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Jenson Mountain Bikes – Review & Buying Guide

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Jenson Mountain Bikes Review – Shopping for Mountain bikes should start with determining what your needs are. What kind of trail you will be riding on? Because different trails required different types of mountain bikes for their full potential. For Example; if you’re going on a bumpy adventure ride, you might need the Full-Suspension Mountain Bike for the best outcome. Just like that every other mountain bike serves a different purpose, that’s why you need to consider this before buying.

Now if you are a newbie to Mountain Biking or you’re just looking for general information, we are going to take you in-depth and help you to choose your best mountain bike. Today, we are going to Review Jenson Mountain Bikes because they are no doubt one of the best Bicycle retailers in the USA. Hang on tight, because you will find a lot in this article.

If you’re not familiar with Jenson Bikes, you can read our Jenson USA Review and know more about them.

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About Jenson Mountain Bikes

Jenson USA holds a big market cap of Mountain Bikes. Currently, they have over 150 different mountain bikes from different brands. All of their bikes are made from high-quality material and backed up by very professional and enthusiastic cyclists themself. If you need the best mountain bike, you don’t have to go elsewhere than Jenson USA. As of now, they have 7 different categories of Mountain Bikes and we are going to review all of them.

Why Buy From Jenson

Jenson was started because of the passion of a group of cyclists and to serve their community. And today, they are known all over the world as one of the best retailers of bicycles and equipment. The reason you should buy from them is; They are

  • Trusted
  • Been in business for 3 decades
  • Value for Price Products
  • Hundreds of Brands
  • Great Support / Advice

Jenson Mountain Bikes Brands

As we mentioned above, Jenson has partnered with hundreds of different bicycles brands to deliver the best to their customers. If we talk about Moutain Bikes, they exclusively have many brands who are specialized in mountain biking.

Buying Guide For Mountain Bikes

If you’re buying a Mountain Bike there are lots of things to consider before you make a purchase. Either you’re buying it for the first time or tenth, there are things which you need to look for in a Mountain Bike. We have mentioned some of the things below that you need to look for before buying a Mountain Bike.

Wheel Size:

Wheel size plays a huge role in the performance of Mountain Bikes. The bigger the size of the wheel is the faster it will move over the obstacle. There are three main types of bike wheels that are used in the majority of mountain bikes.

Mountain bike wheel size

26 in. – 26 in. is the standard wheel size in all bicycles for decades. These wheels are still used today in a variety of bikes. If you’re a regular biker or looking for a dirt jumping bike, the 26-in. wheel would do the trick for you.

27.5 in. – 27.5 in. wheel size was designed to roll better than 26 in. over different terrains. This size is in between of shorter 26″ and a larger 29″ wheel size and is a sweet spot for many riders. This wheel size is best for all terrains and is a better option than 26 in.

29 in. – 29 in. wheels are fast but heavy than other short wheel sizes. They provide more traction and greater roll-over ability on obstacles. 29” wheels have a higher “attack angle,” and are for riders who care about a fast and efficient ride.

All these wheels come in plus-size tires as well. The Plus-sized tires are 2-4 inches wider offering more grip and traction over normal tires. These tires are usually used in fat bikes and not in regular bikes.


The frame is the most important thing in a bike as it is holding everything together. If your frame is not of good material it may increase the risk of hurting you as well. And if the size of your frame is not right, it will cause trouble riding. So both the Material and Frame need to be right for a better riding experience.

The frame comes in different materials like Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Steel, or Titanium. Each material has different characteristics which affect the cost, comfort, and weight of the bicycle. So make sure you inspect it before buying and feel free to ask the staff about Frame size and material and let them guide you if you are buying in-shop. If you’re buying online, Jenson offers a Gear advisor service whose purpose is to help people like you.


No Mountain Bike is complete without a Suspension. If the suspension of your bike is really good, you can fly away with it. But if the suspensions aren’t good it will be difficult to ride over obstacles and not only it will damage your bike but also your body. So make sure you have a good suspension on your mountain bike as it is inversely proportional to the comfort of your ride.


