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Now with time gaming is getting more realistic and smooth with updated consoles and equipment. Also, Simulators are the best option to take a realistic feel of gaming, but which Simulator is best and most reliable? Trak Racer is the best option for you to take a feel of realistic driving. Best racing sim cockpit for hardcore formula racing fans having amazing build quality of Trak Racer160 MK4 at a more affordable price point. Here you’ll get the best review on the Trak Racer160 MK4.

A sim cockpit supports your steering wheel and pedals in the ergonomic position of a real driving seat. Just like in a real car being able to feel how a car is reacting to your inputs and the surface of the road is not only enjoyable, but it is also good for improving your driving skills. Let’s dive into Trak Racer160 MK4 complete review.

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About Trak Racer

About Trak Racer

Since 2008 Trak Racer has been designing and pioneering the best value, high-end gaming platforms and accessories. Producing the best Simulator cockpits since starting. Trak Racer products are made from the highest quality materials that offer unsurpassed durability. Trak Racer has collaborated AlpineF1, Airbus, Sony, Castrol and more. To back this, Trak Racer offers warranties that give customers peace of mind over the long term.

The design process that underpins each Trak Racer product ensures ergonomics that provide unsurpassed comfort for the longest competitive racing events. Trak Racer products are highly compatible with all console and PC-based platforms and support a vast array of game peripherals. This ensures that you won’t be locked into a platform and provides high levels of future-proofing.

Trak Racer160 MK4 Complete Review

The TR160 MK4 is an upgraded variant of the popular Trak Racer160 MK3. From 2019 to 2021, TR160 was the King of Sims, But now the MK4 is leaving behind its own old version. They build very thick strong aluminum profile walls and include best-design mounts. 160x40mm aluminum brackets for extra rigidity in the wheel mount uprights. It’s Strong, Extremely Adjustable, and has a huge list of available accessories.

In the usual Trak Racer way, they collected customer feedback and reviews from thousands of TR160 owners to develop the Trak Racer160 MK4 to build a next-generation cockpit as per their customer’s requirements. Heavier duty brackets with side-mounted wheels upright for rigidity over 3-add-on accessories to select from the Flight simulator expandable.

TR160 MK4 Sustainability

They focus on using the best materials for the development of the best cockpit simulators, and continuously improve everything from Track Racer sim rigs. The selection of the best materials keeps costs down and improves performance every time. That’s how they deliver high-performance rigs out there for people to enjoy products that are not just great value for money but also the best-performing gear you can buy.

Since 2008 Trak Racer has been designing high-end gaming rigs and accessories. Trak Racer products are made from high-quality materials that have unmatched durability which gives Trak Racer the confidence to offer extended warranties on Trak Racer products. They give you 5 Year warranty to return the package if it breaks or having any problem.

Official Racing Simulator of Alpine F1 Team and Official Flight Simulator of Airbus Aircrafts

Since 2008, Trak Racer has been favored by professional drivers/pilots, game centers, massive gaming events, and event-hire companies. By offering the highest quality gear in the industry, Trak Racer has collaborated with big-name brands such as, but not limited to, Alpine F1, Airbus, Xbox, Ubisoft, Sony, Castrol, Accord Hotels, and more.

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TR160 MK4 Overview

Key Benefits of TR160 MK4

  • Rigid 160mm x 40mm thicker-walled Aluminium Extrusion Profile – Anodized Black
  • Side-Mounted Wheel Uprights with 160 x 40mm Heavy Duty Brackets
  • Shifter Mount and Over-sized Support Profile
  • Over 30 optional accessories
  • Compatible with TR One Wheel and Shifter Mounting Systems
  • Includes seat slider, Colored Dust Strips, and Heavier Duty Brackets and Fixings

Frame/Chassis Features

  • Constructed from high-quality extruded aluminum
  • 580mm wide and 1,400mm long
  • Low ground clearance with hardwood rubber floor protectors
  • Finished in black anodized high-quality aluminum
  • Adjustable Pedal Mount Features – Select your preferred mounting plate
  • Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal low or in a high position and also slide for fine-tuning
  • Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction OR Aluminium Profile with included Heel Rest
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals OR mount your pedals directly to the profile

TR One Wheel Mounting System

The TR One Wheel System will allow you to only purchase the parts you need, as you change the wheelbase. The base kit consists of 2 High-Quality 80x40mm Aluminium Profiles and 4 Red (or black) Anodised Aluminium Plates. Optional wheel mounts include a wheel deck and direct-drive front mounting plate. The plates themselves are extremely rigid and have a lot of adjustment for angle and forward/backward fine-tuning to get a perfect position.

