50 Ways To Save Money On Hotels

50 Legit Ways To Save Money On Hotels

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1) Book Directly through Hotel

There are many 3rd party websites like Agoda & Booking.com. Although, they’ve got thousands of hotels listings on their website and they keep their cut on every booking. If you are booking a hotel, book directly on a call or through their website. You’ll probably get prices 20 – 25% lower.

2) Join Membership Program

Before booking from any hotel, don’t forget to join their membership program. Mostly the membership programs are free to join. You’ll get a discount on your booking + you’ll also earn exclusive points on your booking.

 Earn 4,500 Bonus points on joining Hilton’s Membership Program. 
Tip 1!
Tip 1!

3) Stick with One Hotel

Always stick to one hotel, so you can collect points on every stay. Hotels like Marriott and Hilton are available worldwide. You can join the loyalty program of your desired hotel, to get the best rates on your next stay.

4) Check out Deals on Savings Sites

Savings sites like Saving Says and Discount Codez offers coupons & deals for many hotels. You can always search for Hotel name by visiting the website to check out the best deals and discounts offers.

5) Price-Match Guarantee

Always search the price for the same accommodation on other website. Even if you are using the same hotel for years, make sure you check out rates on other websites as well. Some hotels offers a discount up 50% OFF if you found a lower price

6) Book on Tuesday

Tuesdays are the slowest days of the week. If you make a reservation on Tuesday, you’ll find prices probably 5-10% lower than other days.

7) Book During Off-Season

If you are planning for a new year in another country. Make sure you book the hotel during the month of March or April. You won’t get any new year deals, but you’ll probably get the best prices.

8) Subscribe for the Newsletter of the Hotels

Subscribe for the newsletter of the Hotels. Without making any extra effort, you’ll get the best hotel deals straight to your inbox.

9) Never Book in Q4

Never make a reservation during the 4th-quarter of the year, until and unless its an emergency. During October, November, and December the rates of the hotels are at their peak.

10) Check out Social Platforms

Check out the social platform (Facebook, Instagram) of the Hotel where you are booking. See if they’ve got anything for their social followers.

11) Visit Facebook Ad Library

Other than just the Facebook page, make sure you also visit the Facebook Ad Library of the Hotel brand you are booking from. You’ll definitely find some exclusive perks there.

12) Last-Minute Deals

Always take advantage of the last minute hotel deals if you want to make a quick reservation. That’s the only way to save when you are low on time.

13) Advance Booking Discount

Book in advance, at least 6 months earlier. The more early you book, the best rates you’ll get.

14) Pay On Arrival

If the option of paying on arrival is available, you should definitely go with it. There, could be some reasons for it.
1) You found a better deal
2) In case if you’d like to cancel on the 11th hour, you’ll be safe with 100% refund.

15) Packages First

If you are planning for a stay of 3 to 4 days. Always check for packages first. Many hotels offers special prices for customers who stays longer than 3 days.

16) Go for Non-Smoking Rooms

Smoking rooms in a hotel are a little bit expensive than non-smoking rooms. If you really want to do it, make sure you do it in the balcony so the smell won’t be spread in the room and you won’t get caught.

17) Go for A Standard Room

Go for a standard room instead of a luxury one if you are on a business trip. You’ll be spending most of your time outside the hotel. So forget about the views and other extra amenities. You are not on a vacation so just finish your work and go back.

Save Money On Hotels

18) Take Advantage of the Special Discounts

Many hotels offers special discounts for Military Members, Students, First Responders, and Teachers. Go to SavingSays.com and search for the hotel name + the discount you’d like to avail. You’ll get all the details about the discount of that hotel.

19) Use Airbnb

Airbnb is much more cheaper than hotels. It doesn’t matter in which season you book. You can find reasonable prices at Airbnb every time. The only difference is that, you won’t get the amenities that are available in a hotel.

20) Don’t Stay for Longer

If the consecutive days for the hotel you are staying in expensive. Switch to another hotel after a day or two. You don’t need to stay there much longer.

21) Use Outside Restaurants

The restaurants or the food available in the hotel is usually much expensive. Do your breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside the hotel. They are cost-effective and much cheaper than of the hotel.

