Tips That Could Make Your Dreams Become Reality

Tips That Could Make Your Dreams Become Reality

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Majority of us are chasing the dreams that we think we might not be capable of but still we are willing for it. There must be anything you tell yourself that you will do often when you retire. So, you should start planning for it now and not pending it far off time that might never come.

Here are the some Easy Tips to Making Your Dreams Come Reality… today!

What’s your lifetime dream?

This is the trickiest step. We often complicate the dream of our life. We think, after all what’s the purpose of our life? and then we become stumbled upon and break out.

To make yourself more clear, just close your eyes and see what pictures emerge. Images might appear like sunny nature scenes, or someone wrapped in a cozy sweater and sipping coffee while they smile at a laptop, or having lots of grand children around or making food for them, going on a cruise around the world etc. To me I will own a beach house after retirement. See it could be anything that is your lifetime desire.

Determine and believe.

Determination and believing both put us to the conclusion of commitment. You have to commit to yourself and your dream. Never just put it in a box and close the lid, You have to pour it out and fondle it like every single day. Let it breath by taking it out, play with it, provide it some air.

Determine your dearest dream will happen, for real. Believe it will and can happen, for real. This is the recipe that will help to make your dream convert into reality. If you don’t determine and believe, and just commit, then it would be of no use as Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

Never be afraid and release your fear.

This is something you might probably be going through over and over, every time you feel you’re stuck and your momentum has stopped moving forward.

We disguise our fear under logistics all the time: “Oh, I have no time to chase that dream, I need to make money!” “I don’t have time!”  “Then I’ll be exhausted!” Sure you do. So get up earlier or turn your extra time into productivity..

Although I know getting up early, is a bit of a battle, it makes us feel like it took heroics to drag limp carcass out of bed that early but its all in the attitude. Choose the right kind of attitude. Release your fear and repeat.


To make your dream happen figure out what you need to do. Then start doing it. Take action daily.

Love yourself.

Take out some quiet time every day when alone, to read, write, reflect and to hear yourself think. Give yourself the time to recognize your inner strength, your feelings and your thoughts so that you may not loose your own needs and utmost desires of your life.

Get inspiration from other’s success.

When you see someone more fortunate, always practice saying to yourself, “ I want that, too… I’m going to figure out how they do it and make it happen!”

Money isn’t earned with magical good or evil qualities. It’s just money, it only helps you live comfortably. So if we want good things to happen for us, then we have to stop judging others negatively. Judging and criticizing others is an energy draining act.

Take lessons from your mistakes and never give up.

View mistakes as lessons. Instead, do all the stuff that you haven’t done for a long time. When you make a mistake, it’s not a reflection of your character. It’s just a prediction about what you should do next.

Don’t let bad habits win.

We often easily blame our lives, our tiny failures on our bad habits. Either we sucked into the couch for TV sports. We get sucked into pizza boxes and bags of chips and some of us get into the habit of using wine to relax when things go wrong.

when our habits stand in the way of the life of our dreams, we will likely to be compelled to the new annoying habits to the curb.

Usually our bad habits are nothing more than a temporary attempt to escape fear. it doesn’t work that way, release fear, don’t try to numb it.

Have faith that the Universe is friendly.

In the end this quote is the summarize of this topic:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist