Save Money by Knowing When to Cut Back

Have you ever purchased something that you regretted? Definitely, we all have! In fact, we all have and more than once. Some time back, I bought some jeans that were on sale. When I tried them, they didn't fit the best, yet they were on-tren

70+ Proven Ways To Save Electricity

Do You know an average household pays around $130 per month for their electricity bills which makes up to $ 1500 on an average per year. One can very easily save up to $500 on electricity bills and other daily habits by just adapting some simple tech

25 Interesting Ways To Save Your Car Fuel

The best feeling a person can get is when your car starts to give an extra mileage to you or when it gets fuel efficient. Some of these tricks might sound silly as you may think, what miracle would happen if I save extra half liter a day? But, on th