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FFS Razor Review – Shave It OFF!

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FFS Razor Review – Choosing a Razor could be a difficult task. If you are obsessed with those razors that become useless after shaving with 3 to 4 times. Then you should get a Friction FREE Shaving Razor (FFS Razor).

Super Smooth Shaving

If you want to keep unwanted hair away from your body and want a clean shave, it is recommended to shave after 3 to 4 days. Even if you want a completely hairless look, you don’t need to shave every day. As razors not only cut off your hair, but they also remove a layer of skin cells every time you shave.

About FFS Razor

FFS believes that beauty should be effortless. They are committed to making beauty routines and shopping Fuss-Free. They delivers an affordable, high-quality, and luxury products to your door step.

FFS Beauty is committed to being 100% cruelty free and are approved under the International Leaping Bunny Program. They have also teamed up with Climate Partner to reach their goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company.

FFS Razor Review

What FFS Beauty Offers?

FFS Beauty not just offers Friction Free Shaving Razors. They offer everything you need to keep your skin smooth and hairless.

FFS Razor Shave Cream

1) Shave Cream

You can get a Natural Shaving Cream for your moisturized skin. It includes Manuka honey, Shea Butter, and Coconut oil. It includes Cationic Ingredients which encourage a close shave. The tube is 100 ml and you can add it to your subscription plan.

2) Facial Wax Strips

Facial Wax Strips if simply for facial hair removal. You don’t need to heat any wax for using these strips. It contains 12 strips and it even removes the most resistant hair from the body. Before using these strips, make sure to prepare your skin for waxing with light exfoliation.

FFS Razor Facial Wax Strips
FFS Razor Shave Balm

3) Shave Balm

FFS offers a Post-Shave Balm to keep skin refreshed after shaving. It helps restore the skin’s natural moisture. The ingredients include Rich Manuka Honey, Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter. You can use it anywhere on the skin after every shave.

4) Shave Scrub

Using the Shave Scrub helps to open the pores and remove dead skin cells. It helps the hair bristles to stay up for your razor to get closer to your skin. It is made with Walnut Husks, Almond Extract & Manuka Honey.

FFS Razor Shave Scrub
FFS Razor Shave Gel

5) Shave Gel

Shaving Gel helps you lubricate your skin, so you can get a close shave without any cuts. You can use it anywhere on your body to remove unwanted hair. It’s a translucent gel for maximum control and precision.

6) Self Tanning Mousse

Self Tanning Mousse features a natural tanning agent for a streak-free glow. It gives your skin a tanned look, without exposing it to UV rays. It blends easily into your skin. Offers a refreshingly fruity smell. It’s a 200ml recyclable bottle.

FFS Razor Self Tanning Mousse
Natural Deodorant Balm

7) Natural Deodorant Balm

This Natural Deodorant Balm is made with natural ingredients. The creamy texture softens while making contact with warm skin. It’s totally Free from Parabens, Aluminium, BPA’s. Comes in a 50gm aluminium tin.

8) Tanning Drops

Use Tanning Drops for unique skin tone, reduce redness and even tone to glow your skin. It’s suitable to use Suitable on face and anywhere on the body.

FFS Razor Tanning Drops
FFS Razor Floral Infused Body Oil

9) Floral Infused Body Oil

This helps improves skin hydration and promotes a good skin health. It moisturizes the skin and softens hair. Gives you a natural glow on a fast absorption note.

10) Detox Facial Masque

The Detox Facial Masque gently moisturizes, hydrates and purifies the skin pores. It draws excess oils and extract impurities out of the skin. This Facial Masque leaves the skin super smooth after applying it. Suitable with all types of skin.

FFS Razor Detox Facial Masque

FFS Razor Subscription Review

FFS offers a subscription service to it’s customers. You can customize your own monthly box. You can include Razor Blades, Shaving Creams, Shaving Scrubs, Balm, Waxing strips, and whatever you like. The subscription box will be delivered according you the frequency you have planned.

