How to Save Money on Your Business Trip to U.S

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While living in the era of globalization, and markets expanding worldwide all businesses benefit from strengthening their ties with the international market. Being a business traveler sounds like an easy job, but once you’ve been there you know how tiring and costly the experience can be, especially when it comes to a country like the United States.

It certainly appears to be simple, but planning a business trip to the U.S is way different compared to planning a holiday trip there. Making corporate travel can be quite costly for certain businesses, like the ones facing liquidity problems or the ones that are new in the market.

Saving money during your corporate visit to a country like the United States can sound like a challenge, but here we’ll discuss certain tricks that’ll help you keep your costs down without making a lot of compromises.

To begin with, you need to see if you need a visa to visit the United States, specifically if you’re traveling from an Asian country, keeping in mind the exchange rate at the same time. And when you wish to save money on your business trip, you definitely won’t fly on a business class, and if you’re keeping a check on several websites before booking a flight or a hotel, you’re absolutely doing better than many travelers that end up spending loads of money on short business trips.

Booking Flights

Moreover, if you’re aware of your trip beforehand, it’s best to make bookings for flights and hotels in advance as much a month before. You should start with a good search on travel websites and look for flexible inexpensive flights, and if they match your date and time, get your hands on the ticket.

The earlier you book your flight, the greater are your chances for getting a good discount on the prices. The more you wait, the more expensive these will get.

Moving on, certain airlines have extra charges for carrying a lot of luggage so you should pack accordingly and only carry essential items with you for your stay in the country, and if it’s a short trip a hand carry bag will do. While booking your place of stay you should also see if your hotel provides a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, since taking a taxi to your hotel might cost up to $35 or more. When booking hotels, you shouldn’t go for 5-star hotels, as there are certain good reputed 3-star hotels with a drastic difference in cost in your per day stay.

Planning On Hotels

Also, you should look out for hotels that provide you complimentary breakfast and take advantage of that by eating a good amount of food so you can skip on lunch.

Even those rooms with a kitchen would be a great idea since you can fix yourself little things like breakfast or tea. These little things can easily save you up to $10 or $20. A lot of restaurants in the United States cost less for lunch and more for dinner, so you can also stick with having a heavy lunch in late hours and go with a snack or some takeout for dinner.

You can also go for a little grocery hunt and buy things like canned food or salads and hence avoid expensive lunches or dinners. You are able to spend less than $20 on your meals per day if you make purchases from a grocery store.


When you’re done with saving money on flights and accommodations, your next step will be to carefully plan your modes of transportation. Given that you’re talking about the United States, which has the finest modes of transportation you can choose from anything from a taxi, to rent a car, or the local subways if you wish to save a good amount of money from transportation. So you should see which mode of transport suits you the best and choose accordingly. Also, many users have found using Uber cheaper and more convenient, so you can opt for that option too.

Lastly, make it clear to yourself that your visit is solely for the purpose of business and not entertainment or pleasure. So it’s best not to indulge in activities like visiting theaters, clubs, or even fancy dinners since they’ll hike up your travel cost without even you realizing that.

And it’s not about restricting yourself from pleasure completely; if you cut down on other unnecessary things like food etc. you can definitely go out at night for a few drinks, but keeping in mind the prime reason for your trip, which was business. Saving money while you’re on a trip is absolutely possible, and your comfort doesn’t have to be sacrificed to save a couple of dollars, just be as informed as possible and stay on watch for good deals.

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