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Trak Racer is one of the best manufacturers in the simulator cockpit industry. Having experience in making premium quality racing and flight simulators since 2008. Making high-end gaming platforms and accessories for Pros and Beginners. With the experience and collaborations with top brands of the world, they are surely the best option for your first and last gaming simulator. Let’s unfold Trak Racer in this review and see what they have to offer.

Trak Racer

Trak Racer History

Trak Racer jumped into the game in 2008 with a vision to build high-end cockpit simulators for gaming and motorsport lovers. Since then they have done extensive research in both real-world motor-sports racing and game simulation. Understanding the importance of designing and cutting-edge engineering it would take to have an edge over the competition. Back in 2008, it started in Australia, becoming a leading online store that has now grown globally. With demand from over 65 countries, they are officially available in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and now in the Middle East as well.

About Trak Racer

Trak Racer is the pioneer of designing the best value simulator rigs with the highest quality of the material. Since 2008 they have made significant progress in both the gaming industry and the racing industry. Disrupting players of both segments by providing the best value for their bucks and requirements.

The designs of Trak Racer give the most functionality to their products while up bringing the aesthetic of your room. Their teams have really put in thought and consideration to provide the best comfort that smells luxurious. At Trak Racer, they don’t believe in building the cheapest and lightweight simulators. Instead, they focus on building quality rigs providing you with a high-end gaming experience. That also lives up to the highest competitive standards and user demand.

Trak Racer Products

Throughout the years they have made progress in development and design. Launching numerous products including accessories and simulators with each being better than the other. Their line of products/items includes a long list. From a Cup holder to Keyboard Trays and Simulator Rigs to Cockpit Chairs they have it all.


Racing Simulators

Trak Racer has put in time and effort to build the best quality racing simulators available online. Their racing sim rig gives you a realistic feeling of driving a real racing machine. With the partnership of big names from motor-sport world like Alpine F1, they are able to design and engineered racing simulators that provide you with a premium experience. They sure aren’t the cheapest option in the market but the quality one that is still affordable and within budget. With a wide range of 9 racing simulators, they have options for every budget racer with different features and add-ons suitable for everyone. Starting from just $180 to going all the way up to $1400 simulator, you will find one without being compromised on quality.

Flight Simulators

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fly a real aircraft, with take-offs, tricks, landings, and anything else you can imagine? Well, the Trak Racer flight simulator provides the ever-realistic flying experience. Making you the captain of your aircraft with the best in-home simulator cockpit. Being the official simulator supplier for Airbus Aircrafts, it allows them to build ergonomically designed and engineered flight simulators for everyone. Currently, they have 4 sim rigs with all the equipment needed in a complete setup.


No simulator is completed without a good comfortable seat. Trak Racer offers racing machine and aircraft cockpit seats compatible with their simulators. Allowing you to feel the touch and posture comfort of the real track. Their seat inventory has everything from Recliner Seats to GT Style Fixed Seats and Rally Style Fixed Seats.

Monitor Stands

A monitor stand is compulsory in any simulator cockpit, it enhances the experience 10x. Giving you the adrenaline kick of a boost experience, combined with multiple screens surrounding your view. It really gives the most realistic experience you can have at home. Trak Racer give you numerous options for monitor stands compatible with all models of their aluminum simulators. You can find a monitor stand for Single, Dual, Triple or Quad screen setups in both Integrated and Free Standing Monitors Stand.


Accessories can level up the experience of your sim rigs. Trak Racer has an ample number of big and small accessories that you can add to your simulator. From Cup Holder to Magnetic Clips, Keyboard Tray to Caster Wheels. RGB Sim Floor Mat to Seat Harness and Seat Brackets. From Racing Wheels to Wheel Hubs, they have a lot more. All kinds of accessories that a simulator needs are available at Trak Racer.

Brands & Partnerships

Trak Racer is sure one of the best simulator manufacturers you can find. And to reach the top mark they have collaborated with different brands making their products available in their store. So you don’t need to go back and forth for the best product. At Trak Racer, you can find multiple Racing and Flight accessories from top brands. The brands available in their store include Logitech, Honeycomb, Sparco, Gomez GSI, Rexing, Simcube, Meca and VNM.

Since 2008, Trak Racer has collaborated with many big brands which helps them gain insights into motorsports and the flying industry. They are the official simulator supplier of Apline F1 and Airbus Aircrafts and they have been used by official F3 racers. Other than that Trak Racer is also partnered with big-name brands such as, but not limited to Xbox, Ubisoft, Sony, Castrol, Accord Hotels, and more.

Brand Ambassadors

You know it’s a good reputable brand when it is endorsed by big and famous names in the industry. Trak Racer is able to pull brand ambassadors from NASCAR, Drift, Rally, and Formula racers.