Adjustable Pedal Mount Features

Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal low or in a high position and also slide for fine-tuning Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction, Aluminium Profile with included Heel Rest OR Hybrid GT-Formula-Inverted Pedal System Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals OR mount your pedals directly to the profile.

What’s Included

  • Wheel Mount – Select from a TR One or Standard Wheel Plate
  • Pedal Mount – Select from a Pre-Drilled Plate, Extrusion with Heel Plate or Hybrid Pedal System
  • Universal Gen 2 Shifter Mount and Over-sized Shifter Support
  • BONUS Rubber Feet to protect floors
  • Set of 10 Cable Ties
  • Red Coloured Strips
  • All Mounting Screws, Brackets, and Fixtures included
  • Assembly Tool Kit Included
  • Premium Seat Slider Rails

Product Dimension

Track Racer MK4 Improvements



The TR160 has been improved to withstand hundreds of kilograms in braking force without flex. Select between a pre-drilled mounting plate or extruded aluminum profile with a heel plate, suitable for more new pedal sets on the market. Their pre-drilled pedal plate also features a fine-tuned slide function, so you can adjust them as per your requirement or comfortability.


If you want the option to quickly adjust the pedals between GT (low), Formula (high), or inverted (upside down), this is the pedal mounting choice for you. Made to the high standard that you would expect from Trak Racer, and pre-drilled for all the major brands of pedals.



TR One Wheel System

The TR One Wheel System is a Future Proof Wheel Mounting System that allows you to upgrade by replacing only a part of the mount depending on what wheelbase you mount. Trak Racer160 MK4 gives you fully Adjustable dimensions and is ready for anything you want to add.


Select the Trak Racer Wheel Plate to suit most belt-drive and direct-drive wheels on the market. It’s fully adjustable and never makes any flexing problems, no matter how much torque you want to punish it with.




The TR Gen 2 shifter mount has been strengthened by completely over-hauling the design and increasing the thickness of the mount, it also has a fine-tuned slide adjustment. TR has even created new mounts for other peripherals including handbrake and flight sim mounts that will add directly onto the side of the plate, or of course to any 8mm aluminum profile.


The TR Premium seat slider runner kit will give you quick adjustments of the seat position and lock you in with the least amount and perfect position to play.

seat slider kit


Trak Racer offers options for free-standing, and integrated display stands for Four monitors. MK4 will give you an immersive experience with the highest quality monitor stands available that have an enormous adjustment range and will stand the test of time.

TR Motion Assist

A motion simulator or motion platform is a mechanism that creates the feeling of being in a real motion environment. Now The Trak Racer160 is motion-ready, contact them for options and assistance in selecting the best-performing and cost-effective motion system. Don’t settle for just moving your seat. TR160 MK4 featured a whole moving frame in their motion assists, you can get that whole frame moving. Simulate almost any Aircraft, car, and Track with ease.

Optional Extras

Optional Extras

Caster Wheel

Trak Racer MK4 includes a set of 4 commercial grade caster wheels including brake and 10mm bracket.

  • 10mm thick mounting bracket and fixing screws/nuts included for each wheel
  • 4 x Caster wheels with brake
  • Wheel diameter: 50mm,
  • Wheel width: 20mm,
  • Wheel height (from ground to bottom of the profile): 79mm
  • Weight Capacity: 60kg per wheel

Sim Rig Mat

The Trak Racer Premium Neoprene Sim Rig Floor Mat is the perfect finish for all simulators that adds the finishing touch to your simulator cockpit.

  • Length 1800mm
  • Width 900mm
  • Depth 400mm

Keyboard and Mouse Mount

Trak Racer160 MK4 Adjustable Adjustable Keyboard Mouse Tray Upgrade Kit.

