Qatar Airways Food & Meals Guide

Qatar Airways Food & Meals Guide

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Qatar Airways Food & Meals Guide: Qatar Airways offers a large selection of special meals to cater to different dietary requirements. If you need a special meal on your flight, tell the time of booking, or contact your local Qatar Airways office at least 24 hours before your departure to request your preferred meal.

The new age of airline dining revolves around you and relishes sumptuous cuisine designed by the best chefs in the world and expertly served exclusive vintages. An on-demand à la carte menu lets you enjoy mouth-watering dishes whenever you like.

About Qatar Airways:

In addition to being the world’s fastest-growing airline, Qatar Airways is proud to be one of the youngest international carriers to offer service to all six continents. With a fleet of the newest aircraft and an unmatched level of service from people’s homes and hubs, the five-star Hamad International Airport in Doha, the State of Qatar, connects more than 150 destinations every day.

Qatar Airways is the first global airline in the world to achieve this honor with 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating from the international air transport rating organization, Skytrax. This follows the HIA’s success as the first airport in the Middle East and Asia to awarded from Skytrax 5-Star COVID-19 Airport Safety Rating. Since its launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has earned many awards and become one of the elite groups of airlines worldwide to earn a 5-star rating by Skytrax. Qatar Airways has won the confidence of the traveling public.

Meal Descriptions

Special Dietary Meals
Baby Meal (BBML)
→ Children’s Meal (CHML)
→ Vegetarian Meal – Vegan (VGML)
→ Fruit Platter (FPML)
→ Raw Vegetarian Meal (RVML)
→ Vegetarian Lacto-OVO Meal (VLML)
→ Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML)
→ Asian Vegetarian Meal / Veg Hindu Meal (AVML)
→ Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal (HNML)
→ Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML)
→ Kosher Meal (KSML)
→ Diabetic Meal (DBML)
→ Gluten-Free Meal (GFML)
→ Bland Meal (BLML)
→ Low-Salt / Sodium Meal (LSML)
→ Non-Lactose Meal (NLML)
→ Low-Calorie Meal (LCML)
→ Low Cholesterol / Fat Meal (LFML)

Non-Provision Of Special Meals
With the exception of vegetarian meals, no special meals are provided for flights to Gulf countries such as Oman, Kuwait, due to the short flight time.

→ We do not offer any variations or combinations on the special meals listed above. Additionally, we do not provide personal preference or requests for specific foods or ingredients (for example: only-pasta dish, seafood meals, steaks, etc.).

→ Special meals for flights operated by codeshare partners cannot be guaranteed by Qatar Airways. Please confirm your request on such flights with the operating airline at the time of booking.

Onboard Dining

Begin your culinary journey with a selection of light delicacies, refined to reward your senses. The appetizing starters are served with a range of distinct and palatable flavors.

1) Freshly Baked Bread

2) Appetising Soups

3) Culinary Delights

4) Delectable Appetisers

Digital Menu

With mouthwatering dining menus, which now provide digital access to the world of flavor on board, enjoy a safer, more environmentally friendly, and frictionless experience. Digital menus are accessible before takeoff and during the flight, and you can get a taste of what you expect in their unrivaled Economy Class. Simply connect on the plane using the on-board Wi-Fi or your trip card on the Qatar Airways app.

Gourmet Vegan And Freshly Prepared Menu

The first selection of delectable plant-based vegan dishes, created with sustainability and taste in mind, is now offered à la carte for Business Class passengers on all flights. With their selection of delicious foods, please your palate and awaken your senses. The quality and freshness of the products used in their dishes are a priority. Choose from a variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts as you dine in roomy, extra-wide seats.

The Perfect Complement and A Delicious Treat

Choose the ideal beverages to go with your ideal dinner. Before, during, and after meals, they provide a variety of drinks. Enjoy a mouthwatering blend of mocktails, fruit juices, and fizzy or spicy flavors. Each dinner is followed by a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea to help you unwind. Also, Dessert is always a wonderful experience on board, where you can savor a delectable variety of warm and sweet creations.

Special Dietary Requirements

Most dietary needs, such as those that are allergy-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, or related to religion or health care, can be met. Prior to your flight, define your dining experience before you fly. Enhance your experience on-board Business or First Class by pre-selecting the perfect meal from a range of flavourful dishes.

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Student Discount

If you are a student and planning a short trip use the Qatar Airways student discount and get a 20% OFF. To avail the discount read our complete student discount guide and save your money.

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