RentRedi Reviews

RentRedi Reviews

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Still struggling with your Tenant’s payments? Don’t worry anymore! RentRedi has got you covered. Get your property managed by RentRedi at a low-cost. RentRedi offers all the features you need to manage your business.

Pay Less for Unlimited Properties Management!

With the help of RentRedi, you’ll never need to request for maintenance ever again. There are many features that RentRedi offers you for one price.

1) Unlimited properties
2) Tenants
3) FREE teammate accounts
4) Rent collection
5) Maintenance management
6) Screen tenants

RentRedi Reviews

RentRedi has been awarded as the Most Promising PropTech Solution Provides of 2020. They have gained the full trust of the Landlords in the means of best rentals, best customer support, best return of investment, and best overall performance.

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RentRedi History

RentRedi was founded in 2016 by Ryan Barone. The reason behind starting this company is when the CEO Ryan Barone himself lost out on an apartment in a New York City. There we many hurdles in collecting and keeping the documents safe. He began developing RentRedi and as he started meeting the landlords, the difficulties of the renting process become more serious. It was known that many problems faced by the landlords would be streamlined.

It all started with a mobile application which turned into a sleek. Today, RentRedi is all set to help the tenants and the landlords for managing the rentals from wherever and whenever.

“Honestly, the tenant application was the only thing I started with. Everything else (mobile rent payments, listing units, prequalifying and screening tenants, maintenance requests) came from a direct conversation with a landlord. Landlords were telling me, ‘If you built this, it would make my life one thousand times easier.’ So, we built it.”

Ryan Barone, CEO & Founder

Rentredi Reviews (Landlord Software)

Why RentRedi?

If you are still using those old spreadsheets or overpriced software, you are wasting your time and money. RentRedi believes that managing rentals should be easy. That’s why there are available for providing you with a premium quality service that would bring a smile to your face.

They offer you a world-class quality service at such a low cost. You won’t need to build any more spreadsheets or use any expensive software. You can get all the services in a pocket-friendly manner.

RentRedi Reviews

RentRedi Pricing & Subscription Plans

RentRedi Reviews

RentRedi is available in 3 price variants. All the plans include the same features. The difference only lies when it comes to the prices.

1) Monthy Plan (Pay as you go)
The monthly plan works best when you’ve got trust issues. But I don’t think you should be focusing this much after reading some legit reviews from This plan is available only for $19.95/month.

2) Annual Plan (Save $132/year)
This is the most recommended plan among all. You don’t need to renew it monthly. If you are thinking to give all of your fatigues to RentRedi, we would recommend you to go for this plan. It will cost you only, $9.00/month.

3) 3-Month Plan (Save $60/year)
By choosing this plan, you get to save $60 every year. This plan renews every three months, and it includes all the features you get in a monthly plan. This plan only cost for $15.00/month.

Services You Get

  • Collect rent payments from mobile or web
  • Accept ACH, cash, or credit card payments
  • Allow partial or block payments
  • Secure tenant screening through TransUnion
  • Full credit, criminal, and eviction report
  • Simple, built-in prescreening questionnaire
  • Approved prescreened tenants can instantly submit applications
  • Free listings to and Doorsteps
  • Free marketing and listing page from RentRedi
  • Send in-app communication to your tenants
  • Add your entire team to your RentRedi account with full permissions, at no additional cost
  • Send automated receipts and rent reminders to tenants
  • 5-second video with tenant-submitted maintenance requests
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Lease signing & storage
  • Upload & share documents via cloud file sharing
  • NEW! Tenants can use on-time rent payments to boost credit score through TransUnion
  • Pay rent via app with ACH, cash, or card
  • Set up customized rent reminders
  • Schedule auto-pay
  • Access to affordable renter’s insurance

RentRedi Landlord

RentRedi provides you everything you need as a DIY Landlord.

RentRedi Reviews

Key Features:-

1) Rent Collection
Easy mobile and online rent collection without any hidden fees!

2) Tenant Screening
Identify high-quality tenants, quickly!

3) Tenant Applications
Get the right tenants into your property.

4) Maintenance Requests & Coordination
Processes to keep you organized!

5) Listings & Marketing
Reduce vacancy and turnover time.

6) Tenant & Team Communications
Streamline communications with free teammate accounts & tenant push notifications.

RentRedi Tenant

RentRedi helps you easily pay rent, sign a lease, purchase renter’s insurance & submit maintenance requests, all from your phone.

RentRedi Reviews

Key Features:-

1) Pay Rent From Your Phone
2) Apply & Submit Screenings
3) Report Maintenance Issues To Your Landlord
4) Protect Your Property With Renter’s Insurance
5) Use Rent To Boost Your Credit Score

E-Sign Lease

With RentRedi, you can streamline the lease signing process at No additional cost. You just need to upload a lease or any other document to send for signatures. Notify tenants and receive a legal signature through RentRedi Tenant Application.

Steps to Follow:-

1) Upload & send lease documents directly from the RentRedi app
2) Tenants have a one-click option to sign lease terms & conditions
3) All lease signings create a legally binding e-signature with a government ID photo
4) Get notified when the lease has been signed & verify

E-Sign Lease

Renters Insurance

Your investment is protected, when your tenants have renter’s insurance. For your convenience, RentRedi has partnered with Sure (an insurance company), to help your tenants with a low-cost insurance. Tenants can purchase renter’s insurance with the help of RentRedi or upload their current policy for your records.

Renters insurance

How this is going to work for Landlords?

1) Add a new tenant to your RentRedi account.
2) After your tenant creates a RentRedi account, they can purchase renter’s insurance or submit proof of insurance directly from their app.
3) You can see if your tenant purchased or uploaded proof of renter’s insurance from your tenant’s profile.
4) If the tenant is marked as uninsured, you can request them to get insurance or manually mark them as insured in RentRedi.

How RentRedi Works?

RentRedi Reviews (Testimonials)

RentRedi have got some excellent reviews since the day one. You may check them out before getting started.


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Whenever there’s a problem for the Landlords about the payment, RentRedi becomes a solution. RentRedi is operating since 2016, and has gained enough reputation and trust in the market. If you are one of the landlords who are still maintaining spreadsheets or using some expensive software, you urgently need to switch yourself to RentRedi. It makes your life easy and comfortable by just paying a low amount of money. So what are you waitng for? Don’t waste your time anymore and let the RentRedi do the rest.

If you have read RentRedi Reviews make sure to let us know in comments if it has helped you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it safe to use RentRedi?
Yes, It is totally safe to use RentRedi. You can without any doubt subscribe to any plan of RentRedi.

2) How RentRedi works?
RentRedi allows you to receive rent and payments electronically. Tenants can make payments on the tenant mobile app by connecting their bank account, or inputting their credit card information.

3) Is there any discount code for RentRedi?
No, RentRedi doesn’t offer any discount code or promo. Their itself plans are cheap in price as compared to others.

4) How can I save money at RentRedi?
You can save up to $132/year at RentRedi by choosing an yearly plan. of $9/month. You’ll need to renew it anually.