Skillshare VS Udemy | Differences to Consider In 2024

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What is better for learning the Best Courses with regards to Skillshare VS Udemy? You have 2 options. Either you can go and check both of them yourself or Follow on with me to know what has been best for me. Then you can decide on your own. As I have evaluated my great time to know Skillshare and Udemy differences to consider in 2023 hence, I want you to save your time and strength and stay tuned to find your best online course provider. 

Udemy and Skillshare, both are certified teaching platforms, to help you with your studies to perform well in any case. They don’t only offer academic courses, yet many skillful skills from the kitchen to the workplace. Although many sites are providing such useful content, skillshare and Udemy are most popular among them.

Skillshare VS Udemy Overview

Where these two giant platforms have a similar purpose. They differ in many things in their way. Udemy offers its lifetime course subscription and on the other hand, skillshare offers its subscription on a monthly basis. Both offer thousands of courses out of which hundreds are free. But Udemy has more choices than skillshare. Skillshare has its ultimate focus on creativity and entrepreneurship.

Let’s read on to examine both the online course providers in detail. Udemy VS Skillshare.

Skillshare VS Udemy Subscriptions

You need to buy their subscription to get full access to their courses. Some courses are too expensive which are up to $199.99 and others are as cheap as $9.99. They also have free courses available for beginners.

Udemy offers per course lifetime subscriptions. Its courses can be as valuable as $199.99. And are also available at cheap prices. It offers payments through PayPal as well as Payoneer.

Skillshare offers a $96/yearly subscription for its users. It also offers a 2-month free trial for a premium subscription model. Skillshare is only compatible with PayPal for transferring money.

Udemy$9.99 Lifetime$199.99 Lifetime

Ease of Use

The first thing to see is how easy and simple it is to access any website. You should be able to find course material, organize lectures and talk to the instructor for any course queries. 

The registration on both platforms is super easy. In Udemy, you sign up. Enter your email address and type password. Udemy sends you a confirmation email and after typing your confirmed email. You are logged in to Udemy. 

In Skillshare, the process is similar to Udemy. You sign up with your name, enter your email and password. Skillshare shares the confirmation email address with you and you are logged in. Skillshare additionally offers direct g-mail and Facebook logins. To help you register with your Google account.

Backend & Design

Once you logged into Udemy, you will notice how easy it is to access the courses. You can create your collection (like designing, programming, etc.). The actual course interface is also very smartly designed. How you set the playback speed, video quality, and subtitle management in your language. You can also add notes to a certain time of the video and place a tick mark beside the lessons and their chapters to see your progress.

Skillshare provides a course list for better resourceful material. It also allows you to add notes into your courses for better revision. However, it does not have as good quality videos as Udemy. It has not a better design version or maybe not a modern-looking website as Udemy is. Its video player also lacks in advancement and the interface is way more simple. As a matter to be concerned, you can not watch free courses on offline mode in Skillshare.

Skillshare VS Udemy Courses

There are thousands of courses available on both platforms and hundreds of them are free. The question is which is best for you, and how would you know it. A big issue is how to filter the courses from the vast offerings they have.

Udemy provides a narrow down index on its browsing course list. Its courses are classified into 13 categories and further dozens into subcategories. It has more flexibility and more advanced courses; they are filtered by educational level based on student reviews. Apart from this, courses are available in different languages, different durations, with the availability of different resources and more. It offers a wider range of academic features such as quizzes and assignments. Udemy focuses more on their teaching skills.

In Skillshare, it is however very much similar. Currently, it has 16 categories. Skillshare has a couple of filters with defined searches. Recommended by free or paid versions. All the courses in skillshare come up with the class structure, access to resources to present data more coherently, and presentation videos about the course and its instructor. Skillshare has 3 divides levels of its course, beginners, intermediate, and expert levels. Depending on reviews of the students. Skillshare market creative and lifestyle courses with a wide range of business courses.

Saving Money from Skillshare & Udemy

Saving money has always been a Hot Topic when it comes to spending money. Although these courses are Budget-Friendly, but if you buy some expensive courses to study then you really should look for saving money on them. And for that SavingSays has gathered some amazing coupons & promo codes for Udemy and Skillshare. Don’t forget to check them out.

Popular Courses by Skillshare & Udemy


1) Playing the guitar for beginners to advanced level. It taught more than 100k people and is around 35 hours long. Over 15000 reviews made this course rated 4.4 out of 5.

2) Complete Python Study-From zero to hero. Jose Portilla’s Python course is Udemy’s top seller. Around 900,000 students have enrolled in this course. There are 24-hour lessons and it is rated 4.5 out of 5.

3) Financial Analyst Course. This was joined by 200,000 students, and this is also rated around 4.5 out of 5.

4) Photography masterclass. A complete guide through photography skills. Udemy’s best seller photography course is 22-hour long. It can teach any person to do the best photography. Around 150,000 students enrolled and it is rated 4.6 out of 5.


1) Intro To UX (User Experience)- Fundamentals of usability. Marieke McCloskey is taking this course in skillshare original course. Till now 15,000 students have taken this course on-demand.

2) Learn How Young Guru Engineers for Jay Z: An intro to audio record. This course has taught sound engineering to 6000 people in 9 lessons (44 minutes course).

3) YouTube Success: Build an Authentic Channel That’s Worth the Follow. It is another course that teaches to build a YouTube channel for vlogging. It is a popular skillshare original course. And has taught 15000 people how to build your YouTube channel more effectively.

4) The JavaScript Tool Kit. This javascript tool kit shows students how to write better codes in a cleaner and more authorized way. 6000 students have enrolled in this course. And still, many more to come.