Zooz Bikes Review

Zooz Bikes Review

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Zooz Bikes Review

In the world of ebikes, Zooz Bikes are the best bikes you could ever ride. They are made for riders who are seeking thrill & style while riding. With an outstanding design and durable quality, Zooz bikes have come up with THE URBAN ULTRALIGHT ebikes, which are way better than any other ebike on this planet.

Zooz Bikes History

Zooz Bikes started during exploration of an electric bike in a rundown garage in Chicago.
A veteran product designer, an eccentric fabricator, a tenacious operations guru, and a manufacturing magician decided to explore a new model of two wheels, something between a fixie and a motor bike. With deap-seats in motorcycling industries, they come up by building the best electric urban bike.

At the time of starting, zooz was located in Chicago. But now they are among the best urban electric bikes are are delivering through Dubai, Barcelona, New York, London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, and an exploding number of cities around the world.

About Zooz Bikes

Zooz Bikes are all about the best Urban Electric Bikes. They’ve got 3 three types of Urban Ultralight bikes. UU250, UU750, and UU1100. All 3 of their models are successful, and it doesn’t take any longer for them to go out of stock. And this is the point that proves their quality and trust. Zooz has created a super-model of urban electric bikes over two successful years on use feedback and many design iterations.

Why Zooz Bikes?

If you haven’t ride Zooz Bike then you should ask yourself, Why you should choose Zooz Bike. Though there are numerous other brands that are also selling electric bikes. Then what’s special in Zooz?

You may find many electric bikes but Zooz manufactures one of the Best Urban electric bikes. Their design is elegant and eye-catching. Whether you are riding in the streets or on terrain, its bikes allow you to explore the riding experience with thrill and style.

You can go as long as 40 Miles without even applying a slight force on the paddles of your bike. The structure of the Zooz bikes is lightweight which makes it easy to control while steering.

Zooz Bikes Features

Common features found in all models of Zooz Bikes:

  • 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • Lightweight
  • Confident handling
  • Signature seat
  • Powerful Motors
  • Double-wall rims
  • Thick spokes
  • Tail and Headlights
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes
  • Lithium Ion cells
  • Cadence sensor
  • 40 Miles Range

Best Zooz Bikes to Buy

Urban Ultralight 250

URBAN ULTRALIGHT 250 [Discontinued]

Max Speed: 20 MPH



Max Speed: 25 MPH



Max Speed: 33 MPH

Zooz Electric Bikes Review

All the 3 Ebikes of Zooz mentioned above are successful models. All three of them are somehow the same, but there are some features that differentiate them from each other. What are they? Read below to find out.

Zooz Bike Ultralight-250

Urban Ultralight 250 is their lightest model. It contains hydraulic brakes and a 16aH battery. Its total weight is 44.1 lbs and with a fully-charged battery, you can go as long as 40 miles without paddling on this e-bike.


Max Speed 20 MPH
Range 40 Miles
Charging Time 4+ Hours
Motor 36V Gear Drive
Battery 16aH
Load Capacity 200lbs
Tires KENDA Kranium 24*2.1
Zooz Bike Ultralight 750

Urban Ultralight 750 is the most balanced and well-rounded piece of Zooz bikes. It can take you to a maximum speed of 26 MPH without paddling. The weight of the frame is 55.7 lbs and the loading capacity is 230lbs.


Battery 16aH
Cells Lithium Ion 18650
Brakes Hydraulic Disc
Max Speed 26 MPH
Motor 48V gear drive
Load Capacity 230lbs
Charging Time 4+ hours
Zooz Bike Ultralight 1100

Urban Ultralight 1100 has a higher weight than any of their models. You aren’t sacrificing for the weight here, but you are getting more features than any other model available at Zooz. The Peak Power is 1600w and its total weight is 62.6 lbs. See below for more specifications.


Battery 19.2aH
Cells Lithium Ion 18650
Brakes Hydraulic Brakes
Max Speed 33 MPH
Motor 52V Direct Drive
Load Capacity 300lbs
Charging Time 5+ Hours
Tire MAXXIS Hookworm 24 x 2.50
Range 40 Miles

Zooz Bikes Accessories

With the Zooz Bikes, you can also buy a Thrilling T-Shirt and a Hoodie to fill up your excitement level. Get the latest collection of Zooz Accessories as low as $20.

Zooz Bikes Review

Shipping & Delivery

Currently, Zooz bikes ships certain models to the USA, Canada, UK, and some parts of Europe and Australia due to shipment hurdles.



UU 250

USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, UAE

UU 750


UU 1100


Warranty & Returns

All the bikes at Zooz are in a warranty. You’ll get a 1-year warranty because they want to keep the Zoozers rolling. If you have any worries you can reach out directly to Zooz for any queries here.

For returns, there are some policies you need to remember before filing a return. Zooz doesn’t accept opened or used items. Bike orders that are canceled or items that are refused at delivery, and unopened shipments are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee.

Payment Method

One way of payment is paying the full amount at the checkout. And the other way of making a payment is to use Partial.ly software which is simply another checkout option. It brings flexible payment plans for you. If you use partial.ly for making a payment at Zooz Bikes, you’ll need to pay a 40% down payment, and the rest you can schedule with Partial.ly.

Saving Money at Zooz Bikes

Don’t you want to save money at Zooz Bikes? Then what are you waiting for? Our editors have been able to find an Exclusive Coupon of $100 OFF on all Bikes at Zooz. You can use the coupon below and shop for your favorite bike.

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Cycling is one of the best ways to explore adventure and keeping yourself fit. Fixies are old fashioned now and people are going more and more towards electric bikes. Not just the e-bikes, but the bikes that could fulfill their thrill and excitement level. Zooz Bikes provides you one of the most stylish and urban ultralight bikes that are fit for every purpose. Whether you are going for an adventure or want one for daily use. Zooz bikes are always there for you. So what are you waiting for? Get Your’s Zooz Now!

Image Product Features Price
URBAN ULTRALIGHT 250 [Discontinued]

Max Speed : 20 MPH

Check Price

Max Speed : 26 MPH

Check Price

Max Speed : 33 MPH

Check Price

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