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Comparison Chart

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Assembly Manuals

All Trak Racer simulators and accessories will come in dismantled form and you will need to assemble them by yourself. This is to keep your products safe while shipping. But it’s not a challenge as all Trak Racer products come with their assembly manuals.

Save Money at Trak Racer

When buying a $600 racing simulator or a couple grand complete rig, you really need to think of ways you can save some money. If you’re buying anything from Trak Racer, you’re in luck. At Saving Says, we bring you the best possible option to save your money at maximum level. If you are reading this Trak Racer review you can use mentioned discounts to save on your purchase. Since Trak Racer is available in different countries you can make purchases from your region’s store. And don’t forget to use Trak Racer discounts to save on your purchase no matter where you buying from.

Clearance Sale

Before making a purchase you should definitely check out the Trak Racer clearance sale. You can find big discounts currently running on their website saving you even more money. But you will need to hurry up because the sale only last till the stock lasts.


Trak Racer offers the fastest and safest shipping method for your products. Whether you are in the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, or Australia. They ship around the world from their 11 country warehouses. The average delivery time is 5 – 10 business days and the shipping charges will vary on the size of your order and the shipping destination.

Return & Refund

Trak Racer believes in customer satisfaction that’s why they offer return and refund within 14 days of purchase. If you want to return any item or if you receive it in damaged/faulty condition you need to contact their customer support and they will guide you through the complete process. Items you want to return must be unused and free from damage caused by mishandling. Otherwise, a 15% restocking fee will be deducted.

Once all the items are returned you will receive your refund within 4 working days. And you will receive the refund in original payment method or as a store credit.


All Trak Racer products are built with high-quality materials and precise design and engineering. This gives them the confidence of giving 5 Year extended warranty on their products. This is the highest warranty claim offered by anyone in the industry. If you face any problem with your simulator or accessories you can claim the warranty and they will fix, repair, or replace the item.

Trak Racer Alternatives

Simlab vs Trak Racer

Simlab is a known brand of racing simulators mainly in Europe countries. Their sim rigs are also made of quality components to give the required strength. However, compared to Trak Racer their cockpits have less compatibility with after-market gears and add-ons. You also get fewer options to choose from as they don’t have a big model inventory. And you don’t get the option to convert your racing simulator into a flight simulator. Plus a significant price difference as well.

Simlab was started in 2015 and they have collaborated with many big brands. They are the official partner of Mercedes AMG as well.

Next Level Racing vs Trak Racer

Next level Racing is also a simulator cocking manufacturer widely known in the Esports world. They have a wide range of simulator cockpits for racing and flight. You can also notice a price difference between Next Level and Trak Racer but that will impact the quality and compatibility.

There’s also a big difference between warranty periods. Trak Racer gives a warranty of 5 years on their sim rigs as opposed to the only 1-year limited warranty from Next Level Racing.

Trak Racer Reviews (Testimonials)

Received my TR8 Pro and single monitor stand within a few days of ordering. Assembly was easy and the product is built solid. Love it! I had a few parts of my order missing at the time but Michael (sales support) did a great job of replying and informing that the remaining parts were shipped and arriving a day late. Great customer service along with a great product, can’t go wrong here!Frank Chen
(United States)
This is about the 5th time I have ordered from Trak Racer over 8n the UK and I am still blown away with the service every time. Customer service is key and their’s is second to none. 100% Great company and amazing productsNick
(United Kingdom)
TrakRacer A+ Customer Service!
TrakRacer’s customer service is excellent! Even during the holiday craziness, Michael Manoukian went above and beyond to address an order issue I had. A+!

Date of experience: December 08, 2022Jason Hunter
(United States)

Fast shipping and delivery, and great quality product. Customer service was good too – Courtney was helpful, kind and very responsive. Very good experience!Andrea Cerisara

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Are Trak Racer Simulators built from strong frames?

All Trak Racer simulator cockpits are made from aluminum and with ergonomics engineering and precise design it is able to withstand all the pressure without flexing.

What material is used in Trak Racer Sim Rigs?

Trak Racer cockpits are made of high-end aluminum plates which are anodized in black. This gives a finishing look to the simulator while maintaining its strength.

Is Trak Racer simulator compatible with other products?

Trak Racer products are universal. They are compatible with all peripheral brands in the market. As well as all the consoles and PC systems.

Does Trak Racer offer International Shipping?

They do offer the fastest and safest shipping around the world. This is possible with the 11 country warehouses they have fulfilling the demand of over 65 countries.

What sort of Warranty does Trak Racer offer?

Trak Racer offers an extended warranty of 5 YEARS on their products. This guarantees the quality of products you receive every time.

How are the Trak Racer Products delivered?

All products are delivered nicely packed in a secured box. However, they will be delivered unassembled and you will need to assemble them yourself using the assembly manual that comes with the items.

Can I save money when purchasing at Trak Racer?

YES! You can save some bucks by purchasing Trak Racer Sale Items or you can use promotional offer mentioned in this review