9 Best Plant Subscription Boxes

9 Best Plant Subscription Boxes

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Best Plant Subscription Boxes: There is nothing more beautiful than plants to spruce up your living place. And finding the perfect plant to complement your choice and place, both at the same time is very difficult. All praises to the subscription boxes that deliver the best plant subscription box to your doorsteps and that too according to your preference – considering the seasons as well. 

These subscription boxes include everything from air plants to succulents, along with the brief care instructions for that plant. You might also get the special accessories that help the plant grow in a thousand better ways. In some cases, few plant subscriptions help customers get one on one with the plant experts to get advice on how to keep them healthy. 

Instead of searching through different nurseries for some bizarre and exotic set of plants, you will get a more wonderful variety of plants in your shipments.

To help you get started, here are the best plant subscription services to add spruce to your house.

Best Plant Subscription Boxes [Listed]

The Plant Club The Plant Club


The House Plant Box The House Plant Box


Harry & David Harry & David


Horti Horti


Lively Root Lively Root


My Garden Box My Garden Box


Succulents Monthly Succulents Monthly


Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!



Best Plant Subscription Boxes [Reviewed]

1) Horti – Beginner’s Best Choice

Horti Plant Subscription

Horti is the kindest subscription with focus and kindness. It examines its customer’s choices and knows what their customers want to see in their living place. And according to that and to determine the current season, Horti will send you a beautifully packaged plant. That can also be used as the best gift to your grandma this summer.

Their boxes are pet-friendly. You can choose to get a customizable container, although all are terracotta. Aside, you can choose to donate a plant to a stranger and on your behalf, Horti will send a plant to any stranger. It spreads happiness and kindness. Horti initiates the subscription by sending simple plants, then sends more exotic plants as the subscription progresses.

Subscription Plans:

  • Month to Month for $30.00/monthly
  • 6-Months for $152.00/ half-yearly
  • 12-Months for $300/yearly
  • Each one offers ‘New to planting’ ‘Pet-Friendly’ & Horti’s Choice 

What’s Inside The Box?

  • In each box, you will receive one plant, a 6” clay pot, and a saucer.
  • Occasional gifts will include, fun exercises, planting tools, and accessories.


  • Shipping prices are included in each delivery
  • You can opt for self-pickup to save shipping cost
What We Like About It!
  • Skip or cancel your subscription anytime.
  • The pickup Option is available.
  • Plant insurance plans.
  • Any damage if happens during delivery, they will resurrect it.

2) Harry & David

Harry & David Plant Subscription

While subscribing to Harry & David’s subscription box, you, as a customer, will know each detail for what you will get every time. For what plan you choose, they pack your items in the safe boxes with the proper and easy-to-read plant care instructions. You’ll see what’s coming every month right on the website.

Your first monthly box will include a decorative planter, that you can choose to place in your living room for the freshest vibes or place it outside to enhance the outer look of the house. After that, each six-inch plant will arrive in its own grow pot with care instructions to help it flourish.

Subscription Plans:

  • 3-Months plan for $129.99 
  • 6-Months plan for $229.99
  • 12-Months plan for $399.99

What’s Inside The Box?

  • They have gift plans for each month; let’s say for March they have succulent plants, and for the next month April, Pink Gerbera Daisy, and so on. 
  • Check out their complete plans Here.


  • Shipping charges are different according to your location
  • Enjoy FREE-Shipping on the 1-year subscription plan
What We Like About It!
  • They are offering a 15% OFF Discount on your first order
  • They have special offers that give discounts to everyone
  • Free-Shipping is available on the 1-year subscription plan
  • Deliveries Are Made Within 3 To 5 Business Days.

3) Lively Root

Lively Root Plant Subscription

Lively Roots takes you to where it all begins. The briefly given source of information connects you to the love of horticulture. Inspire you and develop your interest in plants. Their plants and other stuff are completely eco-friendly. The plants are grown under special observation in a fresh healthy environment and shipped to your door.

The shipped plant has a 30-Day warranty, if any damage happens to the plant or if you face poor growth of a plant, they will resurrect it for you. You are benefitted from enjoying free delivery to your door and also have the best options for gifting these subscriptions to strangers and your loved ones.

Subscription Plans:

  • 3 Months Subscription plans in $30.00(S) & $40.00(M)

What’s Inside The Box?

  • A plant in 4” or 6” diameter grow.
  • A Pot (of your choice)
  • The prices are reasonable.