  • Conveniently places your keyboard and mouse tray on either side of the Wheel/Flight stick
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Painted in Black for the Mouse and Keyboard Area
  • Constructed from Laser Cut Material with Adjustable Elbows
  • Direct fitment to All Trak Racer Simulators
  • Includes Assembly Instructions
  • Keyboard tray dimensions 480 mm. x 200 mm. (18.9” x 7.87”)
  • Mouse tray diameter – 200 mm. (7.87”)

Monitor Mount

Trak Racer Black Anodized Aluminium Sim-Rig Integrated Triple Monitor Stand For 3 Monitors and TVs up to 45″ with center monitor profile 1200mm / 47.25″ long

  • Universal and fully adjustable for most extruded aluminum T-Slot Cockpits
  • Fully Adjustable allows you to adjust the bracket width and display height
  • Angle Adjustment of monitor/s
  • Strong 80mm x 40mm Extruded Aluminium Construction
  • Solid rig-mounted brackets
  • Angle Adjustment on VESA Mount
  • Built to the high-quality standard as all Trak Racer products

Bass Shaker

This clever mount is universal for different racing simulators and mounts to the bottom of seat brackets to give you the full vibration of the shakers through your seat. The design allows for the mounting of one bass shaker or flipping it to add two shakers.

Console Shelf

With the TR8020 computer PC control box shelf, the computer PC shelf mounts to extruded aluminum sim rigs or monitor stand.

  • The design allows mounting to the steering wheel uprights, beside the seat, and also on monitor stands (freestanding or integrated)
  • Also included are 2 brackets to allow for wider (and more narrow) mounting applications
  • Built-in folds on the shelf prevent the PC from sliding off as well as built-in slots allow straps to be used for bracing your PC to the shelf.
  • The width is 580mm and the depth is 260mm
  • 160mm x 40mm thicker alluminum
  • Side mounted wheel
  • Shifter mount
  • Pedal support plate
  • Universal Gen 2 Shifter Mount
  • Quite heavy
  • Takes too much space

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Shipping & Delivery

Trak Racer orders are shipped by the fastest and safest method that ship’s around all over the globe. You’ll get your order in an estimated 5-10 business days. Shipping charges will depend on the size of your order and your shipping destination. You just have to advise your phone number at checkout so they can get in touch with you if there is any problem.

Refund Policy

If you are not completely happy with your purchase you can return it to Trak Racer. Read the following conditions for a refund:

  • You must return your order within 14 days of the dispatch date. 
  • The item/s must be unused and not previously installed. 
  • All accessories must be returned. 
  • If the item/s have been used a restocking fee may apply following a detailed inspection.
  • Internal/external damage has not been caused due to improper installation, misuse, or incorrect service.


Trak Racer products are designed and made with high-quality material which gives unmatched durability and competing edge. This gives Trak Racer the confidence to offer an extended warranty of 5 Years on their product. If you get any fault in your purchased item you can claim the limited warranty.


There are different options to pay at Trak Racer. You can pay with any suitable method like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, GooglePay, American Express, and Discover.

Contact Trak Racer:

For SALES email at:

For SUPPORT email at:

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Trak Racer160 MK4 Customer Review

Trak Racer160 MK4 Customer Review
Trak Racer160 MK4 Customer Review

Final Verdict

Trak Racer160 MK4 is the best affordable cockpit that we found and that’s why we wrote a review on it. We searched for many sites to be inspired by what others think and say in their review, then we try to make the best reviews then others and that’s how we made this article for the Trak Racer160 MK4.

Every Trak Racer professional racing simulator has been meticulously engineered, and every piece of TR160 MK4 gives you realistic simulator racing and combines the highest levels of functionality and superior ergonomics. Whether you are looking for a budget racing simulator or the cost is no issue and you want only the best racing simulator. We hope you got enough information about Track Racer160 MK4 in this Review.


Q. Is the TR160 MK4 an upgraded version of the TR160?

Ans: Yes, Trak racer160 MK4 is the upgraded variant of TR160

Q. What are the new upgrades in TR160 MK4?

Ans: The TR160 MK4 is built with very thick strong aluminum profile walls and includes best-design mounts. 160x40mm aluminum brackets for extra rigidity in the wheel mount uprights. It’s Strong, Extremely Adjustable, and has a huge list of available accessories.

Q. How much does the Trak Racer160 MK4 cost?

Ans: Ans: The Trak Racer160 MK4 is gonna cost you about $878.00 USD and the price may vary according to the design you choose.

Q. Can I save money or get a discount at Trak Racer?

Ans: Yes, You can save money at Trak racer by using Coupons and Promo Codes. There are currently 10+ active offers of Trak Racer at You can use them while shopping at Trak Racer at checkout.

Q. Does Trak Racer provide a warranty?

Ans: Trak Racer products are warranted for a minimum of 12 months and up to 5 years on specific parts.

Q. How can I contact them for a refund at Trak Racer?

Ans: You can contact them by email at:

Q. How long will my order take at Trak Racer?

Ans: Trak Racer delivers orders in an estimated 2 to 3 days all over the globe.

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