Time Saving Ideas that Increases your Productivity

Time Saving Ideas that Increases your Productivity

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Its okay if you think you’re bad at time management, No one has ever been very good at it. But one can learn how to increase their productivity and achieve more in less time!

In order to learn it’s time to check your time management skills. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do.

Following are some ways to increase your productivity.

Mark your important tasks and to-dos on a calendar.

A good time management is to know where one should be and what one should be doing at a given time.

Set some goals.

Without setting goals one can never become motivated to get things done by his way. Set goals that should be achievable yet challenging at the same time.

Don’t multitask.

It has been proved by many types of research that multitasking is not productive. Focus on one thing at a time for maximum productivity.

Reward yourself for finishing a big task.

Reward yourself every now and then in order to stay motivated. Always keep a record of your small or big wins so whenever you struggle during your work, you can keep a track how far you’ve come and how much you have achieved up till now!

Shop online.

Avoid going to the store, if possible shop online, this way you can be more focus on what you’re getting and can save your money through deals and promos.

Attach similar tasks into a single batch.

You can save time by accomplishing similar tasks. Similar tasks like phone calls, email, blog writing, and errands can be grouped into a single batch and completed in one session

Apply a polyphasic sleep schedule.

Polyphasic sleep is a pattern that is achieved by spreading out sleep into short (around 20-45 minute) naps throughout the day. This helps you to remain awake for hours with high alertness.

Improve your typing speed to save time.

Try typing games online such as Barracuda, Fingerjig, Bubbles and you wouldn’t really be needing to take courses to type faster. Do you know that you can be able to save 21 days a year?

Avoid unnecessary phone calls.

Unnecessary phone calls are time wasted as we waste the unique minutes of our work while picking up these calls.

Work from home and save time.

Consider working from home, if your job provides you flexibility. This will save your commute time and you’ll feel more energetic the whole day throughout.

Make your tasks your major priority.

If you list your tasks in the alignment with their priority, in this way you can finish all of your most important tasks throughout the day.

Skip the useless part while reading.

Whenever reading a book, just read the important parts that seems important and skip the rest, but keep in mind to read with determination. You will read and learn more if you try to read faster! You can also make use of the app OutRead to help speed up your reading speed!

Make a to-do list every day.

Always plan your next day before going to sleep at night. This way you can get started on the most important tasks as soon as you wake up.


Many types of research have proved that exercise during midday improves productivity and morale in the workplace. You can either take a short walk after lunch or do some simple yet effective stretches during a break to maximize your productivity.

Set timer.

Set a timer for each of your tasks to evaluate the time you need to handle different tasks so when it comes to the time limit you can move