Brakes are an important feature in any type of vehicle and you can’t ignore them. The better the brakes are, the more confident you will be riding. There are two types of brake used in bicycles, Disk Brakes and Rim Brakes. Disk brakes have replaced the Rim brakes on all but the entry-level bikes.

Disk Brakes – Are more effective and have better brake pads that grip over brake rotor mounted to wheel hub. These brakes are more advanced and come very handy in extreme braking.

Rim Brake – Most bikes today come with disk brakes but you can still find Rim brakes in some entry-level bikes. Rim brakes feature pads that grip onto the wheel rims. These brakes are comparatively cheaper to replace and maintain but gradually wears out the wheel and have less braking power.

Crankset / Groupset

The crankset is believed to be the engine of the bike. It consists of the components like Chain, Cranks, Cassette, Derailleurs, and Shifters. The drivetrain is a closed circuit that propels the bike and as you spend more money, the efficiency, durability and shifting performance increase while the weight decreases. The groupsets are also made of different quality materials, from low-grade to highest-grade alloy, carbon fiber, titanium which builds up as you spent more money.


Last but not least, Setting up your budget is the most important thing you should do before buying literally anything. If you haven’t set up your budget you can easily hurt your pocket. As you roam around you will see Mountain Bikes cost $10,000+ and the formula is simple. The more money you put, The sweeter it gets. So setting up your budget is a wise idea and it will also help you to find the best Mountain Bike in your range.

Types of Mountain Bikes

You may think that mountain bikes are similar but they are not. Mountain bikes come in different categories and for different trails. So before buying a bike this is also something you should look for. Scroll down to see what different types of Mountain Bikes are.

Cross-Country Mountain Bikes

Cross Country bikes are designed to perform over long distances. These bikes are built from lightweight material to get the performance and climbing ability over the mountain. The bike can be ridden on almost every trail. Cross Country bikes are commonly used all over the world and these are also used in racing and Olympics as well. The bike has front suspension for a hardtail but you can also find the full-suspension Cross Country bikes at Jenson. As of now, Jenson has 23 different Cross-Country Mountain Bikes which you can buy.

Downhill / Gravity Mountain Bikes

Downhill Mountain Bikes have the most suspension travel of any category on Mountain Bike. The reason they are called Gravity or Downhill bike is they are specially designed to go down the steep hill as quickly as possible, usually used in sports. This bike is for adrenaline junkies who love to fly down. The bike is specially designed to go down the hill keeping the angles and speed in mind. Right now Jenson has only 4 Downhill bikes which you can buy at sale.

Enduro Mountain Bikes

Enduro Bikes are a unique form of Mountain Bikes designed for long and fast travel. These bikes are also referred to as All-Mountain Bikes because of their design and structure. It easily rolls over the obstacles and moves faster either you going downhill or climbing up. You can ride these bikes on almost every terrain but some modification may be required according to the trail you’re riding on. Right now Jenson has 39 Enduro Mountain Bikes from different brands.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

There are many variations of Full Suspension Bikes but the most common is a front fork and rear suspension which absorb the impacts of the trail. The shock absorbs the bumps and reduces the impact on the rider which results in smooth riding. However, you will need to put more energy into pedaling while climbing up the hill. But to cover up this problem many Mountain Bikes have the ability to lock rear suspension which can sometimes improve the riding experience. If you love Full-Suspension bikes you’re in luck because Jenson USA sells 96* different full suspension mountain bikes from different well-known brands.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail Mountain Bikes only has suspension in the front fork and not rear shocks. This makes them cheaper than Full suspension bikes but less impact absorbent. The front suspension absorbs the impact on the front wheel and allows more direct transfer of power between the pedal stroke and the rear tire. The hardtail mountain bikes have only one suspension which means fewer moving parts and less maintenance cost. If you want to experience Hardtail Mountain bikes you can buy one from Jenson. Currently, they have 43* hardtail mountain bikes from manufacturers all around the world.

