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15% Off Military Discount

Does Tommie Copper offer a Military Veteran discount?

Tommie Copper offers a 15% Off discount to all members of the military (active or retired).

This military, first responders, and teachers discount program is valid in the U.S. only. Discount codes are subject to ID verification at our sole discretion. Discount codes may not be combined with other discount codes from this program or other Tommie Copper promotional codes or applied retroactively. Each discount code will be limited to one use per customer. We reserve the right to change or discontinue this discount program at any time and without notice, including limiting the number of discount codes per customer or the eligible products. Shipping and taxes may apply.

How to receive your discount.

1. Visit the sign up link below.

2. Click on Get Code.

3. Verify Yourself with VerifyPass

4. After verification, you’ll receive a one-time discount code to apply during checkout.

5. . For future purchases, return to this page and repeat Step 1. (Limit 1 code per 24 hours.)

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Contact Tommie Copper directly for any clarification.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tommie Copper military discount

How much can I save with Tommie Copper military discount?

Currently, Tommie Copper is offering a 15% Off military discount.

Who is eligible for Tommie Copper military Discount?

You can claim Tommie Copper military discount if you are all members of the military (active or retired).

How many times can I use the Tommie Copper military discount?

The unique promo code provided is one-time use only, however you can re-verify the profile and claim a new promo code.

What type of documentation do I need to upload to claim Tommie Copper military discount?

If you’re asked for documentation, you’ll need to

upload a document that clearly shows your first name, last name, valid dates and/or status.


Any document that proves you are currently serving under Title 10 Active Duty Orders for 30 days or more

Does Tommie Copper ships to APO/FPO addresses?

No, Tommie Copper does not ship the orders at APO/FPO addresses.

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