Cheap Thanksgiving Flights Some Secrets of Saving Money on Your Holidays

Cheap Thanksgiving Flights: Some Secrets of Saving Money on Your Holidays

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Thanksgiving is right upon us. If you don’t plan accordingly for your flight, things can get out of your control and you can end up spending a load of money. Thanksgiving is the most booming time to fly in the U.S. alone and the airlines know this, so they charge more, knowing we’ll pay more. Tickets mostly begin to rise in October and there is nothing to gain by waiting because any delay can raise the price significantly.

It’s almost mid-October and that means peoples across the country are looking for cheap Thanksgiving flights already. The bad news is that the flight carriers are once again expecting to have full planes over the holidays and most of the fares on peak days and at peak times are way too expensive. The good news is that I’m here to help you catch the cheapest flight for you to see your family and for them to come to see you.

Here are some secrets to catch cheap Thanksgiving flights that nobody will tell you.

Compare your flight timings on different sites:

If you don’t have enough time to go through several third-party websites just to discover the cheapest flight? Use an online sites like or to check up on the premium days to fly over Thanksgiving week from all the major airlines.

Since Thanksgiving is still three weeks away, you can sign up for a reminder to get simple access to Thanksgiving flight deals as soon as they’re issued.

Secure your accommodations with daily travel sites:

In case you don’t plan on staying with family and friends over Thanksgiving Day, you can keep an eye out for some exclusive discounts on hotels and other accommodations through sites like and LivingSocial Escapes.

Both of these sites post amazing deals to dozens of destinations around the country and some places could be a great match for your Thanksgiving travel plans.

Always Book your flight and hotel together:

If you can’t find a hotel on one of the deal sites, you may still be able to get low rates on your hotel of choice by booking your flight and hotel together.

Use third-party sites like or to find some of the cheapest prices and take advantage of no booking fees. Being flexible with your dates can help you find the lowermost possible price over Thanksgiving week.

Consider Flying at Awkward times:

One of the best techniques to lower the cost of a flight over Thanksgiving week is to fly at the most awkward times; the times when most travelers are most likely not going to fly. This can ultimately mean flying on Thanksgiving Day, flying back on Saturday or Sunday and even catching a redeye flight. Consider booking ticket early morning flight and just sleep on the plane so you can land refreshed. Flyback way too late at night to offset some of the costs of an otherwise high-priced flight.

  • Expensive dates to travel

The airlines know accurately when you want to fly. Not surprisingly though, the most booming days to fly are the most costly.

Most expensive departure dates: The Wednesday before the holiday Nov 27th, followed by the Tuesday before Nov 26th.

The most expensive return dates are the Sunday after the holiday Dec 1st, followed by the Monday after Dec 2nd.

  • Cheapest dates to travel

You may not like this route, but if you only fly one of these days, you’ll still manage to save your money.
Make a departure on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 28th), return on Saturday (Nov 30th). If you get there early on the big day, you won’t be missing a minute of the fun. In case you show up later, so you don’t have to help with the remaining household chores.

Do not forget to cash out your frequent flier miles

How many frequent flier miles have you collected over the whole year? Consider redeeming these flier miles to get a maximum discount or a free flight this Thanksgiving holiday.

Always remember! Some frequent flier miles also lose their real value if you don’t use them within a certain time frame. Thanksgiving Day could be the perfect time to cash them out and enjoy a discount on travel this season.

In a Nutshell

I hope this guide will surely help you to catch cheap flights and more importantly, allows you to spend this big day with the