Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes

8 Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes

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Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes – Smoothie subscription boxes are a convenient, healthy meal replacement. They provide you with pre-blended smoothies, which are ready to use right out of the box. There’s no measuring or cutting fruits for you to do! You simply mix a few of them with water or almond milk. It’s that easy! There’s no need to think about what ingredients to use. With a subscription service, you can get fresh, delicious smoothies delivered to your door each month.

The best smoothie subscription boxes are those that are healthy and taste good. They should be making your mornings go easy while providing your body with all the healthy ingredients that one needs to start a busy morning each day. Here you have got the stock for deliciously ready-to-make smoothies to enjoy.

Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes [Listed]

Image Product Features Price
Blendtopia Blendtopia


Kencko Kencko


Splendid Spoon Splendid Spoon


Frozen Garden Frozen Garden


Revive Superfoods Revive Superfoods


Everipe Everipe


Live Pure Live Pure


Smartfruit Smartfruit



Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes [Reviewed]

1) Blendtopia

Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes

With Blendtopia, you can have a clean and healthy smoothie each day. Their ultimate mission is to maintain high quality, rich in nutrients and make instant (ready-to-make) smoothies that ensure the good taste in each take. Blendtopia products are organic and well portioned. You can either choose from their plan or customize your box of 8, 12, 16, or 24 from 5 different smoothie blends. You will get the frozen pouches to be ready to pour into the blender and enjoy the goodness for the rest of your day.


  • Get a box of 8 for $59.92 or $7.49/smoothie

What Blendtopia Subscription Box Offers?

  • Claim 10% OFF on your first order
  • Get your customized Daily Harvest smoothie subscription box from their featured flavors
  • Choose a customized delivery plan
  • Spend your money best for $5.99/smoothie 
  • FREE-Shipping

2) Kencko

Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes

With Kencko, treat your body with all the vitamins and fiber your body needs to kick start the day. This smoothie subscription will add freshness to your mornings with their powder mixes contained separately in each packet. You will be receiving 20, 30 or 60 smoothies each month according to your preferences. You will also get the option to choose the flavors of your choice in your box. Make your healthy habits easy with the daily dose of fruits and veggies with the addition of nutritious, delicious flavors that make your mornings an easy start to the busy day.


  • Best offers 30 smoothies at $2.69/smoothie

What Kencko Subscription Box Offers?

  • Give a quiz to make a smoothie plan for you
  • Select flavors of your choice
  • Deliver boxes to 25+ countries
  • Special monthly plans offering 30 smoothies best at $2.69/smoothie
  • Choose from 14 featured flavors
  • Free smoothie shaking bottle
  • Cancel your subscription anytime

3) Splendid Spoon

Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes

You can begin your healthy routine with the Splendid Spoon whose subscription plan delivers vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free meals to your doorstep each month. They are perfect for patients who have high and low sugar problems or people who like less sugary smoothies. Grab their ready-made and most energized smoothie where no preparation is needed. Just Shake it and have it.


  • Best offers for $7.66/week

What Splendid Spoon Offers?

  • New year reset sale for $80.00 OFF
  • Weekly Deliveries
  • Features 18 best smoothie flavors
  • Choose from 3 given plans with customized smoothie flavors along with the lunch/breakfast/dinner bowls for the best $7.66/course

4) Frozen Garden

Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes

Frozen Garden spotting on to its smoothie ingredients which are all-natural, leafy and green with so many different flavors added to their smoothie pouches. Most ingredients are certified organic and are carefully grown with anti-pesticide agents. All of its flavors incorporate leafy greens so with the fresh start of the day, you can get fresh, healthy skin and stay hydrated. In addition to that, you can also order fusions, the frozen cubes of your chosen smoothie.


  • Best offers at $5.99/smoothie

What does Frozen Garden offer?

  • Great quality & quantity
  • Enjoy $5 OFF on your first order
  • Choose from the featured 16 smoothies
  • Free shipping above orders $137.00
  • There’s no subscription necessary
  • Avail gift cards and get 10% OFF on your order each time

5) Revive Superfoods

Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes

Revive Superfoods works like most of all other smoothie subscriptions in the market. It offers a single serving for each of its flavors chosen from the stack of flavors made with fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike most of the other subscription boxes, Revive Superfoods offers a wider variety of flavors ranging from coconut cream to Blue Cacao with an add-on of veggies for a healthy mix such as cauliflower, healthy chia seeds, and rich foods like spirulina and maca. Revive superfoods are splendid with fiber and healthy ingredients that also carry up to seven grams of proteins for super good growth.


  • Best offers at $6.99/item

What Revive Superfoods Offer?

  • Get 60% OFF on your first order
  • 22 appetizing smoothies
  • Choose between 9, 12 or 24 items in a single delivery
  • Choose a weekly or monthly plan
  • Customize your box with your favorite smoothies
  • Enjoy FREE-Shipping

6) Everipe


Everipe is perfect for those who are on travel and don’t want to loosen up their energy so they won’t mess up their trip. These come as freeze-dried ingredients which only requires a cool place to keep. Just add ice, liquid and blend it with your favorite smoothie flavor. Everipe is made of 100% real foods and is amazingly delicious. You can say they are the easiest smoothies on planets with no added sugar, no preservatives and gluten, dairy-free. Just blend, pour and sip. 


  • Best offers subscription at $4.99/smoothie & $28.95/week

What does Everipe offer?

  • The lightweight, easy to carry packets of dried smoothie 
  • Make a one-time payment and save 13.8% of the total amount
  • Easy to carry on travels
  • Gluten-free/dairy-free, Vegan
  • Choose the same smoothie for the whole week or enjoy a different variety each time
  • Features 5 delicious smoothie flavors

7) Live Pure


Live Pure smoothies could be a game-changer for your everyday start. It boosts your immune and drives your energy and then maintains it till the day ends. Live Pure itself explains the four splendid ways their smoothies could be enjoyed for goodness. It’s a game for 20 seconds at most. Simply just blend the cubes and liquid, another is to shake the liquid and cubes well. Let’s sit and wait till the cubes melt, mix them in liquid and add the granolas and cherries on top. The last and most cherished way is to add fruits and cherries, smoothie cubes and blend them to boost. All four ways are remarkable and you will love trying each.


  • Best offers $29.95/week

What Live Pure Offers?

  • Subscribe and 5% OFF on your first order
  • Offers 6 glasses and 2 glasses subscriptions, weekly & monthly- 13oz/glass
  • Subscription boxes available in small and large packaging
  • Features 9 delicious smoothie flavors

8) Smartfruit


Smartfruit understands its customers’ needs and knows their tastes. With no compromise on the healthy ingredients and tasty smoothies, the budget also matters to them. They concentrate on frozen ingredients at the most affordable prices. The company offers 11 blended fruit purees in a 48-ounce bottle. Each bottle is capable of making 12 servings with ice and a liquid of your choice. Almond milk is preferred most times for a healthy start and good boost. Of course, you can make your drink tastier, add your kinds of frozen fruits or fresh fruits whichever way you like, nuts or seeds.


  • Best offers each 12oz smoothie/$1.50

What Smart Fruit Offers?

  • Enjoy 15% OFF on any order above &70.00
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or additives, just real fruits and vegetables
  • BPA-Free bottle
  • Get FREE-Shipping on two or more bottles
  • Choose the best from the featured 13 different varieties
  • Subscription is not necessary

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