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‘The Body Shop’ Tea Tree Items Are Heavenly For A Magical Skin

July 9, 2019 Beauty,Fashion,Health

We all know about the advantages of tea tree oil and beauty products associated with it. It works actually well on the oily skin and since my skin is very sensitive and prone to skin break out, I took a month’s challenge of the beauty and skin treatment items by The Body Shop. My skin adores the pampering of The Body Shop Tea Tree range of amazing items, I have been utilizing the below referenced four unique The Body Shop items with the purity of tea tree extracts and I am cherishing every one of the items as my skin looks more bright and polished as though I have recently stride out of the spa.

My concern was to clear the dark spots and patches while controlling pimples and oily skin so I gave it an attempt. Today, it’s been a month and my skin is perfect and well pampered. So let me tell you how every one of these four Tea Tree skin items from The Body Shop worked for me. Furthermore, avail some exclusive discounts while ordering these products from a reputed store.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

It is a lightweight, pre-serum concentrate which is useful in diminishing the dark spots, acne marks and patches. It helped me in improving my skin which looks smoother, magical, and flawless. The tea tree helps in cleansing the skin and it did its best for me at least. I am not encountering any oily layer all over my face and this matt look is the thing that I was searching for. When I apply it all over, it gets effectively absorbed and there was nothing sticky.

  • Instructions to Use

Apply 2-3 drops onto fingertips and massage all over the face. Apply it in the morning and night after cleansing and before your moisturizer.

  • Packaging

The serum is packed in a dark green glass bottle with a black dropper top. Being a glass bottle, it is unsafe to carry however one doesn’t generally need that all the time as it is used in the morning and night. The dropper is easy to use and you just need 2-3 drops

  • Texture

The item has a clear and watery consistency that makes the serum move smoothly on the face. Somewhat thicker than water yet not as much as oil, it feels excessively light on the skin and leaves no trace of oil. It isn’t oily or sticky and gets absorbed quickly.

  • Scent

It has a strong aroma (yet not overwhelming) of the tea tree oil in it however by one way or another, the fragrance vanishes a couple of moments after using it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

The 100% vegan Tea Tree oil from The Body Shop is the best in battling spots and marks as its incredible. It’s refining properties of the item functions splendidly on all skin types. Mine is an oily one and its application made me feel the quick outcomes. Within seven days the dark spots and pimple marks began to blur away and it smells so lovely that I can’t imagine my everyday healthy skin routine without it. According to my experience, the tea tree oil works best when applied for overnight; in any case, you can utilize it amid day time also if you are not going outdoors in daylight.

  • Packaging

Tea Tree Oil comes up with a 10 ml green-tinted bottle. You need to push down the top to open it, this function of the cap stops the bottle from letting the essential oil to dry, so it’s ideal to carry in your makeup bag. Recently they have changed the packaging of the bottle. In spite of the fact that it’s the same pretty green shaded bottle, now they have a black cap with a white mark rather than a white cap and dark green label.

  • Texture

The oil is very lightweight and non-greasy.

  • Scent

It has an exceptionally strong smell yet I think that it is revitalizing. The aroma is not retained for a long time.

The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

So far this is the best face wash that I have utilized in quite a while. The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash by The Body Shop is instilled with clean and top notch tea tree oil that helps in cleaning the skin profoundly. The smell of a reviving tea tree makes it the first and the best thing to bring in contact with my face each morning. I feel so fresh and my skin cherishes it. Its foam gives an invigorating vibe while expelling the excess oil and dirt from my face and I feel better with each wash. Utilizing it thrice every day has made my face look sparkling and there are no pimples till now

  • Packaging

Despite the fact that this comes in an ordinary bottle with a flip top, this looks so wonderful and classy. The dark, semi-translucent, green-hued bottle is positively as appealing as it can be. I could likewise observe the quantity of items left inside the container which is a big benefit.

  • Texture

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash is a gel based face wash with a medium consistency. It isn’t at all runny. I require less than a coin-sized quantity to wash my face and neck. This 250 ml of container kept going me for a half year when utilized once a day.

  • Scent

It has the traditional smell of Tea Tree Oil. It smells
reviving to me. Contrasted with other Tea Tree Oil items in the market, I
observed this to be gentle and mild.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask

It has now turned into my daily practice to utilize The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask each night and when I get up in the morning, I feel my skin is showing signs of improvement and it has become clearer. Best for individuals with oily skin, this night mask helps in clearing the defects of skin while you are dozing. I have a feeling that I just left the spa, relaxed and supple when I get up every morning.

  • Packaging

The mask comes in a dark green glass bottle. It has a similar green-dark shading plan as the rest of the tea tree items. So if you need to get it from the store, go for the tea tree rack. The screw top is matte black with an engraved “The Body Shop” logo on top.

  • Texture

The mask itself has jelly-like reliability. When I scoop it out with a small spatula it helps me to remember feeble jam. Under the warmness of the fingers, it dissolves a little and it is easy to spread everywhere throughout the face.

  • Scent

This mask has an exclusive aroma of tea tree oil like different items from the “Tea Tree” variety.

In a Nutshell

If you need to pass by my review on these items trust me you won’t be baffled. The impact of The Body Shop items is brilliant to the point that it will be hard for you to oppose from utilizing them.