How Subscription Works?

FFS Razor Subscription

How To Subscribe for FFS Razor?


Visit FFS.co.uk and select your desired handle.

FFS razors

Shaving Frequency


Choose how frequently you shave?


Choose addons if you want any; like shave cream, shave balm, or shave scrub. You can also select if you want addons with every delivery or one time delivery.

FFS Razor STEP 3
FFS Razor shopping cart


Go To your shopping cart and proceed towards checkout.


Don’t forget to add a discount code.

FFS Discount Code


Congratulations the discount code has been applied.

Use the Coupon Code below to avail the discount on your order.

What Will You Get in Your Next Box?

If you have subscribed for FFS Razors for the First time, you’ll get 4 premium smoothglide blades in the next box. If you also have chosen any addons like; shave cream or shave balm in your subscription plan like you’ll also receive them accordingly.

Next Box

Why Choose FFS?

why Choose FFS

There are certain benefits of choosing FFS razors. The first point is that they are Made in UK. They have high quality blades that helps you make a perfect shave. They are Eco-friendly and the blades of FFS razors are recyclable.

Why Choose a Subscription Plan?

It is convenient. You’ll receive regular top-up deliveries of premium smoothglide blades. Changing the blades after 3 to 4 uses ensures the blades remain hygienic and your keeping your skin healthy.

You can subscribe and save on your favorite bathroom essentials. Buying your bathroom essentials has never been more effortless with subscribe and save.

Whether its shaving essentials or body care necessities, you will be taking a step to saying no to single use of plastic material and yes to a more eco-friendly living.

Save at FFS

You can save on your razor subscription kits from FFS beauty by using the coupon code we have mentioned above. You can find even more amazing discounts of FFS at Saving Says. Save 80% on your Subscription box or use these coupons to save £5 on your entire order.

Student Discount

If you’re a college or university student, you can take full benefit of FFS beauty student discount and get 20% OFF on your purchase. Verify your student ID and enjoy the discount for free.

FFS Gifting

If you are looking for a Beauty Gift for someone. Or you want to treat yourself on any special occasion like; Christmas or any other. You may check out some gift options at FFS Beauty. Although, they do not have any wide range of products in Gifts section. But you may still check them out and see if it works for you.

Recommended Hair Removal Kit to Buy from FFS

FFS Razor Hair Removal Kit
  • 4 Premium Sharp Blades
  • Reusable Weighted Metal Handle
  • Personalized engraving on Premium Handles
  • 6 Double-Sided Facial Wax Strips
  • FREE Shower Holder

Shipping & Delivery

FFS offers FREE Standard Shipping on orders over £6. Orders below £6 will be charged a shipping fee of £1.95. If somehow you didn’t receive your order within seven working days. You can contact them at info@ffs.co.uk and they’ll help you with that.


FFS offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy or satisfied with the product, you may return your purchase within 30 days and get your money 100% back.

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FFS Razor Customer Review

FFS Razor Customer Review

Contact FFS Beauty

Email: info@ffs.co.uk

Phone: 01543 648044

Return Address: FFS Beauty Ltd, Unit 8 Heritage Park, Hayes Way, WS11 7LT, United Kingdom.


1) Does FFS offers Subscription Boxes?

Yes, FFS offers subscription boxes for women. The price is starting from £9.

2) Is FFS Beauty Legit or Scam?

FFS Beauty is a legit brand. They offers products that will keep your skin healthy and will make it glow.

3) Can I save money at FFS Razor?

Yes, you can save up to 15% OFF on everything at FFS Razor by using coupons and promo codes from SavingSays.com.

4) How much is the Razor Subscription at FFS Beauty?

The price of the razor subscription is starting from £9. In the next box you’ll only have to buy razor blades, as they can be easily replaced.

5) Are FFS Razor’s of good quality?

Yes, FFS razor’s are of good quality. They lets you make a smooth and cut free shave any where on your body.

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