TurboAnt V8 Scooter Review

TurboAnt V8 Review – Long Range Electric Scooter

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TurboAnt V8 Review – Electric Scooters are one of the best ways to commute short distances or roam around. And as of today, many different brands are working to make the best e-scooter to facilitate their customers the most. It’s a race to the top and TurboAnt is making its way quickly with its newly launched TurboAnt V8 Electric Scooter. Let’s take a look and see why it’s one of the best scooters available on the market, and what it has to offer.

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TurboAnt V8 Review

The TurboAnt V8 is the company’s latest scooter model available. It is a completely new scooter that differentiates quite a bit from their other models: the X7 Pro, M10, and X7 Max. V8 is designed for riders who are looking to step up from entry-level scooters.

The TurboAnt V8 scooter is powered by two 7.5 Ah batteries with one detachable on the stem. So the V8 can travel up to 50 miles with the dual-battery system, a range that’s long enough for any daily commute and other riding needs.

The powerful e-scooter is not considered very portable given its weight of 48 lb. The quick-folding mechanism, however, makes up for its large weight and improves the portability when transportation or storage is needed.

Beefed up with a 450-watt motor, the V8 can carry weight up to 275 lb. Its rear suspension system provides excellent stability and riding quality. Altogether, it is a well-rounded, commuter-friendly electric scooter that we have ever reviewed.

TurboAnt V8 Specifications

Maximum Range
50 miles (80 km)

Maximum Speed
20 mph (32 km/h)

Motor Power
450 W

7.5 Ah x 2 (360 Wh x 2)

Braking System
Electronic brake & disc brake

Charging Time
4 hours (when both batteries charge in parallel)

Net Weight
47.62 lb (21.6 kg)

Maximum Load
275 lb (125 kg).

Waterproof Level

3 W white LED

1 W red LED

Ambient Lights
4 red lights under the deck

Maximum Climb Angle
15° (affected by rider’s weight, weather, and road condition)

Tire (Front & Rear)
9.3-inch pneumatic, with inner tubes

On-Board Computer
LED display

TurboAnt V8 Pros/Cons

  • Dual batteries and 50-mile long range
  • 450 W motor
  • Stem detachable battery
  • Affordable price
  • Dual-spring rear suspension
  • 275 lb load capacity
  • Headlight, taillight & ambient lights
  • 19.9-inch wide handlebar
  • Folding mechanism improves portability
  • Quite heavy
  • Bulky appearance

TurboAnt V8 Features


Once on the go, the V8’s 450 W motor delivers a smooth and reasonably quiet ride, with effortless acceleration up to 20 mph.

TurboAnt v8-motor

Safety Features

The TurboAnt V8 is equipped with a rear disc brake and front electronic brake, the scooter comes to a quick, steady stop when the brake lever is applied, with its taillight blinking in red to signal to people around.

LED Lights

The V8 has a bright 3 W LED headlight, which ensures the rider can comfortably see the pathway clearly during night rides. Additionally, it features 4 LED ambient lights under the deck to enhance nighttime visibility and adds a distinct, charming style to your ride. 

TurboAnt V8 light


The V8 features two 9.3 inches-centimeter pneumatic tires. The pneumatic inners tube tire provides good traction. Combined with the rear suspension, it works well for rolling over most obstacles and bumps you’ll encounter in an urban setting.


The V8’s deck enables you to shuffle your feet mid-ride thanks to the 19.7 x 6.5-inch (50 x 17.5 cm) footplate. Also, enjoy the textured rubber padding that guarantees a firm stand and maximum ride comfort.



The TurboAnt V8 rocks when it comes to its dual batteries (one deck battery plus a detachable stem battery) which ensure a longer range of up to 50 miles. Besides, charging within a maximum of 4 hours when both batteries charge in parallel (one in the e-scooter and one in the compatible charging dock), you will be ready to hit the road in no time. It is a big plus for people who are on a busy schedule.


The V8 is not light actually, and may be quite heavy for some users with the 47.62 lb (21.6 kg) weight. The folding mechanism makes up for the heavyweight and improves portability when storage or transportation is needed. Still, it can be thrown into a large trunk if needed. And if stored indoors, it won’t take up too much space.

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TurboAnt offer 12 Month warranty on V8 Scooter. Any craftsmanship or material defect is covered in a limited warranty and will be repaired or replaced by TurboAnt. And their 30-day return and refund policy will allow you to buy with peace of mind.

Technical Support

TurboAnt offers lifetime technical support where the professionals are always there to help you with any technical difficulties.

Shipping & Delivery

You can get free shipping on your TurboAnt V8 Scooters in 48 contiguous states of the US. And the average delivery time is 5 business days.


You can pay TurboAnt using different payment methods like Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Apple Pay and more. You can also pay them in 4 interest-free installments using Klarna and Shop Pay services.

TurboAnt V8

Is the TurboAnt V8 for you?

If you’re looking for a robust yet reliable e-scooter for your long daily commutes and other plans like going on a city tour on weekends, the TurboAnt V8 is absolutely for you without spending a fortune.

TurboAnt V8 Customer Reviews

TurboAnt V8 Customer Reviews

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Final Verdict

This bulky e-scooter is the best you can buy from TurboAnt. With the dual battery and energy-efficient motor, it claims to go 50 miles on a single charge. This new addition to TurboAnt e-scooters was definitely much needed. And the price point it’s available at is very impressive, even when we compare it to other electric scooters.