Wooden ‘Phone’ Teether ($12, will be a much better choice for your little one. Also, you can fill colours in them with your baby when he/she is old enough.

Rub a Dub Ocean Bath Squirters

Bath toys are an essential element for babies while bathing when baby gets a bit older. These cute little and colourful Rub a Dub Ocean Bath Squirters ($8.41, will make sure to entertain your little mermaid.

Carrying Case With 12 Books

With this Carrying Case With 12 Books ($10, will surely help both mom and baby. The baby loves the bright pictures on each page as well as the munching on the board book is a love to do activity for every kid, and the bonding time for moms to love and indulge with their kids even more.

Kidoozie Nest and Stack Buckets

Prepare to happily utter this phrase “Yay! You did it!” over and over after your baby starts with these fun Kidoozie Nest and Stack Buckets($15.91, These nest and also pile containers consist of a form arranging container with a take care of, the 10 piling mugs have actually phoned number bases with photos

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