22) Enjoy a Free Night

Most hotels offers a free night when you stay for 2, 3 or more days. Check out the terms for a free night at hotel and see the minimum nights you’ll need to spend to enjoying another night for free.

 Hilton actually offers a free night when you stay for 3 days. 
Tip 2!
Tip 2!

23) Credit Card Discounts

Some hotels offers discounts up to 40% on credit cards. Always check your payment method first and see how you can save maximum money.

24) Leave Your Pet at Your Friend’s

Bringing a pet would cost you a little extra. If you’ve got a pet, drop em at your friend’s or your uncles place for a few days. Surely, they’ll take good care of them.

25) Book Through Loyalty Points

Booking through loyalty/reward points gives you extra benefits. Collect as much points as you could or you can simply add them in your account through your credit card.

50 Ways To Save Money On Hotels

26) Book Through Application

Most hotels to promote their application offers a discount of 5-10% on booking. So make sure you also check the accommodation rates on application by downloading it on your mobile.

27) Special Offers at Hotels

Almost, Every hotel has got a special offers/promotion page on their website. Always visit their special offers page you’ll find exclusive offers listed for the members and guests as well.

28) Coupon Codes & Vouchers

Always keep your eyes on Coupons Page of your favorite hotel at Saving Says. Whether you prefer Marriott or Hilton. You can always find the best deals for your favorite hotel at SavingSays.com.

29) Refer & Earn

Refer any of your loved ones to win a free night or reward points. Once they book a room in a hotel, the you’ll get your reward in a form of points. The more you refer, the points will be added to your account.

 Score 20,000 Hilton Honors points on referring a friend through your Hilton Honors referral. 
Tip 3!
Tip 3!

30) Keep a Wireless WiFi Device

Avoid paying for high WiFi charges. Keep a wireless device with so you can use it on any device. Also, you won’t need to use your mobile data even if your are outside the hotel.

31) Consider a Hostel

Consider spending nights in hostel instead of a hotel. Hostels are usually more cheaper and doesn’t impose any specific restrictions unlike a hotel. You can spend your stay in a hostel as you liked without any limitations.

32) Travel with Friends

Its good to have a traveling partner especially when you are in another city. You can make plans with your friends and split the bill among yourselves. In this way all of you can enjoy the moments + it won’t be heavy on your pocket.

33) Save with CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing is a platform where you can connect with the locals and other solo travelers. And if they are traveling to the same place you can connect with them to save on your hotel expenses. Also, you can find some locals there who offers a room or a bed in their house for a very low price.

34) Clear Your Cache & Cookies

Before making a reservation, search for at least 2 to 3 days. Clear your browsers cache & cookies every time you start searching. The cache of the website might be saved in your browser and you may not come up with lower rates when you hunt for a better deal the next day.

35) Change Your Currency

If your currency is set to USD, consider changing to it GBP, Euro, or Yuan. Calculate the price and see if you can find any difference in valuation. This trick works for most of the time. You might not score a big discount, but you surely will be able to see a little bit of cost reduction on your booking.

36) Follow Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers gives the best traveling tips. You can stalk them on Instagram or YouTube and watch their latest post. They might also provide you with an exclusive coupon code and gives you the best advice about the hotel you are going to stay.

37) Avoid Booking Physically After Midnight

If you are looking for a room in a hotel after midnight. You’ll probably get high prices or no room at all. If you’d like to check-in after midnight, make sure you book at least 18 hours before the check-in to avoid overpriced bookings.

38) Compare The Cost of Package

If you are buying a package that includes amenities such as food, transport, laundry, and other services. Add them individually to your account and compare the total cost. Sometimes the packages costs you more other than booking amenities individually.

39) Be Flexible With Your Location

Land in the cheapest state of the country. For example if you are traveling to USA, you may simply land in Mississippi. As the hotels in Mississippi are much economical as compared to other states. The rest you can simply drive or rent-a-car for traveling to a different state.

40) Don’t Spend On Entertainment Packages

Spending on entertainment packages at Hotels would be useless. Although, the entertainment you’ll get will be delightful, but they are way overpriced. Normally the entertainment in a hotel includes golf packages, free tickets to local attractions, spa services, sauna bath, and swimming, etc.

