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Eco Web hosting is one of the few UK-based, Large scale Hosts. It was found in 2007 in Midland, UK. They are working to minimize the environmental impacts by partnering with tree-planting organizations to reduce carbon emissions and also by using energy-efficient servers.

The hosting server uses SSDs and NVMe which are faster than any regular hosting server. Regardless of High performing servers, their prices are very cheap and affordable.

About Eco Web Hosting

The team at Eco Web Hosting is made of some experienced and skilled guys. They know how to provide Stable and Fast Web hosting. They value the product’s quality and exceptional customer service. All of their websites are hosted on extremely energy-efficient servers

They raised a unique initiative of planting trees to reduce the environmental impact by partnering with different organizations. It means every time you purchase from Eco Web Hosting, they are planting a tree somewhere around the world.


eco web hosting feat

Eco Web hosting has a broad range of features compared to other Web hosts. All the plans come with Encrypt wildcard SSL certificates, which secure your subdomains as well as your main domain.


They Guarantee an Uptime of 100%. They are providing eco-friendly hosting with a page-loading speed of less than a second which is faster than what Google recommends for page loading speed.

Free Migration

If your website is currently hosted somewhere else, you can use their Free Migration service by filling up the request form in your Customer Control Panel. They will transfer your site completely free when you buy their hosting package.

You can even check if everything is working or not before completing the move.

Eco Web Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting server. If you own a small website or you are just starting out, Shared Hosting is the best option for you. Eco Web Hosting Provide Environmentally-friendly hosting which uses shared servers.

But that doesn’t make it slow, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies they use like Enterprise-grade NVMe disks, NGINX Edge caching, and a global CDN.

They provide three different plans for shared web hosting. Starting from as low as £3.49 per month, they will plant 1 tree on every purchase. The second plan costs £5.99 a month and 2 trees will be planted every month on every single purchase. The third plan costs £11.99/month with some exclusive features and they will plant 4 trees on every purchase.


Essential – £3.49/mo
1 Tree Planted Every Month
10 GB SSD Space,
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth,
3 x 1 GB MySQL Database,
25 x 10 GB mailboxes

Professional – £5.99/mo
2 Trees Planted Every Month
50 GB SSD Space,
100 GB Monthly Bandwidth,
10 x 1 GB MySQL Database,
50 x 10 GB mailboxes

Ultimate – £11.99/mo
4 Trees Planted Every Month
100 GB SSD Space,
Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth,
Unlimited 1 GB MySQL Database,
100 x 10 GB mailboxes


Eco Web Reseller Hosting

If you already offer digital services, hosting your customers’ websites can provide another stable revenue stream. The Reseller Hosting costs £23.99 with a 45-day money-back Guarantee and they plant 10 trees per month for every Reseller plan they sell.

Sell Internet resource to your customers with some amazing features.

  • Host as many Websites, Email, and Packages as you want
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Free Wildcard SSL and One free Standard SSL
  • Cloud Hosting Platform
  • Global CDN
  • Auto Scaling Platform


Unlimited Reseller Hosting – £23.99/mo
10 Trees Planted Every Month
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited 1 GB MySQL databases
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited 10 GB Mailboxes
Global CDN Included

Eco Web WordPress Hosting

The WordPress hosting has four different Plans starting from £5.99 for the Basic plan. Business plan for £9.99 per month. Professional Plan for £19.99 a month. and their Ultimate plan costs £39.99 for a month.

The difference between these plans is the number of websites you can host and the webspace allowance. Also, every plan has a different number of trees that will be planted on every purchase.

The WordPress Hosting platform uses SSDs which is much faster than traditional disks. It means that the server can access data much faster, resulting in a stable and faster loading website.

You also get a Free Domain Name when you Pay Annually.


Basic – £5.99/mo
1 site, each comes with:
1 Tree Planted Every Month
25 GB SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Global CDN

Business – £9.99
3 sites, each comes with:
2 Trees Planted Every Month

75 GB SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Global CDN

Professional – £19.99
10 sites, each comes with:
4 Trees Planted Every Month
250 GB SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Global CDN

Ultimate – £39.99
Unlimited sites, each comes with:
10 Trees Planted Every Month
Unlimited SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Global CDN


Eco Web Virtual Private Server

Eco Web Hosting provides three VPS packages. Starting from £7.99 per month for the Essential VPS server. £12.99 per month for a Professional VPS server and the Business VPS costs £23.99 a month.

All the VPS servers use NVMe SSDs which is much much faster than SSDs and traditional disks. So you’re getting a lightning-fast speed every time with Unlimited Bandwidth.

All of the VPS servers come with cPanel and it is included in the package prices.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel that gives you a convenient way to manage all your web hosting on a Private Virtual Server. You can manage your websites, transfer data, and more using cPanel. It also comes with WHM which allows you to manage your server.


Essential VPS – £7.99/mo
1 Tree Planted Every Month
1 Core
40GB NVMe Storage
250 Mbps Bandwidth

Professional VPS – £12.99/mo
2 Trees Planted Every Month
2 Core
80GB NVMe Storage
500 Mbps Bandwidth

Business VPS – £23.99/mo
4 Trees Planted Every Month
4 Core
160GB NVMe Storage
1 Gbps Bandwidth


Eco Web Hosting Domain Name

Eco Web Hosting provides one of the cheapest domain names. They have a super-fast domain search.

The prices are comparatively cheaper than some other sites and they also have a wide range of domain extensions for you to choose from.

Eco Web Hosting Blog

Eco Web Hosting has a Blog Page on its site with some informative and useful articles. You can find articles related to Business, Development, Security, NEWS, Work & Life, Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), How-to-Guides, and many more.

Money Back Guarantee

Eco Web Hosting care about their customers. If you did not like the service of their web hosting you can cancel your plan within 30 days of purchasing and they will give you a refund.

They Claim to have a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee. In case you want to cancel your Hosting Service you can contact their Customer Service and get a full refund.

Save Money with Eco Web Hosting

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Final Reviews

There is no doubt that Eco Web Hosting is one of the best UK-based hosting company. Providing Environmentally-Friendly Hosting services, while planting trees around the world on every purchase.

While they are practicing an Eco friendly and Green Environment, Peoples are appreciating them and their customers are loving the services they are providing.

These are only some of the reviews of their customers. They have a 4.9/5 ⭐ rating.

Final Verdict

Eco Web Hosting is one of the hosts that provide some great services at the cheaper and competitive price range. And not only they are providing the fastest and reliable service but also being Environmental Friendly by planting trees on every purchase they made.

eco web hosting impact

Their servers are 100% fast and stable thanks to the cutting-edge technologies they are using. They use SSDs and NVMe disks to make sure you’re getting the lightning-fast speed for your website.

And the Money Back guarantee makes it risk-free to try any on their service. You can always apply for a refund within 45 days of purchasing if you did not like their service.

Their team is made of very professional and experienced peoples with an average of over 7 years of experience in the web hosting industry. They are always willing to give the best to their customers. Having a great support team and Live chat available on their website.