Trak Racer TR120 review

Trak Racer TR120 Review

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Gaming simulators are very popular today and building an ultimate sim racing rig needs a lot of time and consideration. If you look for racing or flight simulators you will find various options with different features, build quality, and prices. And if you think the best sim rig is the one with a fat price tag, you might be wrong. You can find a well-built, well-equipped racing simulator in budget. And today we have brought you exactly the same sim rig Trak Racer TR120 review.

The TR120 racing simulator comes from Trak Racer, a company which is specialized in building high-end simulators with ample experience since 2008.

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About Trak Racer

Trak Racer is the pioneer of building racing cockpits, manufacturing some of the best rigs since 2008. The company originated in Australia and now has 11 country warehouses. They are the official simulator supplier of Alpine F1 which means their sims are used by Formula 3 racers. Being the official simulator supplier of Alpine F1 Team and Airbus Aircrafts, mean you’re getting the best quality that has been examined, used, and approved by professional racers.

If you want to get the experience of racing on tracks but from the comfort of your place, TR120 is the sim rig you want to buy. While TR120 Racing Simulator comes as a standard gaming simulator it has a lot of add-ons and customizable options that you can customize as per your own taste or need.

Trak Racer TR120 Review

The TR120 aluminum sim rig is a creatively designed beast with sexy curves that gives it a wide-body look. The thick aluminum profile walls, heavy-duty brackets, and better-designed chassis give the extra rigidity which makes it stand out from out sims.

The base structure of tr120 and the frame is made of 120 × 40mm high-end aluminum T-Slot extruded profile, anodized in black. This gives the sturdiness to the sim while making it look tremendous and a red color touch enhances its beauty even more. The TR120 comes with heavy-duty anodized black 90-degree brackets connected to the frame and laser-cut carbon steel plates that allow you to attach your peripherals.

This racing simulator is pre-drilled and adjusted for all kinds of steering wheels, pedals, and shifters available in the market. So if you already have those equipment or want to use your favorite ones, you can do so without any problem. Trak Racer gives you complete independence to choose and build the simulator that you will actually enjoy. Options to choose your desired Seat, Steering Wheel, Pedal Shifters, Gear Shafts, and Monitor Stand. You can choose every single option as per your desire and budget OR get the opinion of experts at Trak Racer. And the best thing is you can buy all the best and high-quality items all from one place. So no hassle of finding products from different places plus paying multiple shipping fees.

  • Extremely Rigid Construction and Unique Wide Body
  • Trak Racer TR One Wheel Mount Compatible
  • Includes seat slider rails and more
  • Thicker-walled aluminum profile
  • Heavier duty brackets with side-mounted wheel uprights for rigidity
  • Over 30 add-on accessories to select from
  • Flight Simulator Expandable
Tracracer TR120

Choose Your Configuration

As said, the TR120 has 30 add-on options which allow you to customize each and everything. By gathering feedback from their valuable customers they are able to offer as much, or as little as you need. You can start small or go all out with their feature packed simulator cockpits.

Choose Your Configuration

Add genuine Trak Racer seat brackets to your frame to use your own seat or use an office/home reclining seat to your setup.

Choose Your Configuration

Get the premium racing seats built especially for tracks to keep you at comfort as you defeat your opponents.

Choose Your Configuration

Get immense experience with surrounding screens supported by either an Integrated Monitor Stand fitted to your sim or a freestanding monitor stand.

While these are just the basic options that you can choose from, there is a whole lot more that you can slap on this sim rig. The price of TR120 is only $670 which is good for the budget but it will gradually increase with the options you add.

Track Racer TR120 Improvements

Pedal Mount

TR120 comes with a pre-drilled pedal mount wit a fine-tune slide function which is compatible with all the major brands of pedals. The pedal mount is made of sturdy metal plate that can withstand hundreds of kilograms of braking force without getting bend. You also get 2 upgradable options for pedal mounts. So if you want to adjust between GT (low), Formula (high) or inverted (upside down), you can do it with the Trak Racer pedal mounting plate.


Adjustable Wheel Plate


The wheel plate is made of heavy material which is also adjustable in height and angle. Compatible with most of the direct-drive wheels on the market. It is strong enough to absorb all the aggressive pressure without having any flexing issues.

TR One Wheel Mount

The TR One Wheel System is a Future Proof Wheel Mounting System that allows you to upgrade by replacing only a part of the mount. The wheel base mounts come in 4 different options from TR that you can choose from. They are fully adjustable and compatible with any other steering wheel on market.

