INKBOX Student Discount

INKBOX Student Discount

15% Student Discount

INKBOX Is Currently Offering An Exclusive 15% Student Discount

How To Verify For INKBOX Student Discount?

INKBOX has recently been offering an special 15% off Student Discount. To verify for the INKBOX Student Discount , you need a Student Beans account through which you can confirm your student status.

Steps to verify at Student Beans

To confirm your student status at Student Beans, you’ll first need to log in/sign-up into your student beans account using your email address. Once you’ve logged-in or signed-up, then you’ll need to provide the following information;

1: Full Name
2: School Name
3: Date of Birth
4: Graduation Year
5: Your Student Email ID OR an Official Document issued by your educational institute.

Once student beans verifies your profile, you’ll be given a discount code which you can use at checkout to avail the 15% off discount.

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4: Coupons and Deals

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5: Sign Up Now!

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Q: How do I use the INKBOX discount code?

A:  Once you’ve verified your student status via Student Beans, you’ll receive a promo code which you can apply when you’re at the online checkout.

Q: Who qualifies for INKBOX student discount?

A: Anyone over the age of 16 and in full-time education – including university, college, sixth form and high school.
All you need to do is register and verify your student status in order to get access to the discount.

Q: Is the discount only available online?

A: Yes, The discount is only valid online at INKBOX and is subject to change.

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