You can’t experience everything in a day or two. So the best would be to book any entertainment individually and make sure you make the most of it.

41) Don’t Book Near The Airport

The hotels near the airport or the center of the state are extremely expensive. You can book a hotel that offers a free shuttle service to the airport. In this way, you’ll be able to save on your travel expense + the hotel cost won’t be heavy on your pocket.

42) Queen Over King

If you are a couple staying in a hotel, a queen size bed would be enough. If you go for a king size bed, you’ll have pay extra penny’s and additionally it has no use to you. Also, the king size bed requires more space, that means you’ll have to reserve a larger room with additional cost.

43) Be Careful With The Hidden Cost

Always be aware of the hidden cost that the hotels are going to charge. You’ll be charged for parking and if there’s water bottles and coffee available in your room. You’ll also be charged for that. So be careful about how you utilize them.

44) Discounts On Bank Cards

Many banks offers exclusive discounts on hotels when you book through their card. Before visiting the the hotel’s website, make sure you visit your bank’s website and see if they are offering any discount on hotels.

Save Money on Hotels

45) Go For A Live Chat

If you didn’t find any discount for the hotel. Consider doing a live chat with any representative of the hotel. He’ll surely will give a discount. Ask, if they offer any birthday discount or something like that. Don’t cut until you receive the voucher.

46) Book During Seasonal Events

Events like Black Friday and Christmas are the best ways to save on everything. Even if you’re planning for a hotel in June or July, you may book during Black Friday and get a discount of up to 70% on your reservation.

47) Check Out Other Brands of the Same Hotel

Hotels like Hilton and Marriott has other brands as well. If you are booking from a Hotel, make sure you check it’s other brands as well. They are probably cheaper then the main hotel.

48) Show Yourself as an Influencer

Even if you are not an influencer and have got around 10K followers on Instagram. It would be great way to negotiate in the prices. You can show them your portfolio, and ask them for a discounted price in return for a shout-out. Surely, they’ll be convinced and also you’ll be served with great hospitality.

49) Check if they Accepts Cyptocurrency Bitcoin logo

If a hotel is offering cryptocurrency it will be a great way to save on bookings. Make your account on crypto exchanges and see if you can get any discount on paying through cryptocurrency.

50) Plan Everything On Your Own

Don’t hire a travel agent. Plan everything on your own or ask a friend. You can also post on your Facebook wall or in traveling groups. The users will definitely share their experiences, and that is much better than any guide. Go through articles you can find on Google and see what else you could add or cut our from your plan.

save money at Hotels


If you are really willing to save money at hotels, despite finding the best hotel deals on the internet. These 50 points will truly help you save money. These aren’t just the points, but some secret tips & tricks that one can use to save money.

If you are planning for a hotel vacation in the month of September or October make sure you start hunting for the deals from the January of the same year. Reserve every best deals with free cancellation you can find. Also, take your chance to go for the last-minute deals. Surely, you’ll be able to save a sum of money on your next hotel stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to save money on hotels?

Ans: Saving money on hotels is not a difficult task anymore. You can go through the list of 50 ways to saving money on hotels at Saving Says. After reading this, you’ll surely be able to save money on your next stay.

Q. Are Hotel’s Membership program free to join?

Ans: Membership program of hotels like Hilton & Marriott are free to join. Also, Hilton gives you 4,500 bonus points on joining its membership program.

Q. What is the best time of the day to book a hotel?

Ans: The best time of the day to book a hotel is after 8 p.m. You’ll see prices probably discounted up to 10%.

Q. Where can I find Coupons & Deals to save money at Hotels?

Ans: You can find coupons & deals for Hotels at SavingSays.com. You can find best deals for all the hotels at any time of the day.

Q. How can I win a free night in a hotel?

Ans: Free night in hotels are usually for members. You can become a loyalty member at your desired hotel to score a free night.

Q. Do I have to pay extra charges for resorts?

Ans: On most hotels the fee of the resorts is charged additionally. But if you book a hotel through Hilton Honors rewards, you won’t be charged for extra cost.