TR One Wheel System

Expandable Shift Mount


TR120 doesn’t come with a gear shaft and you need to install the one you want depending on your racing or flight simulator. The TR One has 2 expandable shafts you can add, 1 is a short arm shift mount and 2 is a long arm shift mount. So depending on your preference, choose any of the strengthened shafts with fine-tune slide that fits directly onto the side of the plate.

Dual Lock Seat Slider

Trak Racer cockpit comes with the TR premium set slider kit that allows you quickly adjust your seat’s position. The pull bar allows you to easily adjust your seat and lock it with the least effort.

seat slider kit

Monitor Stand (Optional)

Now what is a simulator without high-res screens. Trak Racer offers free-standing and integrated display monitors that are optional. Both monitor stands are available for Single, Dual, Triple and Quad screens with enormous adjustment ranges. So you get an immersive experience surrounded by high-resolution displays.

Features / Specifications

Key Benefits of TR120Frame/Chassis FeaturesWhat's Included
» Rigid 120mm x 40mm thicker-walled Aluminium Extrusion Profile – Anodized Black

» Side-Mounted Wheel Uprights with 120 x 40mm Heavy Duty Brackets

» Optional Shifter Mount and Over-sized Support Profile

» Over 30 Optional Accessories

» Compatible with TR One Wheel and Shifter Mounting Systems

» Includes Seat Slider, Colored Dust Strips and Heavier Duty Brackets and Fixings

» Constructed from high quality extruded aluminium

» 660mm wide and 1,445mm long

» Low ground clearance with hardwood rubber floor protectors

» Finished in black anodized high-quality aluminium

» Adjustable Pedal Mount Features – Select your preferred mounting plate

» Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal low or in a high position and also slide for fine-tuning

» Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction OR Aluminium Profile with included Heel Rest

» Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals OR mount your pedals directly to the profile

» Wheel Mount – Select from a TR One or Standard Wheel Plate

» Pedal Mount – Select from Pre-Drilled Plate, Extrusion with Heel Plate or Hybrid Pedal System

» Universal Gen 2 Shifter Mount and Over-sized Shifter Support (OPTIONAL)

» BONUS Rubber Feet to protect floors

» Set of 10 Cable Ties

» Red Coloured Strips

» All Mounting Screws, Brackets and Fixtures included

» Assembly Tool Kit Included

» Premium Seat Slider Rails

Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions

Optional Extras

Are you loving your Trak Racer sim rig? Here are some extra optional accessories that can enhance your gaming experience and you might love them. Including the RGB Rig Mat, and Caster Wheels with Brakes (so you can easily move the heavy racing aluminum sim rig). Keyboard and Mouse Mount, Monitor Mount and a lot more.


Shipping Policy

Trak Racer offers shipping to all states of the USA. All their sim cockpits and items are shipped with the fastest and safest method so you can get your order safe and sound. The estimated delivery time is 5 – 10 business days and the shipping cost will vary upon the item, weight, and your shipping location. The total cost of your order and shipping charges will be calculated at checkout.

They also ship to the United Kingdom, Australia, and most countries in Europe. However, if you want to get your order delivered in any of these countries you will need to purchase from the designated sites of your region.

Return & Refund

If in case you aren’t satisfied with your order you can contact Trak Racer and they will try to resolve your issue. But if you’re still not happy you can return the item within 14 days of purchase. Items shouldn’t be used and damaged or it would be entitled to a restocking fee.

Once the complete order is returned to their warehouse, it will be inspected. After that, your refund would be issued to your original payment method within 4 business days.


Trak Racer products are designed and made with high-quality material which gives unmatched durability and competing edge. This gives Trak Racer the confidence to offer an extended warranty of 5 Years on their product. If you get any fault in your purchased item you can claim the limited warranty.

Save Money at Trak Racer

Cockpit simulators are not very cheap, with all the accessories and add-ons they can be quite expensive. But at Trak Racer, you get the premium quality that you are paying for. Nonetheless, you can still save money when buying Trak Racer items. We have mentioned Track Racer TR120 Discount offers in our review that can save you a chunk of money.

Clearance Sale

If you’re planning to buy any simulator accessories or maybe the complete sim rig, don’t forget to check the Trak Racer clearance sale. You can find items at good discounts saving you more than 10% on your purchase. But you need to be quick as the clearance only last while the stock lasts.

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Trak Racer TR120 is one of the best budget simulator we review in this article. The best part i like is you can fully customize it as per your liking or as per your budget. With over 30 add-ons you have the vast variety of customization you can get in the premium quality. And with years of experience and recognized partnerships with brands like Airbus Aircraft and Alpine F1, you’re guaranteed to receive the best value of your bucks.

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