  • Receive the delivery within 3-7 working days
What We Like About It!
  • Free-Shipping on orders above $39.00
  • Accept interest-free payments

4) The Plant Club

Best Plant Subscription Boxes

The Plant Club delivers a uniquely customized box to your doorsteps each month with everything that is needed to fill your house with greenery and colorful plants. The box is appreciated and adored for its cute containers, soil, décor, fun activities that include plant care, and other stuff like candies and magnets.

You will begin with one of the four subscription options. While you can’t choose what comes into the box, each box is packed with everything you need to do proper care of the plant that arrives at you each month. The packages are according to every season. The plant owners are allowed to send their plant pictures to the plant expert team to get any necessary suggestions and take expert advice about proper plant growth and its care. Deliveries are made under special supervision to avoid damages. 

What’s Inside The Box?

  • Decorative containers, blended pot mixing, hand-illustrated instructions, and other extras like goodies.
  • Each plant is selected on the criteria, of coloration, character, foliage, form, seasonality, and diversity.

Subscription Plans:

  • Monthly subscription for $39.00/month
  • (Most Popular) 3-Month prepay for $114.00/three months
  • (Most Popular)6-Months prepay for $222.00/half-yearly
  • 12-Months prepay for $432/year


  • $4.95 shipping cost is included in each subscription box’s prices
What We Like About It!
  • Pots, Containers & Plant Accessories Are Included.
  • Diverse Subscription Options.
  • Special Plant Care Instructions.

5) The House Plant Box

The House Plant Box

The House Plant is for any corner and room of the house. Whether you are interested in succulents, or aquatic. They have everything for everyone at budget-friendly prices. It offers, for example, an Air plant box, an Aquatic plant box, Cactus Box, a Pet-friendly plant box, a Succulent box, Indoor and Outdoor, Seed-boxes, and includes the basics you need to give that plant.

You will choose any one of the 10 kinds of monthly subscription boxes, any type you like. The subscriptions range month to month or prepaid options are also available running up to 1-year plans. All boxes ship free of cost. The box generally includes plant care instructions. Where else, the seed box includes soil mixing and plant containers.

What’s Inside The Box?

  • The box will be carrying the package according to your preference You can choose from a vast variety of options available.

Subscription Plans:

  • More than 10 kinds of ‘Month to Month’ plans are available out of which a few of them are; Air plant boxes, Aquatic plant boxes, Cactus boxes, Pet-friendly plant boxes, Succulent boxes, and much more.
  • Subscriptions start from $15.99/Month


  • The shipping is FREE on all boxes!
What We Like About It!
  • Fair Prices.
  • Pet-Friendly Boxes.
  • Great Return And Replacement Policies.
  • Deliveries Are Made Within 3 To 5 Business Days.

6) My Garden Box

My Garden Box

My Garden Box helps you build everything from terrariums to bonsai gardens. This is unique because it allows the customers to try out their ways of plant arrangements. The box is generally packed with plants, soil, containers, watering kits, and other decorative stuff.

My Garden Box does not have much diversity in choices. However, you can choose the subscription period for month-to-month, or prepaid with 3 months, 6-months, and twelve months. Each month offers a different plant project for customers to work on, it can be according to your preference and is also tailored to seasons.

Subscription Plans:

  • Month-Month for $50.00/monthly
  • 3-Months prepay for $145.00
  • 6-Months prepay $280.00/ half-yearly
  • 12-Months prepay $550/yearly

What’s Inside The Box?

  • You can expect live plants, cool containers, growing media, and unique accents.
  • Inside the package, you’ll also find special living gifts.


  • FREE-Shipping on all boxes
What We Like About It!
  • Encourage wellness and health.
  • Subscription auto-renews.
  • They provide seasonal garden boxes.

7) The Sill

The Sill Subscription box

With Sill, taking care of plants will be relaxing and can be a therapy to you as well. Sill delivers uniquely sill-sized plants that can fit into your window spaces, countertops, or shelves. This subscription box offers greenery that’s simple to love. It’s great for beginners, less complicated to care for, and suitable for more experienced plant growers.

You will begin with one of two plants, with plant lovers or pet parents, that specifically provide a pet-friendly environment. Subscription is on a monthly basis and automatically renews until you choose to pause or discontinue. Customers receive different plants each time. Also, they range in a variety of indoor plants and are versatile for a variety of spaces.

Subscription Plans:

  • Pet-Friendly boxes
  • Classic plant boxes for $50.00(S) & $60.00(M)

What’s Inside The Box?

