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Jenson USA Review 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

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Jenson USA Review

Jenson USA Review – There might be a few cyclists that have not heard of Jenson USA, and it is possible that many of you might have already purchased something from there. The Jenson is one of the best online bike shops to exist, they have a great range of bikes, accessories, and other items. Today we are going to talk about Jenson USA and see if they are worth the price and should you buy from them or not.


About Jenson USA

Jenson USA is one of the oldest and respected USA-based cycling retailer company that sells only the best quality bicycles. At Jenson, they believe that everyone should experience the beauty of the trail. That’s why they sell every kind of bicycle including Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, or Electric Bikes. They will always have something for you in their store. They are in business since 1994 and delivering only the best quality bicycles, apparel, and everything related to cycling.

Why Buy from Jenson?

There is no doubt that Jenson is of the best retailer in the cycling business for more than 27 Years. And the reason they are still one of the best is that they don’t compromise on their quality. They feature brands with the highest quality products while not compromising on safety and other features. And by chance, if you face any issue with your bicycle they have great customer support which is always there to help you with anything. And as a cyclist, I would also recommend buying from Jenson USA.

Jenson Partnered Brands

Jenson USA partners with some of the best bike manufacturers in the world to deliver the best to its customers. While they partner with some of the big names in the cycling industry there are also some lesser-known brands on the list. Their bikes might be cheaper than the rest but the quality won’t be cheap. Jenson makes sure that their customers are always getting the best quality.

Jenson brands

While these are only a few cycling brands, Jenson features hundreds of brands in their store. No matter what’s your budget is you will always find something suitable for you.

Jenson Bikes

As you know Jenson is a very big retailer and you can find almost everything related to cycling in their store. Either you’re a Mountain Biker or you want a bicycle for daily use. You can find it at Jenson USA. They sell multiple categories of bikes with different features coming with them so you know what you are buying.

Right now Jenson has 250+ different bikes, so you can imagine how big of a range you have to select your next bike.

Cyclocross & Gravel Bikes

Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes are the common types of bikes that most people opt to choose. These bikes can be used in daily life and also for racing. Jenson USA sale more than 40* Cyclocross & Gravel Bikes from the best cycling manufacturer in the world.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are the closest feeling to flying that you can have on land. The road bike has 10-speed gear which gives you the speed you need to travel on roads. There are two types of road bikes 1) Elite Road Bikes and 2) Endurance Road Bikes. Jenson currently sells 15 different road bikes, all in different colours and from different manufacturers.

Mountain Bikes

Shopping for Mountain Bikes should always start with determining what your needs are. There are many different types of Mountain Bikes available for different types of trails. So depending on what type of trail person you are, you need to select your MTB according to that category. Lucky for you, Jenson Bikes have 8 different categories for Mountain Bikes including; Downhill Bikes, Hardtail Bikes, Cross Country Bikes and more. In total Jenson exclusively have 150* Mountain Bikes, and they all are different. So no matter what type of trail bike you’re looking for, you going to find something at Jenson USA for yourself.

Commuter & Urban Bikes

Commuter & Urban Bikes are the most common type of bike used for commuting to your workplace or any other destination in the city. As of recent years, more and more people are using bikes for daily commute instead of using cars. Commuter bikes come in all shapes and sizes for people of all ages and genders. The bike features multiple gears for easy hill climbing and two breaks for quick responsive braking. As of today, Jenson has 20* different Commuter & Urban Bikes from different brands, coming in different shapes and sizes.

Electric Bikes

Electronic Bikes are getting more and more popular among the peoples. It is because of the features and creative production that catch people’s eye. E-bikes are extremely useful, they come in handy in lots of places. Either you want to go to the grocery store or hike, it will serve its purpose. The best part is you don’t really need to pedal the bike all the way. The accelerate motor will take you to your destination taking the power from the battery fixed in the frame of your bicycle. Like other bicycles, E-bikes also come in different categories for people who love Mountain biking or just want a Commuter E-bike. Jenson has them all, currently, Jason USA sells 32* different E-bikes from different brands at different price range.

