Top Asked Questions About Aventon Bike

Top Asked Questions About Aventon Bike

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Getting a new electric bike is a big step in anyone’s life, because not only are they expensive but your daily commuter as well. Many electric bike manufacturers are in the market today, but Aventon Bikes has made their presence notable. Different Aventon Bike models are available for different budgets and they are worth investing in. But before you decide to get your hands on it, you should know a few things. In this article, we have answered the Top Asked Questions about Aventon Bike. Read the complete guide to learn what Aventon customers are furious about and what questions they have.

If you have decided to purchase your electric bike from Aventon there might be some questions in your mind that you must be wondering and looking for answers to. Well lucky for you, we tried to gather commonly asked questions about Aventon Bikes and answer all of them. All the questions asked by the customers.

Questions Asked By Customers

1) Where To Buy Aventon Bikes?

Customers can purchase Aventon bikes from their website. They offer a user-friendly interface from which customers can select a range of Aventon E-bikes. Also, customers can check the availability of Aventon Bikes from E-bike retailers OR local authorized dealers. On Aventon’s website, there’s a store locator feature that helps customers to find nearby Aventon retailers who carry their products in stock. It suggests checking the Aventon website OR contacting local retailers to make sure that they have the desired model in stock.

2) How To Turn On Aventon E-Bike?

To turn on Aventon E-bike you need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the battery is properly charged and connected. Also, check the battery is securely attached to the bike.
  • Find the power button and switch on the bike. Exact location of the power button may differ depending on the model of your Aventon Bike. Usually, the power button is located on the display unit OR control panel which is mounted on the handlebars.
  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. This should turn on the bike’s electrical system.
  • Once the bike is powered on, you can see the control panel OR the display light up.
  • Adjust pedal-assist level. Some Aventon Bikes offer multiple levels of pedal assist, which control the amount of electric assistance provided while pedaling.

3) How Long To Charge Aventon Bike Battery?

Aventon Bike battery depends on the battery capacity and the output of the charger. It usually takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge from empty to full. Aventon bikes normally use lithium-ion battery packs, which are known for relatively quick charging times as compared to other battery technology. Actual charging time may vary slightly depending on the specific model of your Aventon Bike and the charger being used.

4) How To Install Aventon Bike Rack?

  • Choose a suitable bike rack that is compatible with your Aventon bike and sit back on your specific needs.
  • Prepare the bike rack, if the rack requires assembly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to put it together.
  • Position your rack to control the appropriate location on your bike to mount the rack.
  • Use the provided hardware and any included mounting brackets OR adapters to attach the bike rack to the selected mounting points on your bike.
  • Double-check all bolts and screws that are properly tightened to secure and stable installation. Also, pay attention to the weight limits that are specified by the manufacturer to avert overloading the rack.

5) How To Remove Battery From Aventon Bike?

To remove the battery from a bike, you can typically follow these steps

  • Ensure the bike is turned off and the power is disconnected. The bike’s electrical system is switched off and the battery is not providing power to any components.
  • The battery on Aventon bikes is normally mounted on the downside of the frame or merged into the frame design. Look for a battery pack that is firmly fastened to the bike.
  • Check for any locking mechanisms, some of the Aventon bike models may have a locking mechanism to secure the battery in place. If there is a lock, use the key provided by Aventon or a tool to unlock and release the battery.
  • Remove protective covers or caps, the battery may have protective caps OR covers that need to be removed before disengaging it from the bike.
  • Disconnect the battery, if there may be a connector OR cable that attaches to the battery to the bike’s electrical system. Carefully disconnect the plug OR a connector by not damaging the wires.
  • Slide gently or lift it out of the mounting bracket or frame attachment, once the battery is disconnected. Take care not to drop the battery while removing it.

6) How Fast Do Aventon Bikes Go?

