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25% OFF Teacher Discount at AT&T

AT&T is currently offering an Exclusive Teacher Discount of 25%. They are also offering special discounts to First Responders, Nurses, and Military Members.

Brand AT&T
Teacher Eligibility K-12 Teachers, Faculty Staff, Educators, Professors
Discount Value 25% OFF
Available Online
Location United States

How to Avail AT&T Teacher Discount?

AT&T Teacher Discount is currently offering an Exclusive Teacher Discount of 25% OFF. To Avail AT&T Teacher Discount, you’ll need to provide, your Name, Academic Email Address, Your Work Place and your ZIP code. Once your status is verified, you’ll be gifted with a 25% discount.

The Discount can be availed Online and In-store.

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About AT&T

AT&T began as a subsidiary of the Bell Telephone Company, founded by Alexander Graham Bell in 1877. The Bell Telephone Company became the American Telephone and Telegraph Company in 1885 and was later rebranded as AT&T Corporation. The 1982 United States v.

AT&T antitrust lawsuit resulted in the divestiture of AT&T Corporation’s (“Ma Bell”) subsidiaries or Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), commonly referred to as “Baby Bells”, resulting in several independent companies, including Southwestern Bell Corporation; the latter changed its name to SBC Communications Inc.

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Q. Does AT&T offer a teacher discount?

Ans: Yes, AT&T does offer discounts for teachers.

Q. How much can I save AT&T as a teacher?

Ans: AT&T Wireless is currently offering a 25% discount to all Teachers and Educators.

Q. Who can claim the AT&T Teachers’ discount?

Ans: All the eligible members who can verify themselves as teachers by submitting all the required documents can claim a teachers’ discount.

Q. What documents do I need to claim the AT&T teacher’s discount?

Ans: Documents needed to claim AT&T teachers discount:

Employee badge showing your full name and eligible position
Paystub less than 60 days old showing your name and eligible position
State teaching license/certification
Letter of employment showing the eligible position

Q. How many times can I use the AT&T teacher’s discount?

You can use your teacher’s discount as much as you wanted to but you need to re-verify your profile to claim the next discount.

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