Jenson Electric Bikes

BMX Bikes

BMX is a cycle sport that is popular among teenagers, kids, and adults. The BMX bikes are made of very high-quality material as it is used for racing, jumping, and doing various stunts. Jenson currently has 5* BMX Bikes from the brand called REDLINE.

KID’s Bikes

Jenson not only cares about the adult biking community but they serve the children as well. They sell some of the best bikes for kids from the very well know partnered brands. Made from good quality materials to keep your child safe while they’re riding around the neighborhood with their friends. You can find 13* different bikes for kids at Jenson with different categories and features.

Jenson USA Best Seller

Jenson is a very big bicycle retailer in the USA, featuring brands from all over the world with the best quality products. While Jenson currently has over 250 different types of bikes some of them are the most favorite among the people. You can find those bikes in the Best Sellers Category and choose from there with some good discount offers as well.

Jenson Bicycle Apparel

If you’re a bicycle enthusiast you definitely love the bicycle apparel and gears as much as you like a good bicycle. Jenson truly cares about you and your bicycling passion, and as the best retailer shop for bicycles, they keep the best apparel as well. From Footwear, Jersey, and Helmet you can find the safety gear in their store as well.

Jenson Bicycle Apparel

Component & Accessories

We all know, no matter how good our bikes are, we still need to modify them a bit according to our taste. Either it is as simple as installing a Front & Rear Light or installing a full-fledged GPS & Computer system. Well, Jenson knows and cares about it. You can find many different components and accessories at Jenson’s store which you can install on your bike. Either it’s Tools & Maintenance Kit, Hydration Bottle, Forks, Saddles, or something else, you can find them all at Jenson USA.

Jenson Component & Accessories

Gear Stoke

As we ride our bikes they need maintenance and sometimes we need to change some parts. Like Tyres, Brakes, or Chainset. And finding good-quality gears for your bike can be hectic for some people. But if you shop from Jenson USA, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your product as they only sell quality products in their store. You can find many gears like Wheels, Hub, Puncture Kits, Fork Tool to Mountain Bikes Helmet. All at Jenson Gear Stoke section.

Jenson Warranty

As Jenson Bikes is a retailer shop they don’t hold the warranty claims. Every item or bike’s warranty is held by their respective manufacturers. But don’t worry, you can claim your warranty thru Jenson Bikes as well. Some brands like to work with customers directly so you have to contact the brand for your product’s warranty claim. If you have any questions about warranty claims, you can get more information from Jenson’s Warranty page. Moreover, you can get a warranty on your bicycles ranging from 1-Year to 3-Years.

Returns & Exchange

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase from Jenson, you can always return the package within 90 days of the original purchase date. You can return your purchase at their store or ship it to them. After returning the package you will get a refund within 7-10 days. Keep in mind that this time is after the return process is complete which usually takes 10-14 days.

Jenson doesn’t accept exchanges, so if you want to exchange your bike with another you will have to return your purchase and order a new one by yourself.

Shipping & Delivery

Jenson USA provides free shipping to their customers over the order of $60. They use USPS delivery services to ship all over the US. The estimated delivery time is 2 – 7 days depending on your address. You can see the exact time of delivery at the time of checkout.


Jenson accepts different payment options so you can pay however you like. You can pay them through PayPal, or a Credit card, whichever you like.

Pedal Now, Pay Later

Jenson also provides the Affirm payment services which allow you to pay later. You can buy your favorite bike and pay for it over the course of a 3, 6, or 12 months period.

Save Money at Jenson USA

Discount & Deals

Are you all set to buy your bike from Jenson USA? Well, like every other brand Jenson also provides some good deals and discounts to their customers. You can save up to 30% at Jenson by finding good deals and discounts. As a SavingSays user and reading Jenson USA Review we gonna reward you with a free coupon, which you can use at the checkout and save yourself some time and money.

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Jenson Black Friday Sale

Who doesn’t love some good sale items? That’s right, everyone loves it. You can get some good items from the Jenson Black Friday Sale. From Bikes, Accessories, Helmets, and components. Don’t forget to check the Black Friday Sale section first before buying anything, you might find a good deal there.

