TurboAnt Thunder T1 Review

TurboAnt Thunder T1 Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

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If you’re familiar with electric bikes you must have heard of TurboAnt T1 or N1. A good quality e-bike at very affordable prices. The Thunder T1 and Nebula N1 are very similar models from TurboAnt. The only difference is the hidden battery in the Nebula N1 frame. Both have almost the same specs and features. So we are going to review TurboAnt Thunder T1 and see if it’s worth the price.

TurboAnt not only sells electric bikes but electric scooters as well. You can see the TurboAnt X7 Pro Electric Scooter review at Saving Says. And if you’re not very familiar with TurboAnt, you can read our TurboAnt Review to know more about the brand.

TurboAnt Thunder T1

About TurboAnt Thunder T1

Thunder T1 is one of the best e-bike from TurboAnt. It’s also TurboAnt’s best-selling electric bike. The T1 has many features and is very affordable. With a high-quality build and powerful motor, it is a durable e-bike and can last longer with you. Thunder T1 is a Multi-Terrain Fat Tire Electric bike from TurboAnt. They claim the bike can handle any terrain or any situation, so you’re getting a best deal on any e-bike you have owned. The bike is designed to provide comfort while you’re riding and is very convenient.

You will see more of TurboAnt Thunder T1 in the review ahead.

TurboAnt Thunder T1 Review

As you know Thunder T1 is a best choice for an e-bike, whether it’s your first electric bike or you owned several in past. You are going to love it and even recommend it to your friends and family. The bike is equipped with a powerful 750 W Brushless motor which is powerful enough to hover you at the speed of 28 mph at 80 Nm Max Torque. Also, a 672 Wh battery which can take you 60 miles away on a single charge.

The Thunder T1 has rich specs and other amazing features. Including a 7-Speed Derailleur, 5-Level Pedal Assist, LCD Display, 24 x 6 inch. Fat Tires, and Leather Handle that gives a natural and firm grip. And as a safety concern, T1 has a throttle lock and a disc brake to prevent any accident. And a Front & Rear bright LED light for a clear vision at night time.

You can see the detailed features of Thunder T1 in this review and decide if it could be the best pick for your next electric bike.

TurboAnt Thunder T1

Why Should You Buy Thunder T1

While Thunder T1 is a great e-bike there are plenty of reasons that you should choose to buy from TurboAnt.

  • The bike has 26 × 4 inch fat tires for all-terrain types.
  • It’s Fun and easy to ride for commutes.
  • 90% pre-assembled.

Other than that there are more reasons why should you buy from TurboAnt.

  • Customer-First service policy.
  • Expert Reviews & Recommendations.
  • The Trendiest Styles, The best-in-class Performance and Quality.
  • 30-Days Return and 24-Months Warranty Period.

TurboAnt Thunder T1 Specifications

750 W brushless gear motor

35–60 miles (56–97 km)

28 mph

48 V/20 A

LCD Display

5 levels

External 48 V × 14 Ah Samsung/LG battery

26″ × 4.0″ Kenda fat tires

Shimano 7-speed derailleur

RST Adjustable alloy front fork

Half-twist throttle

48 V LED light

12-gauge stainless steel

Aluminum alloy

330 lb (150 kg)

TurboAnt Thunder T1 Features

Powerful, Responsive Motor

The 750-watt brushless motor sets this TurboAnt e-bike apart from others by giving it more power and faster acceleration. Easily get off to a good start anytime, anywhere.

The motor is very powerful and responsive having 80 Nm Torque that helps in climbing hills easily.

TurboAnt Thunder T1 motor

Upgraded, Long-Lasting Battery

TurboAnt Thunder T1 motor battery

672 Wh Samsung/LG Lithium-Ion Battery which is big enough to take you 60 miles in a single charge.

The Detachable battery allows you to take the battery out for charging. And In-Bike Charging support for fast on the way charge.

Fat Tires

26 x 4 inches Fat Tires to ride thru any terrain with a steady and firm grip.

It’s also Puncture Resistant so you won’t have to worry about getting a flat tire while riding.

TurboAnt Thunder T1 motor tyre

Hydraulic Front Fork

Thunder T1 Front Fork

3.1-Inch Preload Adjustment & Lockout Option.

Flexible and adaptive in handling multiple terrain types.

7-Speed Derailleur

7 Speed Derailleur for quickly switching between 7 gears for the desired speed.

TurboAnt Thunder T1gears

5-Level Pedal Assistance

TurboAnt Thunder pedal assistance display

Simply start pedaling and get power assistance from an electric motor while riding

LCD Display

LCD Display where you can see all the information. Displaying Speed, Battery Indicator, Pedal Assistance, Distance Travelled, and the bike’s status.

TurboAnt Thunder pedal assistance display

Disc Brake

Disc Brake

The bike is equipped with a 7.1-inch disc brake. Adjustable braking distance for ultimate safety.

Throttle Lock

A Throttle Lock to prevent any accidental acceleration.

Throttle Lock

TurboAnt Thunder T1 Sizing Guide

TurboAnt Thunder T1 Sizing Guide


The TurboAnt Thunder T1 Electric Bike comes with 24 Month Limited Warranty. All TurboAnt products are protected against all manufacturing defects in material or workmanship during the warranty period. The warranty period will start from the date of receipt. If you get damage to your bike, you can claim the warranty and have the product repaired or replaced.

Technical Support

TurboAnt provides its customers with lifetime technical support.
Email: support@turboant.com
Phone: +1 833 310 2205

Shipping & Delivery

TurboAnt Thunder T1 is eligible for Free shipping in Canada and all EU Countries. Also in the UK and 48 states of the US as well. Once you placed your order the processing will begin within 5 days. The estimated delivery is 5 – 7 business days and can vary depending on your address.


TurboAnt accepts various payment methods that are secured. You can pay them thru Visa / MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

You can also buy Thunder T1 and pay in 4 installments with 0% interest. That’s right TurboAnt uses Klarna app services which allows you to pay in different schedules.

Returns & Refund

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return your package within 30 days of purchase. If you find the bike in a damaged condition upon arrival you can contact TurboAnt within 14 days and they will assist you further. A return shipping label is necessary to return products. You will receive the return shipping label from TurboAnt after contacting them.

Save Money on TurboAnt Thunder T1

If spending $1699 on an e-bike looks much to you, then you should look for ways to save money. While the Thunder T1 justifies its price with all the features it has, you can still save a couple of bucks using coupon codes. TurboAnt offers various exclusive coupons and deals for their customer. You can find the latest discount for TurboAnt Thunder T1 in this review.

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TurboAnt Thunder T1 reviews

How to Assemble TurboAnt Thunder T1

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There’s no doubt that TurboAnt Thunder T1 is a great electric bike to have. The fat tire e-bike can go over any terrain and with puncture-resistant tires, you won’t have to worry about getting a flat tire. TurboAnt Thunder T1 also has many amazing features as we discuss in this review. Overall the bike is perfect and you can have it as your next electric bike.