The top speed of the Aventon Bike may vary depending on the model and specific configuration. Aventon offers a range of electric bikes with different power motors, speed capabilities, and assist levels. Generally, most of the Aventon electric bikes are designed to assist the ride up to a maximum speed of 32 km/h (20 mph) in compliance with electric bicycles ordered in many jurisdictions. This speed is often attained by employing the greatest level of pedal-assist or throttle mode, in which the electric motor gives the most power.

7) Where Is The Serial Number on Aventon Bike?

On Aventon Bikes, the serial number is located on the shell of the bottom bracket frame. The bottom bracket shell is a part of the frame, where cranks & bottom bracket axle are connected. Check for a set of alphanumeric characters carved or pressed onto the bottom bracket shell’s metal surface. The serial number is unique to every bike and is used for identification and registration purposes.

8) Where Do Aventon Bikes Ship From?

Aventon ships from their warehouse which is located in Ontario, California to addresses in the 48 continental United States. They do not ship to addresses outside of the United States, aside from Canada.

Aventon uses USPS & FedEx to ship their products. The shipping carrier used will depend on the size and weight of your order & your delivery address. Aventon ships your order in a single box if it’s possible, but sometimes they need to send multiple shipments if you ordered several large/bulky items.

9) How Much Does The Aventon Pace 500 Weight?

Aventon Pace 500 has a weight of 49 pounds. Relatively light weighted for an electric bike, which makes it easy to transport. The lighter weight also helps to improve the bike’s performance, so it can accelerate and climb hills easier.

Some of the reasons that contribute to the Aventon Pace 500’s light weight are as follows:

  • The rims are composed of lightweight aluminum alloy and the tires are high-pressure.
  • The brakes and gears, for example, are also lightweight.
  • The lightweight aluminum alloy frame is built of.

10) How Can I Save Money At Aventon?

Aventon’s Bike is slightly expensive, but you can still save money. Aventon Bikes offer discounts on their bikes and compatible accessories which can get you good saving. But coupon codes are still the best choice to save your money. At Saving Says we always keep the Aventon Bike coupons up to date so you get to save the maximum. Try some amazing coupons below.

11) Is The Aventon Level Waterproof?

Aventon Level is designed to be waterproof. It has an IPX4 water-resistant rating, which means that it has protected against splashes from any direction of the water and can handle light rain & moisture, it is not designed to be fully submerged in water.

12) Where Is The Motor On The Aventon Ebike?

In all Aventon electric bikes including the Aventon level, their motor is typically located in the rear hub of the bike’s rear wheel. This type of motor is called a rear hub motor. The rear hub motor allows propulsion and assists the rider while pedaling. It is located within the rear wheel hub and connects to the bike’s powertrain.

13) Is Ebike Motor AC OR DC?

Most of electric bike motors are designed as DC (Direct Current) motors, DC motors are frequently used in e-bikes due to their simplicity and compatibility with battery power. The majority of e-bikes in the market, including those from popular brands like Aventon, use brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) in their design. BLDC motors offer improved efficiency, lower maintenance requirements & better power-to-weight ratios compared to brushed DC motors. It is worth mentioning, however, that while certain e-bike models use AC (Alternating Current) motors, they are rather uncommon in the e-bike business.

14) Do Electric Bikes Have ECU?

Some of electric bikes have an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or a similar electronic control system. The presence of an ECU depends on the specific model and manufacturer. ECU e-bike is responsible for controlling various features & functions, such as motor assistance levels, battery management, regenerative braking, throttle response, and in some cases, connectivity options for features like GPS OR Bluetooth. ECU acts as a central control unit that manages and coordinates the operation of different electrical components in an e-bike. From sensors it receives, such as speed sensors or torque sensors, and adjusts the motor’s output accordingly.

15) Can I Pedal Aventon Electric Bikes Like Regular Bicycles?

Yes you can, Aventon E-bikes can pedal like regular bicycles. They designed their e-bike to provide a pedal-assist function, which means that when you pedal, the electric motor kicks to provide additional power & assistance. This helps you to ride your bike with less effort, which is especially useful when climbing hills or riding against strong headwinds.

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