Gift Card

Do you want to give someone a gift but don’t know what they like? Well, Gift Cards are always the best choice to go for. Therefore, you can buy Jenson Gift Cards for any amount you would like. You can either buy the physical Gift card which could be delivered to your address within 2-7 days. Or you can buy the E-Gift which will be delivered to you through your email address.

Gear Advisors

Jenson USA is run by a group of cyclists and they want to inspire other people to get out and Ride, Experience and Explore. If you’re facing any sort of problem whether it’s Technical help, Compatibility issues, or you need help building your dream, bike. The team at Jenson is always there to help you out.

You can give them a call at: (951) 234-7554

MON – SAT: 8AM – 5PM (PST)
Closed 12 – 1 for Lunch

Store Location

If you’re from California or around, you’re in luck. Jenson USA operates two retailer stores in the USA.

  1. Corona, California
  2. Riverside, California
Jenson USA store

They have a very professional staff in their stores offering expert advice and providing excellent customer service to their customers. You can either go in their stores to buy your bicycle or you also have the option to order it online and pickup in-store, whatever suits you. Their retail locations also feature several exclusive in-store only brands which are available to only Southern California customers.

Jenson USA Reviews

Socialize with Jenson USA


As of today more and more people are coming towards the biking community. They are using bicycles for the daily commute or to go to their workplace, and it’s truly amazing. Because it not only saves you from traffic but also saves you money and also less environmental pollution. Therefore, more brands are willing to provide the best bikes to their customers and to shop all of them under one hood, Jenson is by far the best place.

After reading our Jenson USA Review you already know how much they are providing to their customers and helping the community with their experience. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Bikes or Accessories from Jenson USA and go out on the roads and Ride, Experience, and Explore.

Jenson USA FAQs

1) What is Jenson USA?

Jenson USA is one of the biggest and oldest bicycle retailers based in the USA. They are in business for 28-Years, selling high-quality material products to their customers. You can find all types of bikes at Jenson including Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Electric Bikes, and more. Read our Jenson USA Review to know more about them.

2) Is Jenson USA Legit?

Yes, Jenson USA is 100% Legit. They are in business for three decades and is trusted by many brands and peoples from all around the world.

3) How do I check my order status?

Once you placed the order you will get a confirmation email. When the package is shipped, you will receive another email to confirm your order is in transit with an estimated delivery date and tracking information. However, you can also log in to your account at Jenson USA and review your order status.

4) How can I return the bike to Jenson USA?

If you want to return the bike to Jenson, first you will need to contact them. Their Gear Advisor Pro will guide you through the process of return and shipping methods. They advise packing your bike or frame properly, you can get more information here.

5) How to redeem Jenson USA Gift Card?

A gift card is always the best way to let someone choose their own gift. If you have a Jenson gift card, you can redeem it online at their website. When you’re ready to checkout, enter the gift card number at the payment step and the discount will be applied to your bill.

6) How do I assemble my Jenson USA bike?

Jenson USA ships your bike unassembled in a box to ensure the ultimate protection of your bike. However, they don’t come in many pieces. Once your bike has arrived all you need to do is install the front wheel and your favorite set of pedals. If you need any help regarding bike assemble you can find a video above in our Jenson USA Review.

7) How can I get a Discount at Jenson USA?

Jenson cares about their customer and wants to give the best to them. That’s why they also offer some discounts and deals by which you can save some money when shopping with them. To make it easier for you, we have mentioned a discount code in our Jenson USA review which you can use for free. Besides that, you can also find more Jenson discounts and deals at Saving Says.

8) How can I pay Jenson USA?

Jenson USA accepts different payment methods. You can pay them thru Credit Card or you can also use PayPal. And If you want to buy your bike on Installment, they also offer Affirm Payment service which allows you to pay over the period of 3, 6, or 12 months.

9) What is the shipping time of Jenson USA?

Jenson USA uses FedEx and USPS services for their ground shipping services. You will get the delivery time of your package in an email once your order is placed. However, the estimated delivery time for shipping in the USA is 2-7 business days. You can get more information in our Jenson USA review.

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