  • Easy-care plant and Chic ceramic planter


  • The deliveries are FREE across the United States
What We Like About It!
  • Get a 15% OFF Discount on your first purchase
  • Packages are made to your preferences
  • Customizable plant size and pot color

8) Succulents Monthly

Succulents Monthly

Succulents make the place with a better environment to enjoy for long hours. Their quirky forms and easy ways, succulents best spread the joy and fun vibes. And it’s one’s privilege to have it with them along with the office table, in the library, the living room or could be in your garden.

With easy-to-follow handy instructions and a pretty planter included your package is much valued with the smarties inside and special plant care accessories. Vibrant and healthy succulent costs only $32.00 a month with plenty of colorful plants and fun extras. Assembled carefully and ready to share happiness and excitement.

Subscription Plans:

  • Month-Month for $32.00/Monthly
  • 3-Month prepay for $93.00
  • 6-Month prepay for $180
  • 12-Month prepay for $348/Yearly

What’s Inside The Box?

  • Vibrant and healthy Succulent Plant
  • Uniquely designed container
  • Specialized potting mix
  • Hand-illustrated plant care sheet
  • Fun extras
  • Easy to follow and care instructions


  • $4.95 shipping charges included with subscription prices
What We Like About It!
  • Downloadable printed gift cards are available for everyone!
  • Their uniquely designed planters

9) Knock – Best Outdoor Plants

Knock Knock Plant Subscription

Knock! helps you get started, skip the stress, and help you enjoy this new therapy, planting, in all the right ways. It accompanies your front door, enhances your corners, and adds value to the side table. Curating a seasonal subscription box of plants, they send you dual plants that fit the climate, complemented by the season, and light level in spring, summer, and fall.

The box is packed according to your preference asked in the quiz that includes a few questions about your location, and the amount of sunlight that your area receives. All the necessary instructions are packed with your delivery box for your front and backyards. Knock says if the plant doesn’t perk within five days, you can snap and share it with them and claim a new shipment or specific instructions for free.

Subscription Plans:

  • Annual plans for $75 only

What’s Inside The Box?

  • Two ‘seasonal’ flower arranged pots
  • Pot mixing
  • Plant food


  • Shipping charges are calculated at the checkout
What We Like About It!
  • Special seasonal arrangements
  • Get a $10.00 Gift on referring ‘Knock Knock’ to a friend
  • Reshipment is available within 10 days of delivery if the product is found defective or damaged
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime
  • Their packaging stuff is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly


Q1. What are the pet-friendly plant subscription boxes?

Ans: The Sill is the best, yet non-toxic plant subscription box. They won’t harm your pets if consumed.

Q2. What does it mean for a plant to be pet safe?

Pet-friendly plants are non-toxic or plants that are safe to consume. They do not have any thorns and might be tasty as well. Some contain toxic chemicals that occur naturally in plant leaves and in a few cases can be beneficial to one and harmful to another.

Q3. Are succulent cats safe?

Ans: Generally, most succulents are considered non-toxic and are harmless to pets when eaten. Others might carry skin irritants, and minor irritations and can also cause mild symptoms.

Q4. What are the most successful subscription boxes?

Ans: Plant Club Subscription Box is overall the most successful subscription box in this year and beyond. It has budget-friendly subscription plans. Each Plant Club Box is selected on the criteria, coloration, character, foliage, form, seasonality, and diversity.

Q5. Is there a plant of the month club?

Ans: Get Plant Of The Month for $39.99, potted plants from 1-800 Flowers for the month(s) with expert arrangements.

Q6. What is a plant subscription?

Ans: The plant subscription is a service that delivers unique subscriptions in a customized box of colorful plants. With that, you get handy care instructions, essential plant care accessories, and some decorative items, to your doorsteps. Each month you will receive fun boxes, including cute containers, soil, décor, potting, and even goodies.

Q7. Is the sill good?

Ans: The Sill is a one-stop shop. It is super convenient for house plants, especially where there is no nearby local shop. It’s an excellent plant subscription option for purchasing a variety of plants and sending a gift to your friends or even a stranger. Also, you can enjoy free deliveries across the United States.

Q8. How does The Sill ship plant?

Ans: The Sill subscription boxes arrive safely and they aren’t any difficult thing to carry as well. The site has conventional and easy ways to select the subscription plan along with the plants you want to see in your house, or workplace.