How to Plan an Amazing Family Holiday Trip on a Budget

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Holidays are the time where one can finally take a break from the hectic routine of every day life, be it a student, or a working person. It is a necessary break to indulge in different activities and to rejuvenate oneself.

There is an endless pool to choose from where to go for a family holiday, but let’s face it, not everyone travels with an endless budget. There are families traveling on a budget, and going on a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean there should be a dent on one’s pocket, so here’s a look at how a family can have the holiday of their dreams even while on a budget.


There aren’t many requirements to achieve that, just a little bit of mindful planning along with good research, and hence you’ll be able to savor savings from flights, hotels, and whatever the city has to offer.

Essentially, holiday trips are planned to keep in mind all the tourist cities around the globe; unless you’re planning to travel to Libya, it gets really hard to plan such a trip. To begin with, the destination you select and the duration of days you’ll stay for give a head start to the cost of your trip.

To make that decision, you need to look at the requirements of your family, and what they’d like to do on that trip. For instance, if your family wishes to see natural sceneries, you’ll be looking for more nature-friendly countries and this will narrow down options for you. Moreover, it’s also good to look at off the season months since much cheaper rates will be availed during that time.

Self Planning Vs Tour Packages

Moving on, your next area of research will be to look for the best-offered packages to your respective destination at the lowest prices. Contacting the local travel agents will give you an idea as to what type of packages are being offered in the season you choose. Also, if your family is not the type that will mind company, you can make use of group tour packages.

Certainly, a trip planned at your own pace is more ideal, but traveling in groups can be more cost effective since they look after things like accommodation, food etc. and more places are covered in fewer amounts of days. When traveling on a budget, research is the key element that leads to a successfully planned trip. Also, if you don’t wish to travel somewhere really far, going somewhere closer to home might be a great idea. However, if you’re traveling to a foreign land, it is essential to be well informed about the place. Going for a traveling package can be more convenient, but at times planning a trip on your own can result in a cheaper overall trip.

For instance, if you’re looking at accommodations, you should be searching for less popular hotels, and if possible those with kitchen facilities or complementary breakfasts, to cut down on food expenses. Secondly, if you are well aware of the place you’re visiting, you can cut down on the expensive tourist places, and see the cheaper ones instead.

Hence, if you’re planning a trip on your own, you’re in control for how long you’re supposed to stay at a place. Rather than scanning the city in taxis, you can rent a car at cheap rates and if the city you’re going to has a good transportation system, it’ll be best to make use of that.

Also, it’s better to make early reservations rather than end moment bookings, as it will hike up your cost. Once you have taken care of things like accommodation etc. the only thing that’s left is food. In order to avoid spending a lot of money on food, you should avoid dining in the expensive areas, and go for not so touristy places and eat like the locals, since it will be much more cheaper. You can also keep a grocery budget, and buy things like bread, eggs, butter etc. And preparing breakfast or lunch your self is a great way to cut down food costs.


The last thing to be careful about is the packing. You should carry all the essential items that might be needed during the trip, so that there’s nothing that you’ll need to purchase from the country you’re visiting. Since if you plan on buying something from a foreign country, it might be expensive due to the exchange rates and will increase your cost. For instance, if you’re going to visit a place with lots of beaches, you should be carrying sun blocks and towels with you. It’s not difficult to enjoy a vacation and be financially responsible at the same time. You just have to carefully plan everything out, and you’re good to go for a memorable vacation!

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