Trail & All-Mountain Bikes

A Trail bike is designed to handle varied terrain including berms, jumps, rocks and roots but still pedal efficiently up climbs. Trail and All-Mountain bikes tend to be some of the most versatile bikes available. Mountain bikes in this category are designed to tackle nearly any trail as they are light and nimble enough to not hold riders back while climbing and they have a progressive geometry that allows for ripping descents. Trail bikes are designed to aid riders in changing terrain and come with a dropper post to improve the riders descending position. Jenson has 60* Trail Moutain Bikes at this time, so you will definitely find something which will fit best for you.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes are as simple as it sounds. The E-Mountain bike can come in any category, make it Cross Country or Full Suspension it’s the same but with a battery integrated into them. E-MTBs are actually really helpful and increase the potential of your mountain riding experience. If you want to experience the Electric Mountain bike you can buy it right now from Jenson. They have 14 Electric MTBs from brands like Yeti, Orbea, Devinci, and Niner.

Build Your Mountain Bike with Jenson

If you’re an enthusiast biker and you love building your own bike, you will love Jenson’s myBike Builder service. They offer this service especially for enthusiasts and bike lovers. You can choose which product you want to use, what size, what color, and from which brand and they will get all of your selected items and build a bike for you and deliver it to your doorstep.

Jenson Bike’s Gears

If you’re a mountain biking lover you know the importance of protective gears. You don’t want to be involved in any accidents when not wearing the right gear. Jenson Bikes also keep protective gear and apparel from very well-known brands. From Helmet to Eyewear and Protective Layers to footwear, you can find everything at Jenson.

Jenson gears


At Jenson, you can get up to 1-3 years of warranty on your Mountain Bikes. As Jenson Bikes is a retailer shop they don’t hold the warranty claims. Every item or bike’s warranty is held by their respective manufacturers. But not to be worried, As you can also claim your warranty thru Jenson Bikes.

Shipping & Delivery

Jenson Bikes offer Free Shipping over the order of $60. If you want to buy a mountain bike from Jenson USA you will get free shipping all over the USA. The estimated delivery time is 2-7 business days and it varies depending on where you’re buying from.


Jenson accepts different payment options so you can pay however you like. You can pay them through PayPal, or a Credit card, whichever you like.

Pedal Now, Pay Later


Return & Refund

Jenson offers 90 days window to return any of your orders in case it’s damaged or not the product you order. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase you can return it to their store within 90 days of purchase. Once you ship the order back, the refund process will begin which can take up to 7-10 business days.

Jenson does not accept exchanges, so if you want to exchange your bike with another you will have to return your purchase and order a new one by yourself.

Save Money On Mountain Bikes

There is no doubt that Mountain Bikes are quite expensive and the high-end ones have beefy price tags. And if you’re buying something that cost over $1000s you should look for a way to save some money. Luckily if you’re buying from Jenson USA you can save some of your money by using discount codes and deals that are available at Saving Says.

Black Friday Sale

There is no other better way to save money than buying from Black Friday Sale. You can save up to 75% OFF at Jenson Black Friday Sale. Either you want to buy Bikes, Gear, or just a Component for your Mountain Beast. You can find it all on the Black Friday Sale at Jenson USA.

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Mountain Biking is not just a hobby but a passion and love of adventure. A good mountain bike can enhance your riding experience and you will love to explore more and more if you love your bike. At Jenson, they care about you because they are a group of cyclists and know this feeling. Anything you buy from Jenson USA you will have peace of mind.

If we talk about Mountain Bikes they have over 160 Mountain Bikes from Hundreds of well-known brands. So no matter what the specs or budget you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find something that will be suited best for you. So get ready to pedal through the sky and hop on your Mountain Bikes from Jenson USA.