The Best Time to Buy Your Next Item If You are From US

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Have you ever thought that you should have waited to buy those pair of shoes or that jeans or any other electronic item? Fluctuation in prices happens depending on retailer’s inventory and the time of year, but experts say there are some months when the offer of predictably better deals are advertised on the majority of usable products.

Here’s a shopping cheat sheet for the next 12 months:


Fitness has always been a popular New Year’s resolution, so that’s when fitness items manufacturers offer incentives to purchase fitness equipment, you can see double the number of deals in January versus any other month of the year. You can avail 30 to 70% off in January.

Other items that are provided in cheap prices in January are motorcycles, fitness gear, Winter attire clearance sale, old inventory furniture.


In February more inventory of winter attire come for clearance (but less than January), like flat-screen TVs, and cameras.

Lots of new model cameras come in February and March. Because retailers have a limited amount of shelf space, so they clear out older models.


In March the top items are luggage, frozen foods, winter sports gear all are on clearance.

March is basically National Frozen Foods month, and it’s probably a marketing strategy to draw public attention towards that industry, but you can find discounted offers in grocery stores on certain frozen foods, so you could stock up and keep it as long as you want.


In this month you can avail last-minute deals on tax software, beauty products, tires, sneakers.

Many sneaker stores offer nice, strong deals in sneakers from 10 to 50% off, and lists promotion codes for thousands of brands.


In May, garden and lawn products, mattresses, camping gear, spring clothing are all available on sale or discounted rates.

You will get about 30-50% off depending on where you are shopping and purpose of your shopping. On Memorial Day weekend, you can see stacking discounts and coupons on clothing and mattresses everywhere.


In this month, home décor, lingerie, Caribbean vacations are on their peak discounted rates.

Victoria’s Secret and many other lingerie sellers unveil their semiannual sale in June. June is also the beginning month of the Caribbean’s hurricane, but you will less likely to experience storms and you will probably get a discount on travel, so it’s a great time to travel to the Caribbean.


This month offers you outdoor furniture Swimwear on clearance sales. You shall get the best selection in this month, but prices will often drop further down, later in this season.


August is the month for wine, school and office supplies, laptops. Discounts on backpacks, techs like laptops and tablets and wine will go further deep during this season.


As the weather gets cold, search for deals on grills and older appliances because majority retailers clear out their inventory. Newer appliances come out in October, so they clear out old models. Labour Day sales offer discounts too.


Get great deals on denim, back-to-school clothing on clearance. The new car models come out in September, so look at the previous-year model in October.


In this month, Cyber Monday and Black Friday offer some of the great deals of the year on electronics and other items, such as Halloween candy and costumes on clearance, cookware, and as the holiday shopping season expands by the retailers, you can expect to see those deals earlier such as in September.


In December, you will get deals and discounts on winter apparel on clearance.

Stores will discount Champagne because they want you to get in the store, where you will be more likely to buy things at full price.

In the end, remember that before you buy, always compare prices online and check for promo codes or printed coupons to get a lower price.