25 Interesting Ways To Save Your Car Fuel

25 Interesting Ways To Save Your Car Fuel

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The best feeling a person can get is when your car starts to give an extra mileage to you or when it gets fuel-efficient. Some of these tricks might sound silly as you may think, what miracle would happen if I save an extra half-liter a day? But, on the other hand, you can save thousands of dollars a year in your fuel costs if you follow these tips effectively.

Warm Up The Engine: Don’t just start your car and push it towards the destination. But stay calm, start it, let it heat up a little bit for up to 30 seconds at least and then move.

Reduce Weights: Clear up your trunk and remove all the useless things you’re carrying at your back. The less the weight, the better the fuel consumption your car will give you. Remember, every pound counts.

The Tire Pressure: You can save up to 0.6% fuel of your car by keeping your tires inflated all the time. The low tire pressure will give a better grip but will lower your gas mileage. You may use an air pump to keep a check on your tire pressure.

Low RPM: Keep an little eye on RPM and try to set yourself with the best. The lower the RPM, the more gas you’ll save.

Don’t Pressurize the Pedal: Stop ! Its just a car pedal, don’t push on it extremely hard. The harder you push , the more fuel it will intake. Accelerate slowly and save fuel.

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Check Gas caps: A broken or missing gas caps will harm the environment as well as reduce your car’s fuel efficiency. Get them repaired as soon as you can because the gas might be evaporating away from that small broken hole right now.

Stay Aero Dynamic: While driving on fast tracks, keep your windows closed. The air pressure will cause your car to slow down and more fuel will be required to keep it running. Stay aerodynamic and you’ll see wonders. You can also use some smart products like Wind Visors, to save more.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment: Get your alignment and wheel balancing checked. As non aligned wheels will again cost you more fuel.

Choose The Best Route: The Google Map is a revolutionary product for fuel saving enthusiasts. Before commuting, check at least once for the best route. Avoid traffic as much as you can and you can save a lot of fuel there.

Air Filter: An air filter filled with dirt will reduce your engine performance as well as fuel efficiency. Check or replace them at least once or twice a month. Get an air filter now.

Battery Cables: Damaged or rusty battery cables force the alternator to work hard. Get them cleaned.

Speed Bumps: Try to avoid reducing speed to Zero at speed bumps. Maintain it on more than 10. The zero speed will force you engine more as compared to a dead slow speed.

Using Cruise Tonic Feature: Admit it ! Computers are smarter than a human. Use the cruise tonic feature where ever possible. It will maintain your RPM and will save you a fuel up to 6% extra on long routes.

They Tire Size: The tires with bigger diameter may improve the look of your car but will lower the performance as well as mileage. The small tires are always better than larger ones. The factors can be weight, RPM, aerodynamics and many others.

Spark Plugs Check: Badly worn or clogged spark plugs will decrease your engine’s performance which will eventually increase the fuel consumption. Replacing your old plugs with the new ones will save at least 0.3% of your gas. Also, for best results you can use Iridium Spark plugs which works longer and increases fuel efficiency up to 6%.


Be Smart At The Pump: Squeeze out the last drop of fuel at the pump while refueling your tanks. Wait at least 5-10 seconds after the meter is shut down, there might be a quarter cup left in the nosil after the pump shuts off. Its yours, you paid for it.

Avoid Bumpy Roads: Bumps are the best friends of car mechanics and fuel companies. The more bumpy roads, the more breaks you’ll apply which will eat up fuel for sure. So, avoid the bumpy roads as much as you can. Opt for a bit long route rather than a bumpy route.

During the red lights: Set your car in a neutral gear rather than putting a foot on a break.

The Air Condition: Shut off the Air condition if the weather is pleasant. It will save you a lot of fuel also fresh air is better than artificial air.

Use fuel injectors: Fuel injector cleaners remove the harmful deposits from your fuel tank and stop the new ones to enter. Use a fuel injector cleaner regularly to increase your engine performance, and fuel efficiency.

Drive A Manual ?: The manuals save more fuel as compared to auto as you have more control over the acceleration. But today’s, automatic transmissions with engines like CVT are able to sometimes save more fuel than a manual.

Don’t Slam On The Breaks: Slamming the breaks will affect your car performance, tires, breaks and also fuel. Sometimes, you have to slam during emergency situations but in regular time, try to be smart while breaking.

Motor Oil: The use of lower viscosity oils can increase engine performance as well as improve fuel efficiency. Avoid running your car on old sloggy oil which will decrease your car performance and eventually effect the fuel efficiency. Get the best motor oil now.

Buy Gas Early Or Late At Night: The weather in the morning and night is usually cold as compared with day time. The gas expands in hot weather and contracts in cool weather. So the cooler the weather, the more gas you’ll get.

Reviving the engine: Avoid “reviving” the engine before shutting it down. Its completely useless as well as it washes down the oil from inside the cylinder walls. Its harmful for the engine.